Just in time for Thanksgivakkuh, here are some tasty air fares for your consideration:

• Anchorage-Los Angeles $378 roundtrip most of the winter. Here's the catch: You have to fly via Phoenix on USAir. Be careful and pick your flights wisely, or you could end up with a nine-hour layover. Alaska and Delta cost a bit more: $428 roundtrip.

• Anchorage-Charlotte $316 roundtrip on United Airlines. The first date I found was Dec. 31, but there are plenty of dates available in January and February — even into mid April (April 16-21).

• Anchorage-Philadelphia $358 roundtrip in early December; there were Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 departures when I checked. But after Jan. 5, the price drops to just $318 roundtrip. Even in late April (April 22-29), United is offering flights for as little as $322 roundtrip.

• Anchorage-Phoenix $318 roundtrip on United, starting Jan. 6. Fares are available for less than $400 roundtrip into mid-May.

• Anchorage-New York/JFK $358 roundtrip mid-May to mid-June on Delta.

• Anchorage-Las Vegas $396 roundtrip nonstop on Alaska Airlines, starting Jan. 10.

• Fairbanks-Denver $348 roundtrip nonstop on Frontier Airlines May 17-21, 2014 only. This is great for a long weekend—but just on these dates.

• Anchorage-Seattle $242 roundtrip starting May 15 on JetBlue and Alaska Airlines.

• Anchorage-Long Beach $296 roundtrip starting May 16 on JetBlue.

As always, fares change all the time.

Scott McMurren is an Anchorage-based travel marketing consultant who has lived in Alaska for three decades, spending much of that time traveling the far-flung corners of the state. Visit his website at www.alaskatravelgram.com or follow him on Twitter for breaking travel news.