The science of smoking and COVID-19

SPONSORED: The novel coronavirus is particularly risky for patients who smoke cigarettes. Here’s why - and how Alaskans can get help making a plan to quit smoking today.

Pandemic or no, preventive care is a must

SPONSORED: Staying healthy is more important than ever - and now is not the time to skip a needed trip to the doctor.

Traditional knowledge and telehealth in the time of COVID-19

SPONSORED: Telemedicine, long an important part of Alaska’s Tribal health system, has grown and advanced in new ways as Alaskans have hunkered down during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘You’re not alone’: Helping employees cope with crises

SPONSORED: We’re taught to “look for the helpers” when emergencies happen. Learn more about the team that helps the helpers themselves recover after they encounter critical incidents in the line of duty.

‘Sobriety’s not boring’

SPONSORED: A cultural leader. A working mom. A young professional. Meet three Alaskans who live sober and find out why they celebrate their choice to live without alcohol.

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