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Alaska Baseball

Alaska baseball: Scores, schedule, ABL standings, MLB Draft

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: June 21, 2017
  • Published June 17, 2017

Alaska baseball

Friday's results
Anchorage Bucs 1, Peninsula Oilers 0, 8 innings
Chugiak Chinooks 5, Anchorage Glacier Pilots 4
Fairbanks Goldpanners 3, Northwest Honkers 1
Peninsula Oilers 5, Anchorage Bucs 1, 7 innings

Saturday's results
Anchorage Bucs 7, Mat-Su Miners 6, 11 innings
Peninsula Oilers 6, Chugiak Chinooks 0
Fairbanks Goldpanners 6, Northwest Honkers 2
Anchorage Pilots 6, Adult All-Stars 4

Sunday's games
3 p.m. — Northwest Honkers at Fairbanks Goldpanners, Growden Park (DH)
5 p.m. — Peninsula Oilers at Chugiak Chinooks, Lee Jordan Field
7 p.m. — Mat-Su Miners at Anchorage Glacier Pilots, Mulcahy Stadium

Monday's games
5 p.m. — Peninsula Oilers at Anchorage Glacier Pilots, Mulcahy Stadium (DH)
7 p.m. — Anchorage Bucs at Chugiak Chinooks, Lee Jordan Field
7 p.m. — San Diego Waves at Fairbanks Goldpanners, Growden Park

Tuesday's games
7 p.m. — Chugiak Chinooks at Mat-Su Miners, Hermon Brothers Field
7 p.m. — Anchorage Bucs at Anchorage Glacier Pilots, Mulcahy Stadium
7 p.m. — San Diego Waves at Fairbanks Goldpanners, Growden Park

Alaska Baseball League standings
(Through Friday's games)

   Team                      ABL Overall
Mat-Su Miners           7-2     9-2
Glacier Pilots              4-3    4-5
Anchorage Bucs         5-4    6-4
Chugiak Chinooks     3-5    3-6
Peninsula Oilers        2-7    2-7

Extra Bases

— Alaska's most famous baseball game is Wednesday in Fairbanks. The 112th annual Midnight Sun Game, which begins at 10 p.m. and is played without artificial lights, will feature the Goldpanners against the San Diego Waves at Growden Park. Tickets are available online at or by calling 907-451-0095. The game is usually a sellout.

– Current and former Alaska baseball players in 2017 MLB Draft
(According to team websites and social media)

Anchorage Bucs
Taylor Walls – Tampa Bay, 3rd Round
Wyatt Mills – Seattle, 3rd Round
Jonny Homza – San Diego, 5th Round
David Banuelos – Seattle, 5th Round
Aaron Arruda – Oakland, 12th Round
Steven Sensley – Yankees, 12th Round
Alex Garcia – Philadelphia, 15th Round
Alan Trejo – Colorado, 16th Round
Zane Gurwitz – Angels, 26th Round
Tyler Coolbaugh – Baltimore, 36th Round
Jim Voyles – St. Louis, 38th Round
Cole Kleszcz – Cleveland, 40th Round

Anchorage Glacier Pilots
Riley Adams – Toronto, 3rd Round
Fred Schlichtholz – San Diego, 13th Round
Kyle Nelson – Cleveland, 15th Round
Carson Crites – Minnesota, 25th Round
Eddie Muhl – Pittsburgh, 25th Round
Ryan Dobson – Arizona, 30th Round
Jeff Moberg – Colorado, 30th Round
Adalberto Carrillo – Washington, 33rd Round
Kyle Watson – Pittsburgh, 37th Round
Andy Rohloff – San Francisco, 37th Round

Chugiak Chinooks
Cameron Baranek – Miami, 9th Round
Michael Staudinger – White Sox, 26th Round
Jackson Cramer – Washington, 35th Round

Fairbanks Goldpanners
Scott Hurst – St. Louis, 3rd Round
Jake Thompson – Boston, 4th Round
Austin Bush – Atlanta, 15th Round
Mason Martin – Pittsburgh, 17th Round
Renae Martinez – Arizona, 33rd Round
Nathan Reynolds – Arizona, 39th Round

Mat-Su Miners
Corbin Martin – Houston, 2nd Round
Brigham Hill – Washington, 5th Round
Jordan Rodgers – Atlanta, 6th Round
Eli Morgan – Cleveland, 8th Round
Jack Zoellner – Philadelphia, 9th Round
Tanner Nishioka – Boston, 9th Round
Jordan Floyd – Kansas City, 10th Round
Kyle Serrano – Houston, 10th Round
Zach Warren – Philadelphia, 14th Round
Garrison Schwartz – Atlanta, 16th Round
Jake Scudder – Washington, 16th Round
Andy Cosgrove – Minnesota, 17th Round
Vince Arobio – White Sox, 24th Round
Mike Donadio – Miami, 30th Round
Connor Higgins – Texas, 35th Round
Andrew Nardi – Yankees, 39th Round
Josh Rolette – Cleveland, 39th Round
Terrance Connelly – Arizona, 40th Round

Peninsula Oilers
Cory Abbott – Cubs, 2nd Round
Lillie Ryan – Miami, 5th Round

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