Did you hear the one about the bear and the mudroom?

People in Southern California don't need mudrooms -- entryways into homes that allow people to remove wet, mucky boots without tracking detritus into the main part of the house. But in Alaska's capital city of Juneau, they're common. Remember, much of Southeast Alaska is actually a temperate rainforest.

One Juneau family was recently lucky to have such a room, when a bear broke into their home on Friday, July 27, but found itself confined to the small entryway. Juneau Police Lt. David Campbell said that inside were two adults, an infant and a dog. The incident occurred on Third Street in downtown Juneau.

The call came in at about 10 a.m., Campbell said, and Juneau police responded and contacted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. About 20 minutes later, the bear broke through a plywood barrier off the mudroom, and made its way up a set of stairs and headed back out to the woods.

The bear's egress was caught on tape and posted to YouTube as officers attempted to herd the bear away from the building.

Bears have become the vandals of Alaska this summer, with numerous instances of bruins breaking and entering into homes around the state. Among them: a homeowner on the Anchorage hillside was surprised by a small bear walking into his house and making its way upstairs.

Maybe every Alaskan home should include a mudroom for bear containment.