ADN Politics podcast: The past, present and future of Anchorage homelessness

Listen: What happened, why and what’s next in Anchorage’s ongoing and changing homelessness crisis.

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The Anchorage homelessness crisis in three acts

How did a homelessness crisis come to dominate local politics in Alaska’s largest city?

On this episode, the ADN Politics podcast explains major policy changes in Anchorage that have kept homelessness in the headlines, from a pandemic emergency shelter in a sports arena to a public campground and facilities in converted hotels. Host Elizabeth Harball speaks with reporters Emily Goodykoontz and Michelle Theriault Boots about what happened, why and what’s next.

With winter weather just weeks away and the potential for hundreds of people to have few or no safe places to stay, it is a political story with deeply human consequences.

Click here to find stories stories mentioned in this episode and more of our coverage on homelessness in Anchorage.

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Host: Elizabeth Harball. Guest: Emily Goodykoontz, Michelle Theriault Boots. Produced by Elizabeth Harball, Zachariah Hughes and Evan Phillips. Editor: David Hulen.


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