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Changing names

  • Author: Alaska_Politics
  • Updated: April 29, 2016
  • Published February 20, 2008

From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage --

Does the name Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh ring a bell?

It's the law firm that Alaska towns and boroughs paid about $344,700 last year for lobbying work, according to

Former Sen. Ted Stevens staffers Brad Gilman and Steve Silver were lobbyists for the firm as recently as last year, according to a federal lobbyist reporting database.

This week, the Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh sent out an announcement - they recently changed their name. It's now Hoffman, Silver, Gilman and Blasco.

The firm says it's the "oldest continuously operating law firm in Alaska." According to our archives, Jim Clark worked there before becoming chief of staff for former Gov. Frank Murkowski.

In late 2006, federal authorities asked for documents related to the firm in one of their subpoenas in the corruption probe.

Gilman figures prominently in our recent recent SeaLife Center story.

In addition to local government, the firm also lobbies for associations and companies that are based in Alaska or do work here, such as:

-- The Knik Arm Bridge & Toll Authority ($25,000)

-- The Alaska Sealife Center ($80,000)

-- Alaska Municipal Light & Power ($37,000)

-- Trident Seafoods ($40,000)

Here's the press release:

Long Time Alaskan Law Firm Changes Name

On February 12, 2008 the directors of Robertson, Monagle & Eastaugh, P.C. restructured and renamed the law firm, Hoffman, Silver, Gilman & Blasco P.C. As the firm operates in the 21st century, it makes the most sense to use the present members' names for the firm in recognition of the Internet Age. The firm is the oldest continuously operating law firm in Alaska, having been founded in 1909 and will continue to maintain the high quality of service begun by our founding members, Gunnison & Marshall. The firm provides a full general practice including commercial, corporate, civil litigation, construction, natural resource, environmental, municipal, employment, administrative, workers' compensation and legislative representation to its current and new clients in Alaska-Juneau, Craig, Anchorage, Kenai (offices) and Washington D.C./Virginia. Hoffman, Silver, Gilman, and Blasco P.C. will continue to be the registered agent in Alaska for numerous Fortune 500 and Alaska-based corporations. It is the reviser of the Martindale-Hubble law directory, the internationally-recognized digest of lawyers throughout the world ...