CANDIDATE Q&A: U.S. Senate — Kendall Shorkey

The Daily News asked candidates for statewide office in the Aug. 16 Alaska primary and special U.S. House elections to answer a series of issue and biographical questions to help voters understand their positions. Some questions were suggested by readers. Read all the responses here.

Kendall Shorkey • Party: Republican • Occupation: Retired Carpenter/ designer-drafter • Age: 69 • Residence: Kasilof •

Relevant experience or prior offices held


Why are you running for office?

This state needs a severe change

Name two big problems or challenges currently facing Alaska and how you plan to address them if elected.

Infrastructure. No good way to access Alaska in any foul weather. Rail system too small and inconvenient to get anything here from Lower 48. Push ANWR and get more jobs!

Do you believe Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election? If you believe there was fraud, where and how do you think it took place?

Biden is the fake president! Ballot harvesting, locking out observers, Dominion machines totally hackable and on line! Just to name a few! And it’s still going on!

Supporters of former President Donald Trump violently attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2020. Do you believe President Trump should be held responsible for the events of Jan. 6?

Total setup! Other video show Ray Epps coercing people to go in! Just like FBI setting up Michigan people to kidnap Whitmer!!

How will you promote putting aside partisan politics to address complex issues in Congress?

Running for Senate!

What should the federal government be doing to curb inflation and strengthen the U.S. economy?

Go back to the gold standard and bring accountability to these people that don’t know how to budget!

Would you support ending the filibuster to make it easier to pass legislation? Would you support any carve outs to the filibuster for key issues such as abortion access?

No, it’s there for a reason!

Public trust in the Supreme Court is declining. What do you think should be done to improve trust in the court?

Supreme Court is great with the exception of the last appointment by Biden.

Do you think Congress should pass legislation to limit or protect abortion access?

Government needs to let the states rule on that!

What specific actions, if any, should the U.S. government take to curb gun violence?

Pay for security at schools and teach teachers to protect their children in class by training them in gun use and safety!

How do you think new resource development projects in Alaska should be balanced with the interests of environmental protection and climate change mitigation?

My suggestion will be fantastic. Elect me and find out!

Do you believe the federal government is well positioned to continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic and other future pandemics that may emerge?

Covid was the lie and the shot is the Bioweapon! Prove me wrong and I’ll retract that! I believe Fauci will be eventually shown to be worse than Dr Mengale!

The federal infrastructure bill, which was voted for by all members of Alaska’s congressional delegation, stands to bring millions in federal funding to projects in Alaska. How would you ensure Alaska maximizes the benefits of this bill?

Seek out the best contractors and add my plan to the mix. Waiting to be Senator before I tell. Don’t need copycat’s!

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in sports according to the gender with which they identify?

As a 13 time all-American I will not support degradation of women!

What should be done, if anything, to change federal immigration policies?

Build the wall, stop drug and sex trafficking and allow people in thru legal means.

What is the country’s biggest national security threat?

Southern boarder, and now northern border with the current dictator in Canada!

Where do you want Alaska and the U.S. to be five years from now in regard to emissions reductions and adaptation to the effects of climate change?

Have great policies and wait for the rest of the world to catch up to where we are.

What other important issue would you like to discuss?

Stop all government lobbyists from setting another foot in Washington DC! Ending all graft and corruption and illegal trading when you pass bills that feed that fire!