On May 7, the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Matanuska collided with the dock of a local seafood processor in Petersburg, Alaska. The ferry sustained only minor damage, but did substantial damage to the dock.

Now, a video of the event has surfaced, uploaded to YouTube by user akinsight taken from aboard the ferry as it comes into Petersburg. Though the video doesn't capture the moment of the crash from the front of the vessel, the camerawoman rushes to the front as the crunch of the dock is heard. She arrives in time to see the tip of the bow pushing into the second story of a building along the dock.

The ferry was able to immediately pull away, revealing the damage left behind on the dock. The 408-foot ferry also damaged a crane, according to the Petersburg Pilot.

The Alaska Marine Highway system covers 31 ports in Alaska's southern waters, including ports in Southeast, Prince William Sound, and all the way out to the Aleutians. Their are 11 ferries in the system. Aside from occasional rough weather -- which will sometimes cause delays or cancels trips -- the ferry system is normally fairly incident-free. Which makes the Petersburg incident all the more unusual.

Perhaps the videographer summed it up best: "Oh my gosh!" she says, repeatedly.

See the video, at YouTube.