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By the Numbers: Alaska Primary Election 2012

  • Author: Jill Burke
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published August 27, 2012

On Tuesday, Alaskans get an up or down vote on ballot measures that impact policymaking at the local and state level. Voters interested in helping to shape party politics will pick candidates to square off in November's general election.

How many Alaskans on average are represented by a state senator? How many times have Alaskans sent Don Young to Washington, D.C.? Let's take a look at the raw numbers behind Tuesday's statewide primary elections.

Alaska Primary Elections: By the Numbers

Number of state legislative seats up for grabs: 59

Number of state legislative seats not up for grabs: 1

Average number of Alaskans represented by one state senator: 31,346

Average number of Alaskans per House representative: 15,673

Change in registered Democrats in Alaska since 1998: -14 percent (approximately 4,000)

Change in registered Republicans in Alaska since 1998: 27 percent (more than 22,000)

Age range of largest registered voting bloc: 25-34 years old

Number of registered voters over the age of 75: 20,389

Number of registered teenage voters: 13,501

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Number of votes by which U.S. Rep. Young beat Sean Parnell in 2008 primary: 304

Number of times voters have sent U.S. Rep. Don Young to Washington D.C.: 21*

* including the special election in 1973 that was his first win

Percentage of Alaska Native constituents in Mountain View and Downtown Anchorage: 4.21

Percentage of Alaska Native constituents in Bering Straits / Interior Villages and the Arctic: 82.11

Bills introduced in 2011-2012 legislative session: 597

Bills passed in 2011-2012 legislative session: 115

Approximate number of paid election workers: 2,255 - 2,693

Amount of money Alaska earned from oil and gas production and surcharges in 2011: $4.6 billion

Amount of money Alaska earned from other oil-related taxes in 2011: $757 million

Lowest election primary turnout since 1974: 17.2 % (in year 2000)

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