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At the Alaska alpine ski championships, a U12 girl beats all the older kids, including the boys

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: March 30
  • Published March 30

U12 girls slalom champion Alexandra Vonwalter-Gentner had the fastest overall times in both runs Saturday at the Alaska State Championships at Alyeska Ski Resort. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)

Fast, clean turns helped Alexandra Vonwalter-Gentner dominate the slalom race at the Alaska State Championships last weekend at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, where she didn’t just win her age group — she out-skied everyone, including the boys.

Skiing in the U12 age group, Vonwalter-Gentner posted times in both runs that were significantly faster than anyone else in her age group and the U14 age group.

Her two-run total time put her nearly four seconds ahead of the other top girls — U14 winner Victoria Tostemar and nearly the five seconds ahead of U12 runner-up Jessica Gieser. And it put her more than three seconds ahead of the U14 boys champion, Jaxon Murphy, and nearly nine seconds ahead of the U12 boys champion, Levi Jeffers.

In giant slalom racing for the girls, U14 champion Ava Murphy was the overall winner and U12 champion Katie Rowekamp was third overall.

For the boys, Jaxon Murphy — Ava’s cousin — swept the U14 slalom and giant slalom titles. In U12 competition, Jeffers beat Pierre-Samuel Stiassny for the slalom title and the two swapped positions in the giant slalom.

Stiassney skis for the Arctic Valley Ski Team. All of the other state champions are members of the Alyeska Ski Club.

Girls slalom

U14 — 1) Victoria Tostemar, ASC, 1:04.68 2) Madaline Sundberg, HART, 1:08.32 3) Paige Heinz, ASC, 1:10.03 4) Vida Petter, ASC, 1:10.44 5) Kathleen Kompkoff, ASC, 1:11.84

U12 — 1) Alexandra Vonwalter-Gentner, ASC, 1:00.97 2) Jessica Gieser, ASC, 1:05.58 3) Lucy Olson, ASC, 1:08.34 4) Elizabeth Hutcheson, ASC, 1:09.32 5) Katie Rowekamp, ASC, 1:15.59

Boys slalom

U14 — 1) Jaxon Murphy, ASC, 1:04.16; 2) Carson Engstrom, ASC, 1:05.07; 3) Tad Guse, ASC, 1:05.38; 4) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 1:06.96; 5) Isaac Burns, HART, 1:10.05.

U12 — 1) Levi Jeffers, ASC, 1:09.66; 2) Pierre-Samuel Stiassny, AVST, 1:11.13; 3) Gustav Westerlund, AVST, 1:11.42; 4) Henry Nordstrom, ASC, 1:13.56; 5) Barret Pelkola, ASC, 1:14.67.

Girls giant slalom

U14 — 1) Ava Murphy, ASC, 1:13.71 2) Reese Woodward, ASC, 1:14.52 3) Paige Heinz, ASC, 1:15.50 4) Victoria Tostemar, ASC, 1:16.15 5) Ali Boshell, ASC, 1:17.25.

U12 — 1) Katie Rowekamp, ASC, 1:15.05; 2) Alexandra Vonwalter-Gentner, ASC, 1:15.99; 3) Ava Huey, 1:19.74; 4) Jessica Geiser, ASC, 1:20.37; 5) Lucy Olson, ASC, 1:22.08.

Boys Giant Slalom

U14 — 1) Jaxon Murphy, ASC, 1:13.00; 2) Tad Guse, ASC, 1:17.88; 3) Carson Engstrom, ASC, 1:18.01; 4) Corbin Wilson, ASC, 1:18.25; 5) Austin Murphy, ASC, 1:18.83.

U12 — 1) Pierre-Samuel Stiassny, AVST, 1:20.48; 2) Levi Jeffers, ASC, 1:21.15; 3) Liam Jordan, ASC, 1:21.24; 4) Henry Nordstrom, ASC, 1:22.98; 5) Harlow Wilson, ASC, 1:23.01.

Jaxon Murphy enters a hairpin combination in the boys slalom Saturday at Alyeska. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)