It's your worst nightmare: flying along thousands of feet above the ground when the plane loses altitude. Suddenly, you're bracing for a crash landing. Plane crashes have been a constant danger for travelers and aviators since the beginning of aviation. The first deadly plane crash, in fact, killed a passenger flying with Orville Wright in September of 1908.

Modern technology has allowed travelers aboard commercial and general aviation aircraft to document the horror of a plane crash from start to finish. This video, posted by YouTube user outdoors2stay, details a June 30 flight into the Frank Church--River of No Return Wilderness in rural Idaho.

This trip was much anticipated and due to our excitement we had our Gopro cameras filming at various times. After flying up into the mountains for a morning hike in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness we were planning on flying to a small mountain town for dinner. Due to warming temperatures there was an increase in density altitude and we had a hard time getting adequate lift. After taking off we hit an air pocket that made us rapidly lose altitude, pushing us down into the trees.

You can fast-forward to the actual crash at about 2:44. After the crash, expect about a minute of black. Prepare yourself for a gruesome sight: one of the passengers films the pilot in the wreckage, covered in blood, his eyes blackened. It was so graphic, in fact, that YouTube initially pulled the video for violating terms of use, according to the Associated Press.

The four men were aboard a Piper General Aviation Stinson 108-3 Aircraft. Video was recorded with two GoPro cameras they'd brought along for the hike. All were expected to make a full recovery and actually returned to work just two days later, the AP reported.