Did this employee's boss promise a promotion and then go back on his word after the hard work was done? Or was the "promise" more a case of wishful thinking on the employee's part?

Lynne Curry
The craft brewery has doubled its production capacity every year since 2011, the company says, making it the second biggest producer in the state. Laurel Andrews

The Denali Brewing Company, located near Talkeetna, has grown to become one of the largest brewing companies in Alaska in recent years.

Alaska Dispatch News
The Alaska Legislature unanimously approved a bill in 2014 that eliminated the authority of the regulatory commission to require local carriers to publish phone books. The phone companies backed the bill but legislators did not ask whether they planned to keep printing directories.Dermot Cole
"You're on your own. Try not to die," reads one Airbnb listing near the off-the-beaten path Alaska community of McCarthy. When it comes to listings on the space-sharing site in the Last Frontier, you can go traditional -- or you can really get out there.Alex DeMarban
Are you getting entry-level employees who don't measure up? One of the problems might be outdated or insufficient recruiting practices.Lynne Curry
Portland-based Alpha Media announced in a statement Monday that it had entered into an agreement to buy numerous radio stations across the U.S., including several longtime Alaska radio fixtures.Tegan Hanlon
In a recent mayoral debate, the candidates were questioned about tax-exempt properties. They were asked if laws should be changed to do away with property tax exemptions for nonprofits and church property. With state government and local agencies struggling with budget deficits, the real question might have been: “Am I paying more than my fair share of taxes?”Clair Ramsey,Barbara Ramsey
For the second time since late April, the New York Stock Exchange has warned a major Cook Inlet oil and gas company that it is in danger of being removed from the exchange, this time because its market capitalization and stockholders' equity has fallen below the $50 million minimum threshold. Dermot Cole
The top official at the federal Energy Information Administration on Thursday said he's concerned about the viability of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline if production drops too low, suggesting that oil prices rise may not rise above $100 a barrel until 2030 or later. Alex DeMarban