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At CIC cross-country championships, music and history are among the subjects

  • Author: Beth Bragg
    | Sports
  • Updated: September 23, 2017
  • Published September 23, 2017

Nothing in sports is preordained, but Sonny Prosser's victory in Saturday's Cook Inlet Conference cross-country championships felt like equal parts destiny and DNA.

Prosser, a sophomore at Dimond High, continued a family tradition by winning the boys 5-kilometer race on the muddy, messy trails at Bartlett High.

His mom and dad, Maylen Prosser and Mike Gomez, were crowned CIC individual champions in 1991, when Maylen won her second straight title for Dimond and Gomez won his first of three straight titles for West.

And his uncle, the late Laird Prosser, was the last Dimond boy to claim a CIC cross-country championship, taking the title in 1994.

"It feels good to be wearing a Dimond uniform as a Prosser," 15-year-old Sonny said as he tugged his mud-specked maroon-and-gold singlet.

Freshman Ava Earl of South High won the girls race. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)

Tempting as it is to cue "Born to Run" as the meet's theme song, better to choose something newer. Something original. Something by 14-year-old singer/songwriter Ava Earl of South High, the winner of Saturday's girls race.

Earl, who has released two albums and was the youngest solo artist to perform on the main stage at last month's Salmonfest music festival, turned a duel with Eagle River freshman Emily Walsh into a solo act. She beat Walsh by 13 seconds with a personal-best time of 18 minutes, 57 seconds.

"Emily and I are in a lot of races together," Earl said, "so always at the beginning we're running together, and I think it psyches both of us out so we always push hard at the start. I try to get ahead of her, because if she gets ahead of me it would make me lose hope."

Walsh, another 14-year-old freshman, said she stuck with Earl until the final kilometer of the 5K race.

"I was determined to not let her put a gap (on me)," Walsh said.

Service High runners show off their muddy legs after capturing the school’s first girls team title since 2005. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)

The battle for team titles ended with something old and something new.

The West High boys, spurred by second-place Everett Cason and third-place Declan Dammeyer, captured their fifth straight CIC championship.

The Service High girls, led by third-place Grace Fahrney and fifth-place Tatum Witter, won their first CIC team title since 2005. The team includes one freshman — Witter — and two sophomores.

"Our team is stoked," Fahrney said.

Always a deep team, the West boys showed just how strong they are as a team when senior Luke Jager, the Eagles' top runner, faltered while battling Prosser for the lead.

Though conditions were sloppy, Prosser set a fast early pace on his way to a winning time of 16:18.

"I turned it on at the beginning," he said. "… I was gonna go out hard. I was thinking if anyone went with me, I would break them."

And that's pretty much what happened — Prosser was either in the lead or near the lead the whole race. Jager, whose running season was limited by his ski-training commitments, said he managed to stay with him for about 3 kilometers.

"He attacked and attacked and attacked, and when he did I just exploded," Jager said. "Maybe I underestimated him."

"… The first half felt like I was dictating the pace, but he made it pretty clear in the second half that he was in charge. I fell apart and I heard footsteps behind me and it was all West High (runners)."

Sonny Prosser splashes through a puddle during the boys’ 5K. (Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News)

Jager was passed by four teammates, all of whom placed in the top eight. Jager was West's fifth finisher, placing 14th.

Cason, who finished two seconds behind Prosser, said Jager's misfortune was his good fortune.

"When Luke started losing energy, that let me bridge the gap (to Prosser)," Cason said. "I passed Luke first and then I chased Sonny. I think I could have had (the win) if there was more space … a 5.1K."

The Eagles easily won the boys team title, scoring 33 points to runner-up Dimond's 64. Things were closer among the girls — Service ended its 12-year title drought by edging West by seven points, 48-55.

Cook Inlet Conference championships

Boys team scores — West 33, Dimond 64, Chugiak 86, Service 93, South 118, Eagle River 119, East 150.

Boys 5K

1. Santiago Prosser, Dimond 16:18; 2. Everett Cason, West; 16:20; 3. Declan Dammeyer, West; 16:26; 4. Nick Carl, Eagle River 16:27; 5. Max Hartke, Chugiak 16:30; 6. Ethan Davis, West; 16:34; 7. Cameron Sheldon, Dimond 16:43; 8. Daniel Bausch, West; 16:47; 9. Alexander Maurer, Service 16:48; 10. Jacob Bradley, Eagle River 16:51; 11. Zephan Ozturgut, East; 16:57; 12. Kaleb Beloy, South; 16:58; 13. Sebastian Szweda Mitte, Service 17:01; 14. Luke Jager, West; 17:01; 15. Niko Latva-Kiskol, Dimond 17:03; 16. Michael Earnhart, Chugiak 17:05; 17. Mason Keffalos, South; 17:07; 18. Dallin Gardiner, Dimond 17:10; 19. Max Beiergrohsle, Chugiak 17:12; 20. Liam Baez-Terry, Chugiak 17:16; 21. Carter Gladwill, Eagle River 17:17; 22. Dakota Rygh, Service 17:18; 23. Fred Rygh, Dimond 17:20; 24. Davin Turney, Service 17:27; 25. Jacob Belanger, Service 17:28; 26. Miles Dennis, Chugiak 17:30; 27. Luke Howe, East; 17:30; 28. Zanden Mcmullen, South; 17:32; 29. George Cvancara, Dimond 17:32; 30. Bryston Monrean, South; 17:32; 31. Seth Chamberlain, South; 17:39; 32. Hyrum Nelson, Chugiak 17:42; 33. Jacob Lestina, Chugiak 17:48; 34. Alex Schuerch, East; 17:50; 35. Jaylon Miller, East; 17:51; 36. Bryce Pintner, Dimond 17:54; 37. Sebastian Reed, West; 17:57; 38. Mitchell Guyer, Service 17:59; 39. Jason Hlasny, Service 18:07; 40. Michael Maddox, Eagle River 18:16; 41. Spencer Putnam, South; 18:20; 42. Simon Keffalos, South; 18:25; 43. Beck Haywood, East; 18:29; 44. Alex Carl, Eagle River 18:34; 45. Ahmed Salih, East; 18:45; 46. Brycen Lynch, West; 18:46; 47. Tucker Lien, Eagle River 18:56; 48. Caleb Robles, Eagle River 19:36; 49. Orion Roach, East; 19:52; ; 9/23/2017; 3:05PM
Girls team scores — Service 48, West 55, Eagle River 80, Chugiak 92, South 112, Dimond 118.

Girls 5K

1. Ava Earl, South; 18:57; 2. Emily Walsh, Eagle River 19:10; 3. Grace Fahrney, Service 19:17; 4. Adrianna Proffitt, Chugiak 19:37; 5. Tatum Witter, Service 19:43; 6. Aubrey LeClair, West; 20:04; 7. Quincy Donley, West; 20:18; 8. Leola Atkinson, Bartlett 20:18; 9. Maggie Meeds, South; 20:23; 10. Caitlin Gohr, Service 20:26; 11. Kylie Judd, Dimond 20:38; 12. Ivy Eski, West; 20:44; 13. Ryann Dorris, West; 20:48; 14. Kiara Sherman, Eagle River 20:52; 15. Claire Nelson, Eagle River 20:53; 16. Garvey Tobin, Service 21:02; 17. Clare Howard, Service 21:09; 18. Sophia Cvancara, Dimond 21:13; 19. Emma Nelson, Chugiak 21:16; 20. Lily Slatonbarker, West; 21:16; 21. Randi Von Wichman, Service 21:18; 22. Breanna Day, Chugiak 21:19; 23. KayLee Manwaring, Chugiak 21:19; 24. Mary Goodwin, Eagle River 21:22; 25. Maddy Maurer, Service 21:22; 26. Maria Cvancara, Dimond 21:26; 27. Lucca Duke, West; 21:29; 28. Lindsey Gerlach, Chugiak 21:31; 29. Ashley Walsh, Eagle River 21:40; 30. Haille Rogers, Dimond 21:43; 31. Myah Smith, Eagle River 21:44; 32. Bonnie Perkins, Eagle River 21:47; 33. Samantha Cole, Chugiak 21:58; 34. Roxanna Reynolds, South; 22:13; 35. Maya Syren, South; 22:16; 36. Kelsey Johannes, West; 22:22; 37. Sadie Oswald, South; 22:28; 38. Mary Reinbold, Dimond 22:31; 39. Quincy Smith, Dimond 22:34; 40. Brynn Kruchoski, Chugiak 22:37; 41. Lindsey Western, South; 22:55; 42. Margeaux Bailey, East; 23:22; 43. Kaley Fleming, Dimond 23:45; 44. Lucy Young, South; 24:34

Past CIC Champions

Year   Boys     Girls
2017   West     Service
2016   West     Chugiak
2015   West     Chugiak
2014   West     West
2013   West     West
2012   Service West
2011   Service West
2010   Service South
2009   Service South
2008   Service West
2007   Service West
2006   South    West
2005   South     Service
2004   Dimond East
2003   Chugiak Service
2002   Dimond East
2001   Dimond Chugiak
2000   Chugiak East
1999   Dimond East
1998   Dimond East
1997   Dimond East
1996   Dimond Dimond
1995   Service   Service
1994   Service   Chugiak
1993   Dimond  Service
1992   Dimond  Chugiak
1991   Dimond  Chugiak
1990   Bartlett  Chugiak
1989   Bartlett   Service
1988   Bartlett   Service
1987   Dimond  Bartlett
1986   Chugiak  Bartlett
1985   Dimond  West
1984   Dimond  Bartlett
1983   Dimond  Bartlett
1982   Bartlett   West
1981   Bartlett   Dimond
1980   Dimond  Dimond
1979   Dimond  Dimond
1978   Dimond  Dimond
1977   Dimond  Service
1976   Dimond  Service
1975   Dimond  Service
1974   Dimond  Service
1973   Dimond  Service
1972   Service   Dimond

Past CIC individual champions

Year                Boys                                  Girls
2017 Sonny Prosser, Dimond             Ava Earl, South
2016 Gus Schumacher, Service         Molly Gellert, West
2015 Ty Jordan, Chugiak                    Morgan Lash, South
2014 Ty Jordan, Chugiak                    Morgan Lash, South
2013 Ty Jordan, Chugiak                    Morgan Lash, South
2012 John Farr, East                            Rachel Roelle, West
2011 Max Romey, Service                  Lydia Blanchet, West
2010 Silas Talbot, Service                  Jenette Northey, Dimond
2009 Jani Lane, Service                     Amelia Hennessy, Dimond
2008 Aaron Fletcher, South              Esther Kennedy, Service
2007 Aaron Fletcher, South              Letitia Luch, West
2006 Aaron Fletcher, South              Shoshana Keegan, West
2005 David Bondi, South                   Shoshana Keegan, West
2004 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak               Kendra Kennedy, Service
2003 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak               Katelyn Stearns, East
2002 Jesse Cherry, Chugiak               Kris Smith, West
2001 Ted O'Reilly, Service                 Kris Smith, West
2000 Sean McMahon, East                Kikkan Randall, East
1999 Seth Chappel, East                    Darcy Dugan, Dimond
1998 Seth Chappel, East                    Darcy Dugan, Dimond
1997 John Angst, West                      Darcy Dugan, Dimond
1996 John Angst, West                      Darcy Dugan, Dimond
1995 Jim Settle, West Kate               Galbraith, Service
1994 Laird Prosser, Dimond           Kate Galbraith, Service
1993 Miguel Gomez, West               Cynthia Morman, Chugiak
1992 Miguel Gomez, West               Kaarin Knudson, Dimond
1991 Miguel Gomez, West               Maylen Prosser, Dimond
1990 Jake Bartholomy, Bartlett       Maylen Prosser, Dimond
1989 Jake Bartholomy, Bartlett       Jenny Schlife, Service
1988 Richard Lee, Chugiak             Shannon Hanson, Chugiak
1987 David Morris, Chugiak           Nina Kemppel, West
1986 Rob Carter, Bartlett                Cheri Jones, Bartlett
1985 Brad Carmen, Dimond           Nina Kemppel, West
1984 Doug Herron, Bartlett            Nina Kemppel, West
1983 Doug Herron, Bartlett            Julie Reisenger, West
1982 Doug Herron, Bartlett            Julie Reisenger, West
1981 Bill Locke, West                      Robin Wright, East
1980 Grant Walker, Dimond         Dede Hathhorn, Dimond
1979 Mike Graham, Bartlett          Dede Hathhorn, Dimond
1978 Gregg Cress, Dimond            Dede Hathhorn, Dimond
1977 Rick McGuire, Service           Betsy Haines, East
1976 Joe Kronk, Bartlett                 Betsy Haines, East
1975 Robin Rader, East                  Betsy Haines, East
1974 Don Clary, East                       Allison Rudd, Service
1973 Don Clary, East                      Michelle Trembley, Service
1972 Don Clary, East                      Ann Thomas, Dimond

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