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Coastal Integrated Services Provides Year End Shareholder Update

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  • Updated: May 12, 2016
  • Published December 30, 2011

MOORESVILLE, N.C., Dec. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Butch Conz, Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. (PINKSHEETS CURRENT: COLV) Announces Year End Shareholder Update.

2011 has built on the preparation and research and development that COLV has achieved during previous years, and we are pleased to be able to expect to achieve significant revenue and profit benchmarks, beginning in early 2012.

A critical portion of COLV's business model has included introducing our fuel saving HI-TEK25, 15W40 Diesel Motor Oil to the Trucking Industry, as this industry, alone – or, even a small portion of this industry, alone – could generate "game changing" revenues for COLV. Our model is built on the proven belief that three (3) main features of HI-TEK25 will motivate the larger trucking companies to purchase our products in mass.

First, even though trucking is a critical component to our country's economy, the industry's margins are generally very slim. The small margins in the business make cost-cutting methods extremely important. And, our HI-TEK25 product achieves such cost cutting for clients – potentially without any capital outlay.

Second, as we all know, there is currently a considerable "green initiative" driving our market forces. One of HI-TEK25's key benefits is to cut the amount of fuel a vehicle uses. Cutting fuel usage translates to cutting fuel emissions. Cutting fuel emissions translates to lowering a given company's carbon footprint.

Third and possibly most importantly, the way COLV has created potential costs for new clients is such that any client can elect to pay NOTHING – ZERO DOLLARS – for initial costs (except for shipping). In other words, clients have the ability to either pay for HI-TEK25, up-front, or they can pay nothing up-front and take on a "savings-sharing" arrangement with us, splitting the savings that our product generates the company, on a 50-50 basis.

If this marketing tool does not echo the confidence that COLV has in its products and capabilities, we're not sure what will.

Additionally, we'd like to offer a summary of developments achieved over the past year:

We have set in place a plan that includes expansion to go nation wide here in the United States, beginning with a concentration in the Midwest. A company of sales representatives have been contracted to cover the Midwest. We are also in negotiations with a group to cover the Western states and an additional group to cover the Southeastern states as well at this time.

As a matter of good corporate governance, Coastal has established an advisory board to help insure that corporate and operating activities are conducted with acumen and competence. This board includes engineers, sales and marketing professionals, two retired U.S. Military Generals, and a former Union President .

Coastal Integrated Services, Inc. has executed an extension to continue our sales and marketing agreement with Revolution Oil, Inc., as well as an extension of purchase terms with Revolution Products, Inc.

A private label agreement with a new company in Canada is being negotiated which will allow all products to be sold throughout Canada under its label. When complete, this will accelerate the expansion of our product line throughout Canada.

OEM approval is being sought from various diesel manufacturers. These approvals represent the highest standards internationally and exceed the American Petroleum Institute recommendations. With such approvals, truckers will be assured that their engine warranties will not be jeopardized through the use of our products.

Additional products are being developed, some of which will be unveiled in 2012. These products will revolutionize the entire lubricant industry world wide. Updates will be given as progress is made.

Last, but not least, a plan to begin an international expansion will begin in the latter part of 2012.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and look forward to an incredible year for Coastal Integrated Services in 2012!


Butch Conz


Coastal Integrated Services, Inc.

Investor Relations

Eddie Cruz

Acer Communications, Inc.


SOURCE Coastal Integrated Services, Inc.

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