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The Dome will reopen Monday. Bring a mask and come dressed in workout clothes.

  • Author: Beth Bragg
  • Updated: May 14
  • Published May 14

The Dome will reopen on Monday. (Erik Hill / ADN archive)

The Dome is reopening Monday, and if you go, go ready to play.

Be dressed in workout clothes, because the locker rooms will be closed. Bring a mask, because it’s required apparel no matter what activity you pursue.

And if you want to play catch or a little volleyball or pickleball, bring your housemates. People can’t play games that share a ball or equipment with anyone they don’t live with.

Closed in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the popular air-supported sports facility will have a number of restrictions in place when it reopens under the new state and municipal guidelines for gyms.

“We’ll be requiring everybody, staff and users, to wear masks covering their mouths and noses at all times,” according to an announcement on The Dome website. “This could loosen up in the future, but for now, masks will be worn even while running, playing, or working out.”

Members of the Alaska Endurance Project stretch at the start of a workout earlier this year at The Dome. (Marc Lester / ADN archive)

Like other gyms, The Dome will be limited to 25% capacity, which is 500 people, including staff. Everyone entering the building has to answer screening questions, either in advance at or upon arrival, and everyone has to sign in with a name and phone number.

Six-foot social distancing requirements will be in place for general movement. Once you begin to exercise, the requirement becomes 10 feet, and it applies whether you are running laps, lifting weights or playing ultimate frisbee, rugby or any of the other many sports offered at The Dome.

The only exception to the 10-foot rule is for people who live together.

“Activities which put people who aren’t from the same household into the same space or touching the same equipment won’t be allowed,” The Dome said. “You can play sports that share a ball or equipment with members of your household. You cannot play sports that share a ball or equipment with people not part of your household. You can run with a friend but you’ll have to stay 10 feet apart.”

You can read The Dome’s complete COVID-19 mitigation plan here.

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