More details emerge in fight that witnesses say involved Palin family

As police continue investigations into a fight that broke out Saturday at a South Anchorage home, more details have emerged from a man who said he witnessed the brawl. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who some say was involved, remains silent on the issue.

Eric Thompson spoke with ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday. He was among the 70 guests at the birthday party, he said, where he watched the fight unfold.

After the interview, a report surfaced that Thompson, an employee of McKenna Bros. Paving, had been fired for speaking to the media. The party had been held in part for company owners Marc and Matthew McKenna, party guest Charles Fryer said Thursday.

Thompson had spoken to several media outlets regarding the party, including blogger Amanda Coyne, who wrote that the Palin family had arrived at the party in a stretch Hummer limousine.

Citing anonymous sources, Coyne claimed the fight began when Track Palin confronted his younger sister Willow's former boyfriend, Conner Cleary. A fight broke out and Cleary's father tried to break it up, she wrote. Todd Palin jumped into the fight and began choking the father.

Host Korey Klingenmeyer then told the family to leave the party, Thompson told Coyne. That's when Bristol Palin hit the host, Thompson said.

"Bristol just reached back and started clocking him," Thompson told "Good Morning America," saying the eldest Palin daughter struck Klingenmeyer at least six times.

"I was thoroughly amazed at the restraint Korey showed. He's a total (gentleman)," Thompson told Coyne.

The altercation between partygoers escalated again, Coyne reported.

Fryer said Thursday he heard the commotion and went outside to see what was going on. He described the fight as a dogpile, "just like you see in a football game."

Thompson told "Good Morning America," "I heard Sarah Palin scream out, 'You know who we are, don't you?' It was like we were just on a Jerry Springer episode."

Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Castro wrote that roughly 20 people were involved in the brawl. She confirmed that the Palins were present at the party. Several police officers responded to the incident. Investigations were ongoing on Friday and would take at least a week to conclude, she wrote.

After Thompson's interviews, senior producer for "Entertainment Tonight" Elizabeth Applegate tweeted that Thompson told her he had been fired from his job because of the interview with ABC News.

Thompson had retained legal counsel on Friday. Attorney Kevin Fitzgerald said he "can't confirm or deny" that Thompson was fired from his position at McKenna Bros. Paving.

The owners of McKenna Bros. Paving could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

Sarah Palin could not be reached for comment Friday. She has not addressed the incident publicly, although she made a public appearance on Fox News' "Hannity" on Thursday as reports of the fight circulated and had posted to the Sarah Palin Channel on Friday morning.