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Alaska Style Profile: Amber Brophy Mock salutes moms in neon leopard print

  • Author: Leslie Boyd
  • Updated: May 31, 2016
  • Published February 18, 2013

Style inspiration is easy to find in glossy fashion magazines, on blogs or Pinterest but often vanishes when it's needed most -- as you stand and stare at your Alaska closet. It's at those moments when a little local motivation is necessary, when a stylish Alaskan could help finesse your fashion. That's where I come in: Look here every now and again for an Alaskan Grown muse, someone who's in the business of beauty or else who's simply figured out a way to work it through the fashion obstacle course we call home.

Alaska Style Profile: Amber Brophy Mock

Who: Amber Brophy Mock, esthetician and owner of Cor Wax, Lash & Cosmetics Boutique [map]

Why her style is noteworthy: Mock is a local business owner and 33-year-old mom of twins under the age of 2. She also measures in at 4 feet, 11 inches, which makes finding flawless fit perfectly impossible. Yet she's managed to tackle most of these challenges and maintain a comfortable style that allows her to keep up her hustle and still have some fun.

On her personal style: I love the '80s. I try not to overdress with it because I can get too crazy with neon. So instead I just try to incorporate one color or something small. Sometimes I wish I didn't go that way, but I do. I like my hot pink.

One thing in her closet that she can't live without: I love my jeans, I do. I wear Sevens or Joe's because I feel like they kind of hide the business sometimes—the little muffins that appear from having kids.

Products she swears by: Well, I own Cor Cosmetics, so I'm going to go with that! Everything that I own and use in my regime is organic and with fewer chemicals. The only non-organic thing I use is my Aerogel hairspray that I can't live without. That's my cheat. It won't leave your hair stiff, but it gives me volume.

Where she shops locally: I'm kind of a consignment shopper. I like Clothesline (The Clothesline Consignment). I like Plain Jane (Plain Jane Consignment). I even like Plato's Closet. I can wear the stuff from the junior's section. Runway 63 has many great organic products.

On her spring shopping list: For my birthday we're actually having a neon, animal print, out-of-control theme, so I've been nonstop shopping for neon. I also have a lot of friends getting married this year … so, I've bought more dresses this year than in my life.

Something style-wise about her that might surprise people: I'm not particularly into shoes like other women. I'm just not. I just want comfortable shoes. I will throw on the same pair every day for work. I also think a good fitting bra sets the tone for your entire wardrobe. It's like the fine line between trashy and classy. It can make our break an outfit.

Her biggest style challenge: I have to get everything hemmed. Even petite sizes I have to get hemmed. I don't think there's a pair of jeans that I own that I haven't had hemmed. Also, not being able to shop like I used to before having twins. I just don't have the time. I feel like it's hard for me get out of style rut and try new things, and that's even harder when you don't have the time.

What she thinks about Alaska fashion: I get it; it's like survival. To me, it's not worth freezing. I laugh when I see girls who are wearing the tallest shoes and short shorts and no coat. Now that I'm older, I realize there's a time and a place for a coat, even if there isn't a coat check. I like the layered look people up here rock. But I wouldn't have said any of this at 21.

Anchorage freelance writer Leslie Boyd writes a regular column on local shopping and style. Ideas, information or tips? Contact her at akshopgirl(at)

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