Don't try this at home: A New Mexico couple recently came to the aid of three bear cubs stranded in a dumpster, despite a worked-up mama bear fretting nearby.

The couple, identified by ABC News as Shirley and Tom Schank, were captured on video as they back their pickup truck to the dumpster. Shirley is perched in the back, with a ladder hanging over the tailgate. The mother bear, perhaps spooked by the large vehicle and the noise, doesn't confront them but instead retreats back into the woods.

Shirley tips the ladder into the dumpster, and seconds later, the three cubs emerge from their confinement in the tall trash receptacle as the couple drives off.

Shirley told ABC that the bears are notorious around their neighborhood, and this isn't the first time such an incident has occurred, since the bears have figured out how to unlatch the dumpster -- a problem many Alaska residents are surely familiar with.

Was she scared?

"I was not scared," Shirley told ABC. "I had my husband driving and I knew we'd drop it and go … I would have never done that on foot."

The video started going viral on Wednesday night after making the front page of the popular linksharing site Reddit.

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