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Lynx put on a show twice in one week on the Anchorage Hillside

  • Author: Alaska Dispatch News
  • Updated: December 2, 2017
  • Published February 20, 2017

Lynx climb a spruce tree in the yard of an Anchorage Hillside home on Feb. 13. (Doug Vermillion)

An Anchorage homeowner was treated to quite a spectacle last week.

Doug Vermillion said that on Feb. 13, his dog started barking toward the yard of a Hillside home. When Vermillion looked out, he spotted six lynx roaming the property.

"Three climbed the tree, one was chasing rabbits in the bushes, and two others were sitting," he said. "It was like a three-ring circus! I was awed."

One of six lynx roaming an Anchorage Hillside property pauses to peer at the house. (Doug Vermillion)

The show lasted 15 minutes before they moved on.

This isn't the only time several lynx have been spotted together recently.

On Sunday afternoon, Anchorage resident Jason Rohwer was in the Hillside neighborhood with his son when he saw six lynx hunting a snowshoe hare — and managed to capture the chase on video.

Not pictured in the footage: The lynx were ultimately successful in catching, and eating, their prey.

Rohwer said he believes he had seen the group of lynx in the area previously, and thought it was a family with one mother and five offspring.

Earlier, in mid-January, Michael Gerstl also spotted five lynx making their way down the road past his house near Flattop Mountain — again on the Hillside.

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