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DIY Locker Organizer and Customized Pencils

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News Creative Services
  • Updated: August 3, 2017
  • Published August 3, 2017

(Photo and directions by by Lindsey Stevens)

This fun felt project is perfect for middle and high school students. With just a few inexpensive craft store items, you can sew up your own organizer and start the school year in style with all your supplies within reach. This is a great group project since the shower curtain hooks come in packs of 9 to 11.

(Photo and directions by Lindsey Stevens)

(2) 8×10 Felt Sheets
Metal Shower Curtain Hooks
Embroidery Floss
Plastic Safety Needle or Darning Needle (please note that darning needles do have a sharp tip, and should not be used by young children)
Washi Tape
Pencil Sharpeners

(Photo and directions by Lindsey Stevens)

Locker Organizer Instructions
Step #1 – Lay out one sheet of felt in portrait orientation.
(a) With your second felt sheet, fold in half, hamburger style.
(b) Cut in half.
(c) Then lay half the sheet on top of the bottom half of sheet 1.

Step #2 – Cut 12-18 inches of embroidery floss and thread your needle. Tie a knot in the end of the thread. This thread can match the color of your felt, or be a contrasting color.

Step #3 – Sew along both ends and the bottom, leaving the top open like a pouch. Give yourself about a ½ inch between the edge of the felt and your needle hole. This will keep the loops from ripping the material.

Step #4 – Sew three to five 1-inch-wide pockets for pencils and pens. The more pockets you want to sew, the more pencils and pens you can store.

Step #5 – Now to get creative! On the top half of the back felt, you can stitch a picture, your name, anything you want! I recommend using a pencil to lightly draw out what you want to create so you have a template for your stitching. We used a backstitch, however, you can be creative and mix it up here.

Step #6 – Finally, use your needle and create three holes along the top edge of your organizer, approximately one inch away from the edges. You can then thread your metal shower curtain hooks through the top. These can hook easily into the locker vents and keep all your small odds and ends organized!

(Photo and directions by Lindsey Stevens)

Customized Pencils Instructions

Step #1 – To create custom pencils, cut a piece of washi tape the length of the wooden section of the pencil.

Step #2 – Lay the washi tape strip out, sticky side up.

(Photo and directions by Lindsey Stevens)

Step #3 – Lay pencil along the end of the washi tape, and slowly roll. Please note, for wide washi tape, you will need 2 strips of tape to fully cover the pencil. For the narrow tape, you will need 3.

(Photo and directions by Lindsey Stevens)

Step #4 – Sharpen pencil, stick it on your new organizer, and you're ready for class!

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