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16 teams finish inaugural Scary Tree 50, a 50-mile snowmachine race for kids

  • Author: Beth Bragg
  • Updated: March 18
  • Published March 18

Jackson Carmichael and Devin Krause whip down the trail on their way to victory in the Scary Tree 50, a 50-mile snowmachine for racers under 18 held on the trails around Big Lake on Sunday, March 14, 2021. (Jesse Fliris / Alaska Shutterclicks)

Averaging 30-32 mph, 8-year-old Devin Krause and 11-year-old Jackson Carmichael roared to victory in the inaugural Scary Tree 50 snowmachine race Sunday on the trails around Big Lake.

The race was designed for children riding 200cc snowmachines. Kids ranging in age from 6 to 12 rode in teams of two, and each was accompanied by an adult escort.

The 50-mile race started at The Islander on Big Lake and went 25 miles to Scary Tree, a spot at the confluence of the Yentna and Big Su rivers. Riders took a short layover there before making the 25-mile return trip to Big Lake.

Krause and Carmichael clocked a time of 2 hours, 12 minutes, 55 seconds. They finished more than four minutes ahead of second-place Grayson Gossett and Matthew Gugel, who finished in 2:17:10. Third place went to brothers Blake Crouse and Eli Crouse in 2:20:35.

Among the escorts were a couple of top Iron Dog racers, including past champs Tyler Akelstad and Todd Minnick.

Sixteen teams finished the race, hosted by the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club.

1) Jackson Carmichael/Devin Krause 2:12:55;

2) Matthew Gugel/Grayson Gossett 2:17:10;

3) Blake Crouse/Eli Crouse 2:20:35;

4) Copper Aragon/Henry Walker 2:21:09;

5) Canyon Minnick/Emma Minnick 2:21:35;

6) Mikael Moore/Richard Strick 2:28:12;

7) Zane Armstrong/Brayden Russel 2:29:01;

8) Raydin Butcher/Skyler Newphew 2:34:13;

9) Liam Akelstad/Triton Edmunson 2:34:43;

10) Harper Brown/Blake Dean 2:35:53;

11) Connor Hartman/Kruz Hartman 2:36:21;

12) Sam Piatt/Carter Strohmeyer 2:44:15;

13) Daegan Holland/Austin Vaughn 2:46:05;

14) Maxx Blaylock/Liam Wilson 2:52:27;

15) Brayden Alderman.Carter Lowdermilk 3:13:48;

16) Daniel Gugel/Oliva Wallace 3:48:48.