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Honesty on Measure 2 vital for teen girls

"Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue."

Billy Joel sure hit it on the head with that song back in the '80s. As he notes, it is "hardly ever heard" and that is about as accurate of a description as I can come up with for how our opponents in Ballot Measure 2, Planned Parenthood, are communicating.

It almost seems as if deception is so deeply ingrained in this $1 billion abortion conglomerate that they can't even be entirely honest when doing so wouldn't negatively affect them. I love a good debate but let's at least do it in a way that the public knows what is really going on.

Exhibit A -- Recently, Alaskans Against Government Mandates, the Ballot Group Planned Parenthood formed to fight this common sense ballot measure, sent out a news release stating that "Pediatricians Say No on 2." Well, that is accurate in that, unfortunately, the Alaska Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a position in opposition to the parental notification ballot measure. The assumption their statement makes is that all pediatricians oppose this ballot measure.

If that were the case, why is it that the American College of Pediatricians and their current president has come out in support of Ballot Measure 2? Obviously, not all pediatricians agree or disagree on this matter. There is simply a wide range of views on the issue of parental notification for a minor's abortion within the world of pediatrics.

Why then, does Planned Parenthood try and make it sound as if all pediatricians oppose Ballot Measure 2? They know and we know and now you know the truth. They just have a hard time coughing it up.

Exhibit B -- Even their name, Alaskans Against Government Mandates, is deceitful. When was the last time Planned Parenthood or the ACLU, their ally, took a stand against the government mandates of keeping your child buckled up in a seat belt or speed limits? They should have called themselves Alaskans Against "Some" Government Mandates. To be clear, the government actually needs to step aside from this issue as it is the 800-pound gorilla standing between you and your child regarding a major medical procedure. Do you really want the government telling you what you can and can't know about your daughter's life?


Exhibit C -- In their messaging and in their materials, the NO on 2 folks constantly talk about the unsafe home. The pregnant teen, in that scenario, is being forced by the government through this ballot measure to tell her parents about her consideration of an abortion and that would put that teen at risk. Violent home. Violent outcome. Let's not go there.

Here's where the truth rears its ugly head again. They know and we know and now you know that teens in that situation do not in fact have to tell their parents. Ballot Measure 2 clearly states that teens in that situation do have to involve someone in their life (an older sibling, a neighbor, a school nurse, a grandparent) who is willing to verify that the teen shouldn't have to tell her parents but they do not have to involve their parents. When the doctor gets that verification, they have to notify the authorities that something harmful might be going on in the teen's home.

Wow! That actually sounds like we're the ones really looking out for the teen in an abusive or explosive home environment. The other side seems to be more concerned about the teen getting the abortion without anyone knowing. A hush-hush mentality and everything will be all right.

Again, Planned Parenthood is stumbling and stretching and playing with the truth but Alaskans know better. The truth will get out. We are very willing to go head to head with our opponents in a full-blown public forum or debate to dive into their deceptive communication even further. Honesty, Planned Parenthood, is "mostly what we need from you."

Sing it Billy!

Jim Minnery is chairman of Alaskans for Parental Rights.


Jim Minnery

Jim Minnery is president and founder of Alaska Family Action, statewide, pro-family public policy organization that exists to provide a voice on social and cultural issues impacting Alaskan families.