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Every newborn chick needs a 'mom.' This one gets a dog, for now.


Kona the dog watches over Juney, a 4-day-old chick, on Sunday, June 4, 2017, in Anchorage. Juney was the only chick to hatch from a batch of mail-ordered fertile eggs.

"The problem is that chicks are social and they need something to imprint on," said owner Marla McCrorie. "If more than one hatches, they imprint on each other. With just one, it has to call something its friend or its mom."

Ten-year-old Kona has taken on that role for Juney.

McCrorie can't put Juney with the hens she already has because of their pecking order.

"I would like to find another home for the hen," said McCrorie, "if anybody has another chick of the same size. A larger chick would peck it."

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