A man who was rescued from his sinking canoe in Knik Arm on Monday was reported missing again Tuesday off Anchorage in his kayak.  

Tegan Hanlon
A search was underway Tuesday night for a 55-year-old kayaker who did not return from a trip in Knik Arm near Anchorage.  It was the second emergency response involving a Knik Arm boater in two days.Tegan Hanlon
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz said Monday the city will replace its aging orange-glow streetlights with white LED ones, generating big savings in energy consumption.Devin Kelly
Before emergency responders arrived, the man's life preserver floated away, leaving him to cling to his sinking canoe in the “swift-moving current,” authorities said.Megan Edge
Hal Hart, who has served as Juneau’s community development director, will oversee planning and transportation projects in Anchorage and work to make the department more "customer-friendly," Mayor Berkowitz’s office said Friday.Devin Kelly
Two men were seriously injured in separate shootings early Saturday morning in Anchorage -- one on the south side and one downtown. Devin Kelly
The bicyclist was more than 60 feet from the nearest crosswalk and did not have a green light, police said. He was badly injured.Devin Kelly
A 17-year-old boy turned himself in to Anchorage police Wednesday for a non-fatal shooting in Spenard on Saturday. Police say the shooting was an accident.Jerzy Shedlock
Ride-sharing service Uber has agreed to pay $77,925 to settle claims that it did not pay for workers' compensation insurance for its drivers when the company was briefly operating in Anchorage.Sean Doogan
Carrs-Safeway says its Sears Mall supermarket is "underperforming" and will close in mid-September.Sean Doogan