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Legislature 2014: Candidates answer questions on the issues

  • Author: Alaska News
  • Updated: September 28, 2016
  • Published October 30, 2014

On Nov. 4, Alaskans will elect most of the seats in the Alaska Legislature. Where do the candidates stand on the issues? We asked on a range of Alaska issues, and most of them answered. Click on the links below to see their responses. (Answers were limited to 500 characters.)

*did not respond to the questionnaire

State Senate

State Representative

District A (Fairbanks)
R - Pete Kelly*
D - Tamara Kruse Roselius
District C (Fairbanks, Interior)
R - Click Bishop*
D - Dorothy J. Shockley
District E (Mat-Su, Richardson Highway)
R - Michael J. "Mike" Dunleavy
NA - Warren Keogh
District F (Chugiak-Mat-Su)
D - Patricia R. Chesbro
R - Bill Stoltze
District G (Eagle River)
D - Jim Arlington*
R - Anna I. Fairclough
District I (Anchorage)
D - Berta Gardner
District K (Anchorage)
R - Mia Costello*
D - Clare Ross
District M (Anchorage)
R - Kevin Meyer
D - Felix E. Rivera*
District N (Anchorage)
D - Harry T. Crawford Jr
R - Catherine A. "Cathy" Giessel
District O (Kenai Peninsula)
R - Peter A. Micciche
NA - Eric D. Treider
District P (Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak)
D - Robert "Moose" Henrichs*
R - Gary Lee Stevens*
District Q (Southeast)
D - Dennis Egan*
R - Tom Williams*
District S (Southwest)
D - Lyman F. Hoffman*
District T (Northwest)
D - Donald C. "Donny" Olson*
District 1 (Fairbanks)
R - Gregory Don Bringhurst
D - Scott J. Kawasaki*
District 2 (Fairbanks)
D - Larry Murakam*
R - Steve M. Thompson*
District 3 (Interior)
D - Sharron J. Hunter*
R - Tammie Wilson*
District 4 (Fairbanks, Interior)
R - Joe Blanchard II
D - David Guttenberg
District 5 (Interior)
R - Pete B. Higgins
D - Adam Wool
District 6 (Richardson Highway)
D - Wilson Justin*
R - David M. "Dave" Talerico
District 7 (Mat-Su)
R - Lynn Gattis
NA - Verne Rupright
District 8 (Mat-Su)
R - Mark A. Neuman*
D - Pam Rahn*
District 9 (Mat-Su)
R - Jim Colver
ACP - Pamela Goode*
D- Mabel H. Wimmer*
District 10 (Mat-Su)
R - Wes Keller*
D - Neal T. Lacy
NA - Roger Purcell*
District 11 (Mat-Su)
R - Shelley Hughes*
D - Pete P. LaFrance
District 12 (Chugiak, Mat-Su)
R - Cathy Tilton
D - Gretchen Wehmhoff
District 13 (Eagle River)
R - Dan Saddler
District 14 (Eagle River)
D - Miles D. Pruner*
R - Lora Reinbold*
District 15 (Anchorage)
D - Laurie Hummel
R - Gabrielle LeDoux*
District 16 (Anchorage)
D - Max F. Gruenberg Jr
R - Don Hadle*
District 17 (Anchorage)
D - Andrew L. "Andy" Josephson
District 18 (Anchorage)
D - Harriet A. Drummond
NA - Phil Isley
District 19 (Anchorage)
L - Cean Stevens
D - Geran Tarr
District 20 (Anchorage)
D - Les S. Gara
District 21 (Anchorage)
D - Matt Claman
R - Anand Dubey*
District 22 (Anchorage)
D - Marty M. McGee
R - Liz Vazquez
District 23 (Anchorage)
D - Chris S. Tuck
District 24 (Anchorage)
D - Michael "Mike" Fenster
Craig W. Johnson*
District 25 (Anchorage)
D - Patti Higgins
R - Charisse E. Millett
District 26 (Anchorage)
D - Bill Goodell
R - Bob Lynn
District 27 (Anchorage)
D - Matt Moore
Lance Pruitt*
District 28 (Anchorage)
D - Samuel Duff Combs
R - Mike Hawker
District 29 (Kenai Peninsula)
R - Charles "Mike" Chenault*
D - Rocky Knudsen*
District 30 (Kenai Peninsula)
R - Kurt E. Olson*
D - Shauna L. Thornton*
District 31 (Kenai Peninsula)
R - Paul Seaton*
District 32 (Prince William Sound, Yakutat)
D - Jerry G. McCune
R - Louise B. Stutes*
District 33 (Southeast)
R - Peter Dukowitz
Sam S. Kito*
District 34 (Southeast)
D - George McGuan
R - Cathy E. Muñoz*
District 35 (Southeast)
D - Jonathan S. Kreiss-Tomkins
R - Steven A. Samuelson*
District 36 (Southeast)
R - Chere L. Klein
NA - Daniel H. "Dan" Ortiz
District 37 (Southwest)
D - Bryce Edgmon*
District 38 (Southwest)
Bob Herron*
District 39 (Northwest)
D - Neal W. Foster*
District 40 (North Slope)
D - Benjamin P. "Bennie" Nageak*

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