U16 skiers Donley, Kragt set a fast pace in Alyeska Cup super-G races

The younger skiers showed their elders how it’s done Tuesday at the state alpine championships at Alyeska Resort.

Finnigan Donley and Abigail Kragt, racing in the U16 age group, each won two super-G races with times that were superior to those posted by the U19 winners.

Competition began near the bottom of the Silvertip run and transitioned to the Waterfall run, one of the nation’s premier venues for super-G. Conditions were ideal, and top racers approached speeds of 60 mph on the steepest sections of the course.

Two super-Gs were held, with the first one determining state champions. Claiming the titles were Donley and Kragt in the younger age group and James Reinbold and Hannah Kragt in the older age group.

In the day’s second race, the same skiers prevailed except for Hannah Kragt, who placed second to Brenna Flannery in the U19 competition.

Donley was by far the fastest skier on the hill. He showed no fear on the steep sections while posting the fastest time in each race — he was two seconds faster than Reinbold in the first race and nearly five seconds faster in the second race.

Abigail Kragt was three seconds faster than her older sister in the first race and more than two seconds faster than Flannery in the second race.


All of the winners train with the Alyeska Ski Club.

The Alyeska Cup, sponsored by Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic, continues Thursday with super-G racing for U14 and U12 skiers. The older skiers are back on the slopes Sunday for a slalom race.

Tuesday’s results

U19 girls state championship super-G — 1) Hannah Kragt, ASC, 1:18.90 2) Isabel Lukes, ASC, 1:22.71 3) Brenna Flannery, ASC, 1:23.59 4) Abrianna Guse, ASC, 1:44.36.

U19 girls super-G (2nd race) — 1) Brenna Flannery, ASC, 1:20.33 2) Hannah Kragt, ASC, 1:21.61 3) Isabel Lukes, ASC, 1:23.82 4) Abrianna Guse, ASC, 1:38.45.

U19 boys super-G state championship — 1) James Reinbold, ASC, 1:12.67 2) William Reinbold, ASC, 1:14.94 3) Johnico Bashford-Blumer, ASC, 1:18.75.

U19 boys super-G (2nd race) — 1) James Reinbold, ASC, 1:13.40 2) William Reinbold, ASC, 1:15.62 3) Johnico Bashford-Blumer, ASC, 1:21.18.

U16 girls state championship super-G — 1) Abigail Kragt, ASC, 1:15.80 2) Taryn Miller, ASC, 1:17.64 3) Ava Schweiger, ASC, 1:19.04 4) Lili Boshell, ASC, 1:19.18 5) Emma Rogers, ASC, 1:20.17.

U16 girls super-G (2nd race) — 1) Abigail Kragt, ASC, 1:17.65 2) Ava Schweiger, ASC, 1:19.72 3) Taryn Miller, ASC, 1:19.83 4) Lili Boshell, ASC, 1:20.44 5) Avery Collins, ASC, 1:20.52.

U16 boys state championship super-G — 1) Finnigan Donley, ASC, 1:09.19 2) Maxwell Carl, AVST, 1:14.05 3) George Von Wichman, ASC 1:15.10 4) Ben Neuberger, ASC, 1:15.28 5) Ryder Deschamps, ASC, 1:15.87.

U16 boys super-G (2nd race) — 1) Finnigan Donley, ASC, 1:08.48 2) Maxwell Carl, AVST, 1:13.43 3) Ben Neuberger, ASC, 1:14.20 4) Carson Hand, ASC, 1:15.66 5) Porter Langlie, ASC, 1:16.09.