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Russ Millette speaks out against Alaska Republican Party allegations

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published January 21, 2013

Russ Millette, chair-elect of the Alaska Republican Party (ARP), speaks out in a YouTube interview against the complaint filed against him that may determine whether or not he will keep his leadership position with the ARP.

"The story is pretty simple. Establishment Republicans lost both the chair and vice chair position in the Alaska Republican Party," says Ben Swann, host of the Full Disclosure video. Now they are pushing back against "liberty Republicans" who are set to take over head positions within the party, Swann says.

Millette is facing an internal complaint filed against him earlier this month by current Republican Party Rules Chairman Frank McQueary, who charges that two recent periods of registering as undeclared mean Millette is not a "life-long" Republican, and that he has failed to raise money for the party since being elected chairman.

Millette admits that he isn't a life-long Republican, and counters that there are no ARP rules stating he must be one to hold the position of party chair.

"I've not been a life-long Republican, which I guess literally is true," he says. "I'm 67 years old; I think I figured out the other day, I've been a Republican for 43, 44 years. I first registered as a Republican in 1966 and campaigned for Barry Goldwater, by the way, in 1964."

He also says that the ARP is to blame for his inability to raise funds for the party.

"They prevented me from having access to any kind of significant dialogue or interchange or any kind of financial records for 10 months." Millette says. "How can I raise money if I don't know what my books are, I don't know what my budgets are, I don't know where the bank accounts are? I don't have any records of any financial dealings within the party ... I have no access to any databases, no donor list, I have not been introduced to any donors of the party by the chairman that's been there for 12 years. He knows all this information but he hasn't shared it with me."

Millette also says there are unheard charges against members of the executive committee regarding the mismanagement of money, and that said charges should go before the committee before those filed against him and Debbie Brown, who is facing a complaint that she mismanaged funds in her role as party vice-chair for Southcentral District 34.

An executive committee will reconvene on Feb. 1 to consider the complaint. But Millette expresses skepticism about the proceedings, and voiced concerns that McQuery, who will be part of the committee, is prejudiced against him.

Read more about the charges Millette and others are facing, and watch Ben Swann's interview of Millette below.

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