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What’s in your locker

  • Author: Mckenzie Richmond
  • Updated: July 31, 2018
  • Published July 31, 2018

Before the bell rings for classes to start this fall make sure to stock up on your locker necessities!

1. Deodorant - Reapply after gym class, so you don’t have to worry later in the day. 

2. Breath-mint or gum - The worst thing is to have your breath smelling like what you ate for lunch. 

3. Snack (non-perishable) - Just in case you get hungry in between classes or don't like what they’re offering for lunch. 

4. Lip balm - As the seasons are changing your lips will start becoming dry and uncomfortable, but lip balm will help prevent that chapped feeling. 

5. Aspirin - You don’t want a headache to ruin your day. 

6. Locker Organizer - Keep all these locker necessities organized so you don’t misplace anything. 

7. Extra Pencils/Pens - Someone always needs to borrow one, don't let it be your last. 

8. Bandages - Paper cuts may be small, but putting an adhesive bandage over it can help with the bleeding and stinging pain. 

9. Dry Erase Board Magnetic Calendar - Keep track of schedule or homework or important upcoming dates. 

10. A jacket - Brrrr, some classrooms can be chilly. 

11. Oil Pads and Tampons/Pads - Skin can get oily during the day and you'll feel better freshened up. And you always want to be prepared. 

12. Hair ties - The one you brought to school could break, or maybe you forgot it at home. Don't be stuck with a bad hair day." 

13. Safety pins - What if your pants split or a shirt tears and you don’t have an extra to borrow and can’t go back home? You’re all set.