The military is checking U.S. bases for potential groundwater contamination from a toxic firefighting foam, but most states so far show little inclination to examine civilian sites for the same threat.

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A passage in the 2016 federal budget, inserted by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, forbids the Fish and Wildlife Service from moving cattle off Chirikof and Wosnesenski islands in the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.Yereth Rosen

Flooding caused by an ice jam on the Yukon River near Eagle appeared to have crested overnight Wednesday -- but meteorologists were monitoring the situation as well as the threat it could pose to another village downriver.


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The biggest employer on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta has taken a stand against the biggest economic development project there: the proposed Donlin Gold mine. Its reasoning goes beyond environmental worries.Lisa Demer
Authorities say the green water flowing in the Ketchikan Creek that caused some panic on Wednesday was the result of a prank.Associated Press
A landslide last October that dropped about 200 million tons of rock into Taan Fiord in 60 seconds might be the biggest non-volcanic landslide in North American history. It created a wave that sheared alders more than 500 feet up the opposite hillside.Ned Rozell
A remote Southwest Alaska volcano has settled down more than a week after it sent an ash cloud 37,000 feet into the sky.Associated Press
A federal judge in New Orleans has granted final approval to an estimated $20 billion settlement, resolving years of litigation over the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Kevin McGill | Associated Press
An ex-EPA scientist who has been described as elusive and secretive by those backing the proposed Pebble mine is now speaking about why he so opposes the project.Lisa Demer
Fairbanks was expected to have high counts of birch pollen this year, but the dry spring was to blame for record-high numbers.The Associated Press