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UAA skiers take two of three FIS slalom races at Alyeska

  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: February 1
  • Published February 1

UAA’s Olav Sanderberg makes a tight turn on the steep Tanaka pitch on his way to a men's slalom victory Saturday at the Western Regions FIS Tech Series at Alyeska. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)

Two skiers who became Seawolves after budget cuts killed the sport at their previous school racked up victories Saturday at the Western Region FIS Tech Series at Alyeska.

Rebecca Fiegl won the women’s slalom race and Olav Sanderburg claimed first place in one men’s race and second place in the other to lead the UAA ski team on the first day of the four-day race series.

Both skiers came to UAA from the University of New Mexico, which eliminated skiing in the summer of 2018. Fiegl is a junior from Norway who was a two-time NCAA All-American for the Lobos, and Sanderburg is a sophomore from Norway.

Fiegl led a 1-2-3 UAA sweep in the women’s slalom. Joining her on the podium were second-place Nicole Mah, a freshman from Canada, and third-place Li Djurestaal, a junior from Sweden.

Sanderburg and sophomore countrymate Didrik Nilsen finished 1-2 for the Seawolves in the first men’s slalom. Matthew Ryan of Waterville, New Hampshire, won the second race, with Sanderson and Nilsen going 2-3.

The race series continues Sunday with more slalom races.

Men’s slalom No. 1 (top 5) -- 1. Olav Sanderburg, Norway, UAA, 1:24.84; 2. Didrik Langmoen Nilsen, Norway, UAA 1:25.65; 3. Max Larimer, Bridger Ski Foundation (MT), 1:26.36; 4. Matthew Ryan, Waterville Valley (NH), 1:26.80; 5. Moro Bamber, Green Mountain Valley (VT) 1:26.81.

Men’s slalom No. 2 (top 5) -- 1. Matthew Ryan, Waterville Valley (NH) 1:27.60; 2. Olav Sanderberg, UAA, 1:28.42; 3. Didrik Langmoen Nilsen, UAA, 1:28.84; 4. Luke Kearing, Waterville Valley (NH), 1:29.50; 5. Nevin Vilandrie, Green Mountain Valley (VT), 1:31.04.

Women’s slalom (top 5) -- 1. Rebecca Fiegl, UAA, 1:29.87; 2. Nicole Mah, UAA, 1:32.89; 3. Li Djurestaal, UAA, 1:36.12; 4. Chloe Margue, UAA, 1:36.36; 5. Evin Haworth, Bridger Ski Foundation (MT), 1:37.29.

Race winner Rebecca Fiegl of UAA negotiates a gate on highly edged skis while looking ahead to the ones. (Photo by Bob Eastaugh)