Video: 'Queen of Elfland'

Juneau singer-songwriter Kray Van Kirk spent years listening to stories and writing songs, and finally completed his first album in twenty years. “Queen of Elfland” showcases Kirk’s passion for Irish traditional music, mythology and romantic longing.

Video: How to make Spenard Roadhouse eggnog

Spenard Roadhouse in Anchorage is known for its annual Christmas eggnog. This year’s holiday cocktail features naughty and nice versions. Assistant bar manager Orion Donicht shares the house recipe for you to create and enjoy at home.

Photos: Fighting holiday travel stress

Anxiety brought on by air travel is real. Airports know it. Airlines know it. Air passengers certainly know it. And it is only heightened by the increase in flights and traffic around the holidays.

Photos: Historic Alaska salmon labels

The Tongass Historical Museum in Ketchikan has more than 100 canned salmon labels in its collection. The images range from simple to ornate. The labels are kept in the museum’s archives, and made available to researchers, such as Coen. Some, however, may become part of a future museum display.

Video: Alaskana Pop Art | INDIE ALASKA

For this born-and-raised Alaskan, "Alaskana pop art" is a vehicle for exploring his heritage and the modern world at large. This mural installation took place at Anchorage Community Works.

Photos: Diane Schenker's gingerbread creations

In almost 30 years of building gingerbread houses, Diane Schenker's made enough structures to fill a Christmas village, including a greenhouse with a hard candy roof, downtown Anchorage’s Voyager Hotel and even her own Stuckagain Heights home.

Video: Gingerbread extravaganza!

Diane Schenker started building gingerbread houses 30 years ago. What started a simple project with friends has turned into an elaborate holiday tradition.

Photos: Gift ideas for real Alaskans

Everybody knows Alaskans don't want or need the same holiday gifts as their distant cousins in Toledo. Here's a few ideas for shoppers in the 49th state.

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