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Big moves propel leaders at Alyeska Jr. Freeride Classic

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: January 30
  • Published January 30

A snowboarder rides a steep section Friday at the Alyeska Freeride Classic at Alyeska Resort. Competition continues Saturday at 11:30 a.m. (Photo by Sam Kikuchi)

Skiers Clara Lantz and Nolan Quigley pulled off big moves at Eagle Rock to seize first-day leads Friday at the IFSA Alyeska Jr. Freeride Classic at Alyeska.

About 75 athletes ages 18 and younger are competing in the two-day event, a Pacific Northwest Junior Regional ski and snowboard freeride competition. Finals begin at 11:30 a.m. Saturday on Alyeska’s South Face.

Lantz, Quigley and snowboarder Aidan McGinley took advantage of ideal conditions to soar into the top spots in the 15-18 age group. More than 500 inches of snow have provided good coverage on the mountain, allowing for a high level of competition.

Lantz, a member of the Alyeska Freeride Team, skied a smooth line through the South Face’s Nearpoint section, followed by a huge stomp off Alder Cliff on Eagle Rock.

Quigley, skiing independently, took a large cliff in the Nearpoint section before making a 360 off Alder Cliff.

McGinley, a member of the Stevens Pass Freeride Team from Washington, displayed control from top to bottom and showed flair on the features he hit.

A skier flies during Friday's competition. (Photo by Sam Kikuchi)
A skier negotiates the terrain Friday at the Alyeska Freeride Classic. (Photo by Sam Kikuchi)

Girls 15-18 skiing

1) Clara Lantz, Alyeska Freeride Team, 26.0000; 2) Lillian Nimmer, Northwest Freeride, 24.0000; 3) Lucy Lukes, Alyeska Freeride Team, 23.5333; 4) Bethany Greenlund, Alyeska Freeride Team, 21.1667; 5) Brenna Gessner, Alyeska Freeride Team, 20.2000.

Boys 15-18 skiing

1) Nolan Quigley, Independent, 28.2000; 2) Reed Naspinsky, Alyeska Freeride Team, 27.0667; 3) Benjamin Erickson, Alyeska Freeride Team, 26.7333; 4) Paul Melchert, Alyeska Freeride Team, 25.6000; 5) Nelson Goosman, Independent, 25.4333.

Boys 15-18 snowboarding

1) Aidan McGinley, Stevens’ Pass Freeride Team, 20.2667; 2) Meshach Gleasson, Independent, 18.1000; 3) Finley Cooper, Alpental Freeride, 9.0667.

Boys 12-14 snowboarding

1) Devin Himes, Independent, 19.8667.

Boys 12-14 skiing

1) Noah Robinson, Alyeska Freeride Team, 26.7000; 2) Mason Newell, Alyeska Freeride Team, 25.5333; 3) Cole Erickson, Alyeska Freeride Team, 24.8000; 4) Reid Predeger, Alyeska Freeride Team, 24.1000; 5) Ryan Hansen, Alyeska Freeride Team, 24.0333.

Girls 12-14 skiing

1) Ava Austerman, Alyeska Freeride Team, 22.2333; 2) Penelope Gaton-Barendregt, Alyeska Freeride Team, 21.6333; 3) Savonna Rygh, Alyeska Freeride Team, no score reported; 4) Paxson Hegna, Alyeska Freeride Team, 21.2667; 5) Kyla Gurry, Alyeska Freeride Team, 20.2333.

Boys U12 skiing

1) Dean Haines, Alyeska Freeride Team, 21.7667; 2) Nathan Reitmeier, Alyeska Freeride Team, 21.7667; 3) Chace Hardy, Alyeska Freeride Team, 20.4667; 4) Eliot Isaacs, Alyeska Freeride Team, 20.1000; 5) Jude Jeffers, Alyeska Freeride Team, 16.667.

Correction: Clara Lantz’s name was misspelled in an earlier version of this story.