Photos: Riders get dirty at the Motor Mushers Club Mud-X in Wasilla

Brad Johnson of Palmer churned his way through a mud hole on a 2021 Can-Am Renegade that he modified this winter to compete in the Alaska Motor Mushers Club Mud-X. The event is part of the Fourth annual Rev Alaska, a gathering of all things motorsports in Alaska, including an indoor judged car show and autocross racing in the parking lot at the Menard Sports Center in Wasilla on Sunday.

“I’ve been riding and racing my whole life,” said Johnson who is a T12 paraplegic. “I’m a motorhead. This is my wheelchair. I’m here to defend my title in the ATV open class.” (Johnson went on to win his event.)

“I love getting muddy,” Kasey Embry said as she wiped mud off the windshield of a Can-Am Commander XT in between runs. Embry is a first-time competitor; her 13-year-old daughter rode shotgun with her and her husband showed his 2017 F-250 “Megatron” during the judged car show.