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Governor candidate Q/A: William ''Billy'' S. Toien (L)

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  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published October 15, 2010

Candidate's name: William "Billy" S. Toien

Party: Libertarian

Date of birth: Aug. 18, 1954

Occupation: Concierge

Current employer (with starting date): Sheraton Anchorage Hotel & Spa, Sept. 17, 1982

Employment history (please include starting and ending months and years):


Previous public offices held (include dates):


Previous unsuccessful runs for office (include dates):

(Candidate says this is "not important")

Post-secondary education (please includes dates and degrees):

(Candidate says this is "not important")

Military service (starting and ending dates, last rank, specialty):


Spouse's name: (Candidate says this is "not important")

Children: (Candidate says this is "none of your business")

In what states have you lived for at least six months? In what countries?



1. Why are you running for office? (Up to 100 words)

Actually I am not running for office. This is not about me; but an idea.

The idea of a limited government that's small enough to fit inside the Constitution. The idea of Re-self empowerment. The idea of taking from government the power to suppress our creative potentials. This idea will once again become a reality when The Constitution for the United States is proclaimed the law of the land. Nothing can stop the power of an idea whose time has come.

The time has come, and I feel privileged to be it's courier.

2. If elected, what are the three most important things you want to accomplish?

The repeal & rejection of all unconstitutional violations of our 2nd Amendment at all levels. There will be no additional funding needed for this; just a commitment to our Founding Fathers to obey our Constitution.

A forensic audit of the 100+ "assets" & incomes historically destined for the State Budget that have been diverted into "Off Budget" cash pools. As Governor I would have the discretionary funds to do this.

End the Drug War. Prohibition 2 has failed. There will be no more funding required to do this than there was to repeal Prohibition 1 in 1933.

3. If you could have one -- and only one -- big success your first/next year in office, what would it be?

It would be the successful enforcement of the 10th Amendment by the State.

4. What will you do as governor to ensure a natural gas pipeline that gets gas to Alaskans?

As in all vital matters, it is important to delegate the right person to the right job.

I would appoint Bill Walker as my Gas Czar. His knowledge and expertise in getting this done far exceeds my own. Also, as a stop-gap measure to a not yet functioning gas line, as well as a flexible adjunct to a completed gas line to supply remote areas, I would encourage the Dirigible Delivery System described in Airships: Potential Alaskan Transportation Alternative, House Research Agency Report 80-12, on page 129.

5. Describe three ways in which your administration would try to grow and diversify Alaska's economy. (Up to 100 words)

The people of Alaska are perfectly capable of growing and diversifying our economy when not obstructed by government. Government is the great crippler that breaks your legs, then comes along with a crutch, and says, "see, you couldn't make it without us". We need to get government out of the way by repealing excessive corporate income taxes, eliminating excessive licensing fees along with the associated draconian restrictions that accompany the licensing process, and the stiffening red tape that discourages entrepreneurism.

6. Alaska's prison population has almost doubled in 20 years and may keep growing exponentially because of a get-tough-on-crime mentality in the Legislature. What do you offer Alaskans to change that trajectory on crime and punishment -- or do you think this is the right course?

There are entirely to many "laws" on the books that put people who have harmed no one into cement cages. This is pure evil. If there is not a victim, there is not a crime. Immediately repeal all such Nazism. Also, the huge profit margins created by the Drug War have spurred the growth of gangs and higher level organized crime. End the Drug War.

7. What would be your first/next five steps, in order, to create and implement a solid, long-range fiscal plan for Alaska?

1. As governor, I would order an immediate, full audit of every Trust & Fund administered by the Executive Branch, including a list of every stock, bond, and other investments each Fund & Agency owns.

2. All year-end account surplus balances are presently listed as "Assets." This is wrong. Re-categorize those profits as what they really are, excess revenue.

3. Make all such excess revenue from these accounts pour into the General Fund each year. Now all that money is available for next year's budget.

4. Change the law, so no account can ever convert yearly profits into off budget assets in the future.

5. Consider a distribution of these excess profits to the people of Alaska every year, beyond the Permanent Fund.

8. What are Alaska's three biggest education challenges? What is your plan to address each of them?

a) Get government out of the education business. We had people launching Moon Missions that went to the community supported Little Red Schoolhouse. This is what we need to return to. We don't need multi-million dollar concrete prisons to educate our children. With the internet, remote area schooling and home schooling has become easier.

b) Transition from the fear & punishment based education that takes place in concrete government run prisons called schools, to what I have described above.

c) Last, but not least is the drugging of our children in public schools.

9. Do you support state vouchers for private schools?

As a transitional step toward private schooling, more home schooling, and community schooling, yes.

10. Taxation on oil and gas production in Alaska is:

• Generally higher than it should be

• About right

• Generally lower than it should be

• Other



Each field needs to be assessed separately. But it is very important that the board that determines these rates be confirmed by the legislature (i.e. not cronies directly appointed by the Governor without legislative approval).

11. Taxation on other industries in Alaska is:

• Generally higher than it should be

• About right

• Generally lower than it should be

• Other



Such taxation could & needs to be eliminated. See answer to question # 7.

12. Taxation on individual citizens in Alaska is:

• Generally higher than it should be

• About right

• Generally lower than it should be

• Other



See answers to questions # 11 and # 7.

13. What are the five most important steps for the governor to take to reduce domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska?

Education (how to leave safely), economic freedom, and self-defense empowerment are the key.

The only three things that I can see the governor's role in are allowing the economic environment to improve, see answers to questions #5, #11, #12, & #18, ending the drug war, and not allowing the confiscation of a potential victims firearm because a perpetrator called in a "concern." Predators prefer disarmed prey. And of course rapists love Sarah Brady.

14. What are your plans for improving the quality of education offered through the University of Alaska system?

None at this time.

15. Are you confident that the current level of state environmental regulation and oversight of offshore oil and gas drilling and shipping is adequate to prevent a major spill in Alaska? If not, where are we deficient and what will you propose to achieve adequate protection?

I would say yes. However I would need to examine it closer and hear arguments from both sides before giving a definite answer.

16. Is the number of Alaska State Troopers and Village Public Safety Officers:

• More than necessary

• About right

• Less than necessary

If you answered more or less, what specific steps would you take to achieve the right level?

More than necessary.

See answer to question # 6.

17. Highway safety, especially on the Seward Highway, is a public concern in Southcentral Alaska. What will you do as governor to improve safety on the Seward Highway?

From what I have seen, great improvements have been made. However there is always room for more. I am open to suggestions.

18. Rural Alaska communities continue to experience very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. What would you specifically do to address these issues?

Economic empowerment and self sufficiency is the key. Each community has different challenges. We need to find out what is obstructing commerce and industry in each community that is having difficulty then go on to the next step. Everyone has a gift to give. When people have productive work, there is a lot less of the above-mentioned problems.

19. What is your position on the proposed Pebble mine in southwest Alaska?

I personally don't want it for a number of reasons. But that is neither here nor there; because it is due process that needs to take place.

20. Are you satisfied with the way fish and wildlife is being managed by the state? Explain.


I prefer local control and privatization of our lands and resources.

21. Is the current level of predator control authorized by the Department of Fish and Game:

• Less than it should be

• About right

• More than it should be


Hard to say overall because it is different in different areas of the State.

22. What additional steps can the state take to promote construction of a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope?

See Bill Walker. He's The Man.

23. Should Alaska provide state-financed preschool for all young children? If so, should children be required to attend preschool, whether state-funded or private?


24. What is your view on teaching creationism in public schools? Do you believe it should be part of the required state curriculum? How does it fit in with teaching evolution?

We need to get government out of education. See answer to question # 8.

25. What is your position on inclusion of sex education in Alaska schools? Would you want to limit the teaching to abstinence-only approach or do you support a broader curriculum? Should sex education be encouraged? Required? Banned?

Another reason to get government out of education and back into the control of the parents. See answer to question # 8.

26. State your position on abortion. When should it be allowed, and when should government pay for it? Do you anticipate pushing any legislation, policies or budget proposals that would change the status quo in Alaska?

No right thinking person likes abortion. However it is not something that can be legislated. Also, no one should be forced to be a party to an abortion that they don't believe in by the use of tax extracted public funds.

27. Do you support the decriminalization of marijuana?

Yes, just so long as it doesn't become mandatory.

28. Describe the role you believe tribal governments should have in Alaska, and what the state's position in recognizing them/working with them should be.

I support local governance, and the less the State interferes, the better.

29. What is your position on capital punishment?

I do not trust politicians and bureaucrats with the power of life & death.

30. The biggest challenge facing Alaska's economic future is _______. How specifically would you address this?

See answers to questions #3, #5, #11, & #12.