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  • Author: Anchorage Daily News
  • Updated: April 27, 2018
  • Published June 28, 2016

Yes, we know this is boring and pretty much common sense, but do please read these terms in their entirety. We at Anchorage Daily News reserve the right to make changes to these terms as necessary. By using, registering with and/or commenting on stories at, you are agreeing to abide by these terms, and to any terms that may be added or updated in the future. If at any time you decide you do not wish to abide by these Terms of Use, you may terminate your user account by contacting us at

Registered Users / Comments

Registration is not required to read content posted on Anchorage Daily News, but you should register. That way we can send you daily updates via email. Plus, if you wish to submit content, you need to become a registered member. Registration is free; all you need is a name and an email address. You will need to select a user name and select which daily update you would like to receive. One final note on registration: After you complete the registration form, you'll receive an email from Anchorage Daily News asking you to confirm your account. You must complete this process to activate your account.

As a registered user of Anchorage Daily News, you agree that you are responsible for any and all content posted using your account. You agree to maintain the security of your user name and password. Anchorage Daily News reserves the right to terminate your user account if you act in violation of the terms of this agreement.

Engaging in commenting is an important part of the Anchorage Daily News community. You need to register and sign in to our comment solution in order to comment on a story. You don't need to sign in to read comments.

Please keep your comments on-topic and appropriate. Anchorage Daily News reserves the right to remove comments that are:

– Intentionally offensive (read: racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or otherwise intended to cause offense to a particular group or groups of people);
– Off-topic;
– Spam or spamlike (including comments posted primarily or exclusively to promote a business, product or service);

– Unintelligible due to abuse of written English;
– Potentially libelous or that violate a third party's right to reasonable privacy;
– Otherwise detrimental to other readers' enjoyment of the site.

Commenters are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior by flagging comments. Anchorage Daily News does not endorse or verify the validity of, nor does it accept responsibility for, information or commentary posted by site users.


So what happens when you give us your names, emails and any other information we ask from you? All this stuff collected during the registration process is used only to maintain your user account and contact you regarding your account. If we ask you to take an optional survey, your information will remain anonymous and be used only to better understand and serve our readership and advertisers. The cumulative results of such surveys may be shared with Anchorage Daily News advertisers and staff, but not your personal information (name, email, etc.) associated with the survey you completed. Anchorage Daily News promises not to sell, rent or otherwise compromise this personal information for unscrupulous purposes.

If you enter a contest hosted by Anchorage Daily News or on one of our social media accounts, please know that any information you provide may be shared with the contest's sponsors. By entering a contest on or one of our social media channels, you are agreeing to allow us to share only the information you provide as part of your contest entry. Click here to see current contests and promotions.


Materials posted on are copyrighted by Anchorage Daily News, or by individuals and/or organizations who have granted permission for these materials to appear on

We encourage you to submit content to Anchorage Daily News. In doing so you, you agree the content you send us does not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any person or entity, or contains any confidential or proprietary information of any person or entity, or violates any other the legal rights of any person or entity. You allow us to attribute your name to this content. You also agree that by submitting content to Anchorage Daily News, you're granting us non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable rights to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, edit, reformat, create derivative works from, distribute and display that content worldwide.

Content from Anchorage Daily News may not be reproduced, republished or otherwise redistributed without the permission of the owner. For more information, email


Anchorage Daily News LLC is an Alaska corporation. Any legal dispute related to Anchorage Daily News LLC or will be subject to the laws of the state of Alaska and shall, if necessary, be settled by weasel fight. If appropriate weasels cannot be procured in a timely fashion, however, disputes shall be filed in the Superior Court for the State of Alaska, Third Judicial District at Anchorage.

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