Alaskan Businessman Invests More Than $2 Million to Renovate Historic Kenai Landmark

Alaskan Businessman Invests More Than $2 Million to Renovate Historic Kenai Landmark

ANCHORAGE – PRL Logistics, an Alaskan-owned and operated logistics company, hosted a grand opening celebration for its new facility servicing the Cook Inlet on the Kenai on Saturday, April 5.

PRL's newly renovated facility is located at the historical Kenai Landing at the mouth of the Kenai River. This site has been inhabited dating back more than 100 years when it was the former Libby, McNeill, & Libby cannery. PRL CEO Ron Hyde, a life-long Alaskan, has invested more than $2 million renovating and expanding the building and associated properties using local labor and maximizing the re-purposed historical materials. PRL will be investing even more during Phase II of the renovation as 16 efficiency apartments are refurbished to house project personnel working in remote areas of Cook Inlet and the Kenai Peninsula. This facility is PRL's new base of operations in Kenai providing logistics and project management expertise in the Cook Inlet region. PRL's corporate headquarters will remain located in Anchorage at the historical railroad depot.

"I started this company almost 14 years ago with one vision, to provide a service and a skill set that enables corporations to invest in Alaska by managing the unique remote logistics of Alaska using the knowledge of Alaskans. PRL is able to demonstrate to these corporations how to safely and efficiently implement projects and operate in the remote areas of Alaska," said Hyde. "To open a second location and be in a position where we can hire even more Alaskans is an incredible feeling and a huge opportunity. It's the realization of a dream come true."

PRL Logistics employs more than 150 employees in the state. It specializes in providing services that include transporting and sustaining people and supply chains in extremely remote locations. PRL is known for its ability to strategically plan project logistics and its agility in responding to changing conditions. PRL has successfully operated in uninhabited regions – everywhere from the North Slope of Alaska to the Russian bush – delivering goods and services for a variety clients ranging from individual villages, private corporations, and government organizations. PRL's project locations have encompassed the lower 48 states, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Russia, and the Pacific Rim. Currently, PRL is providing logistics services to Repsol Winter Drilling Program, ExxonMobil's Point Thomson Project, and a number of other projects from the tip of the Aleutians to the arctic regions of Alaska.

The business is located 2101 Bowpicker Lane, Unit 5, Kenai.

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