Republican Governors Association throws $1.3 million behind Parnell

The Republican Governors Association has put $1.3 million into a new independent expenditure group formed to support Gov. Sean Parnell in the closing days of the gubernatorial contest.

Citizens Against Walker, headed by former Alaskan Republican Party chair Randy Ruedrich and in opposition to independent candidate Bill Walker, has reported three large donations from the RGA since Oct. 20, including a $900,000 donation on Thursday. The treasurer for the independent expenditure group is Michael Adams, a Washington, D.C.-based attorney who works with the RGA.

The expenditure group also reports some local donations on its latest fundraising reports. The Sportsmen's Conservation Alliance PAC, based in Wasilla, is reported as giving $2,500. The Associated Builders and Contractors of Alaska gave $10,000, according to reports filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Tuesday.

The group is spending $150,000 on advertisements on a single TV station, KTVA, according to a review of disclosure forms filed with TV stations. The new forms show Citizens Against Walker is relying on Lower 48 media firms to coordinate communications efforts, with about $850,000 going to Pinpoint Media in Alexandria, Va.

A group allied with Walker and funded primarily by unions filed a recent report showing it has received a total of $595,000 in contributions.