Alaskans had better start locking their garage doors. A video uploaded to YouTube over the weekend reveals the escapades of a bear cub in California that somehow found its way into a garage, and then all the way up into the tracks of the garage door.

But where there's a bear cub this time of year, there's usually a mama bear close by -- and this is no exception. A larger bear forces open the garage door -- scaring the cub in the process -- to allow for an escape.

But that's not before the bear has to do a little bit of acrobatic maneuvering, and even utilizes a ladder to find its way back down. Check out the full video here.

The video wasn't filmed in the Last Frontier -- CBS Sacramento reports that the incident occurred in South Lake Tahoe by resident Judy Coover. Coover said that there were actually two cubs, and it wasn't the first time a bear had turned up in her garage. Though they don't explain quite how the bear got inside in the first place.

Of course, Alaska's no stranger to indoor bear encounters; just this weekend, a black bear found its way into a house on Anchorage's hillside, before being shooed out by police responding to the bruin's breaking and entering.

And last year, another baby bear was caught on tape frolicking in the produce section of a grocery store in the Southeast Alaska community of Ketchikan.