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Clothes with a conscience

A fair trade fashion show in Anchorage is for both fashionistas as well as for those concerned about the global economic impact of their wardrobe.

The best cups of coffee in Alaska

Sometimes, when the spoon grates against the bottom of an empty can of coffee grounds, self-reliant Alaskans have to bundle up and brave the cold for the sake of a hot cup o' Joe.

The Alaska state shoe

Alaskans are tough, individualistic, fun-loving, active, and practical. Is there a shoe that embodies that Alaskan mentality? A shoe that can be called quintessentially Alaskan?

'Community Supported Fishery' offering Tanner crab in January

In a spin on the popular Community Supported Agriculture model, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is offering its first delivery of fresh seafood this month from its Community Supported Fishery, allowing Anchorage residents to get an environmentally -- and economically -- conscious shipment of hard-to-find Tanner crab.

Tartan trends for fall

Not to be confused with argyle or checks, traditionally trendy plaids and tartans abound this season for you and for your home.

Ooh la la luggage

If you're looking for just the right weekender with the panache to be seen boarding the private jet -- or any jet, for that matter -- check out these great luggage options right here in Anchorage.

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