CANDIDATE Q&A: U.S. House — Jay Armstrong

The Daily News asked candidates for statewide office in the Aug. 16 Alaska primary and special U.S. House elections to answer a series of issue and biographical questions to help voters understand their positions. Some questions were suggested by readers. Read all the responses here.

Jay Armstrong • Party: Republican • Occupation: Gold miner • Age: 56 • Residence: Wiseman Village •

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Relevant experience or prior offices held

President Alaska Koyukuk Mining District and Alaska representative for Minerals and Management Advisory Council.

Why are you running for office?

To represent Alaska in Washington, D.C., to help get our lands, waters and resources back except military bases and ports, US federal government needful buildings, US Post offices and Indian lands. To fight for ALL of our civil rights that are restrictive clauses against the U.S. federal government outside of military bases and ports, needful buildings and Post offices and Indian lands. ALL U.S. federal government laws infringing and abridging our civil rights are not constitutional. To challenge the national debt in Congress and declare it null and void under the 14th Amendment Section 4. Our Constitution gave Congress the power to coin money, not give that power away, that very act was a rebellion against the Constitution. And to help get us back to a Constitutional republic.

Name two big problems or challenges currently facing Alaska and how you plan to address them if elected.

Alaska is a state in name only, Our Statehood Act was not entirely pursuant to our Constitution for the U.S. Secondly ALL our civil rights are off limits to the feds outside of their military bases, ports and needful buildings. Our Statehood Act was a result of Congress, and can be fixed by Congress. I will write legislation to start transferring lands, waters, and resources to the states and American citizens. The U.S. federal government has the power to dispose of lands and waters, it does not have the constitutional power to claim and retain into statehood, control, lock up, or use for collateral lands that should belong to the states and people. And I will not vote to fund ANY laws that are not constitutional and infringe, abridge or take away our civil rights.

Do you believe Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election? If you believe there was fraud, where and how do you think it took place?

No I watched to voting stop, POTUS Trump 45 come out and say he was ahead and he won. And when it came back on he was statistically, impossibly behind. Votes had been added or switched. I also watched the movie “2,000 Mules” and it shows how the ballot boxes were stuffed. But it doesn’t matter because VP Pence certified the election and it’s a done deal after that. There’s many ways to cheat in an election, that is why it is important to require voter identification and mostly voting in person.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020. Do you believe President Trump should be held responsible for the events of Jan. 6?

Not at all, it’s a witch hunt. They were invited in, the doors were opened from within, and the Feds had provocateurs promoting nefarious actions. What needs to be investigated it the communications of the Security at the Capital and ALL US Politicians. I believe it was a set up and not POTUS Trumps fault.

Do you think Congress should pass legislation to limit or protect abortion access?

Nowhere in Our Constitution for the US does it give power to Congress to deal with this controversial State and Individual issue under the 10th Amendment.

What specific actions, if any, should the U.S. government take to curb gun violence?

Outside of US Military bases, ports, and US federal government needful buildings, US Post offices and Indian Lands our Civil Rights are restrictive clauses against them. All federal gun laws are not Constitutional. Our Founding Fathers were “We the People” and created the Constitution for the United States and US federal government with limited lands, waters and powers including the power regulate commerce amongst the States. The Constitution did not go far enough to protect State and Individual Rights. So we refused to ratify Our Constitution for the US without a Bill of Rights. And in the pre amble to Our Bill of Rights it states that they are restrictive clauses against the US federal government. No prior power can be twisted to abridge or infringe on our Civil Rights. The US federal government are the Rebels to Our Constitutional limitations against them. It’s a State and Individual issue under the 10th Amendment.

How do you think new resource development projects in Alaska should be balanced with the interests of environmental protection and climate change mitigation?

Alaska needs to get ALL of our lands, waters and resources back from the US federal government and manage them ourselves. I think climate change is mostly natural and cyclic and Alaskans should be grateful for the more mild weather. We have gone through warmer and colder ice age weather in history.

How will you promote putting aside partisan politics to address complex issues in Congress?

I’m a Constitutionalist all the time, every issue, every time, I never compromise. It’s not a partisan issue.

Do you believe the federal government is well positioned to continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic and other future pandemics that may emerge?

I believe the federal government needs to stay out of American Citizens health and life decisions and stop requiring the experimental vaccine.

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports according to the gender with which they identify?

No, they should have their own class of competition. Women and men are built different. Women can give birth and nurse a child. Men are larger and stronger and often have a natural advantage in some sports.

The federal infrastructure bill, which was voted for by all members of Alaska’s congressional delegation, stands to bring millions in federal funding to projects in Alaska. How would you ensure Alaska maximizes the benefits of this bill?

Give the money to the state with a condition that it can only be used for infrastructure and let the state decide democratically what projects are important.

What should the federal government be doing to curb inflation and strengthen the U.S. economy?

Investigate the national debt and private federal reserve who’s creation was a rebellion against constitutional limitations against Congress. Null and void it under the 14th Amendment Section 4 and get rid of the F note. America needs a new money that is fractionally backed by precious gold and silver, and Congress can set the value Domestically and Internationally. That is constitutional. Congress can do what Canada did when it was building its infrastructure, Canada created debt-free money. Under the necessary and proper clause Congress could do the same thing Domestically. America needs to get out of the globalist world bank and be economically competitive again.

What should be done, if anything, to change federal immigration policies?

Finish the wall and go back to what we had. President Trump was on the right track and doing a great job.

What is the country’s biggest national security threat?

The deep administrative and departmental government that is not elected and taking control of Washington and working with the globalist bankers. Congress needs to regain control of our country, especially the war powers.

Where do you want Alaska and the U.S. to be five years from now in regard to emissions reductions and adaptation to the effects of climate change?

I am all for hydroelectric, wind, solar, hydrogen and electric vehicles. Alaska has plenty of rare earth, strategic and critical minerals to build what it takes to transition into a greener energy sector. We just need to let the technology, logistics and private sector advance and develop local resources. Transporting any resource long distances contributes to emissions. Alaska needs to continue developing our oil, gas and coal and transition into the future with a combination of all energies.

What other important issue would you like to discuss?

Washington is out of control overreaching states and Individuals rights. The lands, waters and resources should be the States. All of our civil rights are off limits to the U.S. federal government and the debt needs to be null and void. If we are going to reclaim our Constitutional Republic we need to rein in Washington and start operating within constitutional jurisdictions, separation of powers and due process requirements. The U.S. federal government needs to protect American citizens rights. Also we never gave the U.S. federal government the power to pledge allegiance to the U.N. and any agendas that affect any of our rights, life, liberty, property and more.