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Sarah Palin should lead US out of chaos in Libya, Egypt

  • Author: Craig Medred
  • Updated: September 27, 2016
  • Published September 12, 2012

Early Wednesday morning, news exploded that on Tuesday night, thousands of protestors assailed the American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and that four Americans had been killed by protestors at a U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. Before the bodies were cold, former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was already out there on Facebook attacking the Obama administration for what it hasn't done. Too bad former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hides out from the media and refuses to answer questions -- other than the softballs pitched by her co-workers at Fox News -- when caught telling stories because America could most certainly use her advice today on what to do about the latest mess in the Middle East.

Palin generated quite the buzz by suggesting it's time for President Barack Obama "to grow" a "big stick." Many in the media appear to have taken that as a reference to penis size, although those familiar with foreign policy know that what matters in this case is the size of a leader's balls, so to speak.

Which buggers the question: If Obama had bigger balls, what would he do?

What, for that matter, would Palin do? She has become expert at attacking others for the wrong approach to anything and everything, but she never offers even a hint of the right approach. Here's her chance to change that. Other than condemning the attacks in Cairo and Benghazi, which Obama did, what are the options? Surely Palin, who states our "nation's security should be of utmost importance," must have some ideas.

Blow-up Benghazi?

Threaten to nuke Cairo?

Seize Libya?

Is one of those viable, or is there some other "common sense" solution? If there is, shouldn't America hear it from the lips of the country's self-proclaimed common-sense conservative, or read it in one of her communiques if she doesn't want to talk? Maybe the Obama administration won't listen. Bad judgment seems to have a habit of following people into the White House. But it doesn't matter.

Certainly the rest of America would like to know. Palin was once known as a creative thinker. As governor, she came up with (or at least claimed credit for) ACES -- Alaska Clear and Equitable Share -- to tax Big Oil to its knees in the 49th state, and AGIA -- the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act -- to get construction rolling on a gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope to America. OK, so the latter failed. It doesn't matter.

Palin gained her fame as a mavericky, outside-the-box thinker. That's why Sen. John McCain said he picked her to run in 2008 as his vice president. Given all of that, doesn't Palin have some responsibility to help the country out with some mavericky, outside-the-box thinking now?

Because it's pretty clear the situation in the Middle East at the moment is very complicated, and the nation's leaders don't seem sure of what to do.

Tell them, Sarah. Tell them. Tell them what to do.

It's your bright, shining moment. Creative leadership is needed here. Lead.

And don't worry, the media can handle the harpy stuff for you while you're doing that.

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