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What We Love: Little Musicians

  • Author: Rejoy Armamento
  • Updated: June 5, 2017
  • Published June 5, 2017

Jake Lovelace-Smith, AKA "Mudd Puddle," The Harmonica, Age 10

(Rejoy Armamento / Alaska Dispatch News Creative Services)

"So I was 3 and we were in the Fairview Inn in Talkeetna watching my dad play the harp with his band. The power went out in the whole town, so it was kind of dark in there. A small generator kept the show going though. I asked my mama if I could go on stage too to play the harmonica and she says, 'If you get on stage, you really got to blow, it's not goofing around.' When my dad finished his song, I came up, took his harp and played. The guitar player on stage didn't see us switch places. I had the right harmonica and the right key and just went with it.

(Rejoy Armamento / Alaska Dispatch News Creative Services)

Nobody knew for maybe about 30 seconds to a minute that it was actually me playing until someone goes, 'Hey! There's a little kid on stage!' There was about 200 people packed in that tiny bar."

I love Muddy Waters so that's how I got my stage name, 'Mudd Puddle.'

Penny Layne, The Violin, Age 9

(Rejoy Armamento / Alaska Dispatch News Creative Services)

"If I could play in front of any celebrity it would be my stuffed animals! Douglas and Barry are celebrities. They'd get VIP. If some of them can't attend that's fine with me. But most of them will come."

(Rejoy Armamento / Alaska Dispatch News Creative Services)

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