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What We Love: Beer Label Designs

  • Author: Rejoy Armamento
  • Updated: March 28, 2017
  • Published March 28, 2017

We buy beers for their labels–don't you? Here are some of our favorite Alaska beers with some of our favorite beer labels. Three local designers shared with us what's behind their designs.

Arkose Brewery
Label Designer: June Gertesein (

(Photos courtesy of June Gertesein)

Owning Arkose Brewery in Palmer with her husband means June Gertesein has complete freedom to design their beer labels to their liking. She incorporates their personal interests–nature, jazz and specific landmarks of Alaska–using photos she's taken, then later manipulates them digitally. Their rough font borrows rocky elements from Arkose Ridge.

Midnight Sun Brewing Co.
Label Designer: Dan Miller (

(Photos courtesy of Dan Miller)

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. is one of the first breweries in Alaska to start bottling 22 oz. beers. From the company's inception, graphic designer, Dan Miller, has been livening up their beer bottles by capturing the Alaskan spirit: "Go out, ski, hike, have an adventure and have fun!" His designs have evolved over the years, going from tidy pen and ink renderings to more loose, vectorized images.

Anchorage Brewing Co.
Label Designer: Ray Flores (

(Photos courtesy of Ray Flores)

If you take a bottle of beer to a gnarly metal show, it would end up like this! Owner of Shirts Up Serigraphics and Solutions, Ray Flores collaborates with the Anchorage Brewing Co. owner/brewer, Gabe Fletcher, on creating each bottles theme. Inspired mainly by music, Ray draws elements from heavy metal T-shirts: strong, detailed line work, bold colors and lots of movement.

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