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Solid as a Rock 2: Results and Recaps (WITH SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER!)

  • Author: Sam_Dunham
  • Updated: April 28, 2016
  • Published February 2, 2013


Live from Solid As A Rock 2

By Joel Titus

Feb. 1, 2013

Carlson Center

Fairbanks, Alaska



Austin Duckworth def. Michael "Bad Country" Whitfield

Rd. 1, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1 – Both came out to terrible entrance songs, lets hope the action makes up for it!! Duckworth is all the way from Ketchican, lets see if the trip was worth the ride!! Here we go…..Duckworth comes out swinging, but taken down by Whitfield. Whitfield controls top and throws body shots. Duckworth swinging for the fences, but is taken down again. Duckworth works a triangle and transitions to the mount and finishes with an rear naked choke at 2:58 of 1st round.


Elijah Fike def. Tyler "The Titan" Jensen

Rd. 1, Submission (strikes)

Round 1 – 145ers are fast, lets see how it plays. Both look timid, but Tyler shoots in and goes straight into a guillotine, and now Fike transitions to a triangle and starts raining down punches. Tapout by Jensen. Elijah wins at 2:01 of first round by tapout due to strikes.


Thomas "Afro Samurai" Hodge def, Samuel Porter

Rd. 1, Submission (rear naked choke)

Round 1 – Looks like it's going to be a slugfest – touch gloves an its on. Eewww low kick by porter, another low kick, but Hodge takes him down with a nice throw and transitions to half guard. Now Hodges takes his back and toys with him for a little bit before choking him with an rear naked choke at 1:46 of the first round.


David Weiss def. Alex White

Rd. 3, TKO (strikes)

Round 1 – Weiss was a top wrestler, lets see how this plays. Takedown right off by Weiss, right into side control. Good ground battle, but Weiss is in control. Weiss pushes him into the cage and the ref stands them up. But Weiss puts him down hard Matt Hughes style and controls from the side. White trying to figure four the left arm of Weiss, but Weiss just mixes in knees and elbows. 10-9 Weiss.

Round 2 – Coach Jeff Neilsen in talking with Weiss at the intermission, lets see what the adjustment is. Another big slam by Weiss to side control. Now he has whites arm pinned and his raining down elbows looking to stop it. Now to the mount, Weiss is starting to dominate. Wow, could be a 10-8 round for Weiss.

Round 3 – Weiss in for a takedown, White is holding on for dear life now. Wiess postures up and starts raining down punches, close to being stopped. Referee Garrett Hartley is forced to stop it at 1:14 of the 3rd round.


Rodrigo Ruiz def. Blain McBirney

Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Round 1 – Ruiz out of Team Riggo and McBirney out of Frostbite at a catchweight. This should be interesting. Ruiz weighed in at 193, Mcbirney at 177 – big difference in weight. Ruiz comes out swinging, but is countered by Mcbirney. Both against the fence trading body shots. Ruiz looks for the guillotine and headbutts the back(?). Ruiz holds but eventually wears out and McBirney has top control. Ruiz active in his guard, but not going anywhere as time runs outs. 10-9 McBirney.

Round 2 –Wild affair. Ruiz looks to counter takedown with a guillotine again, stalemate on the fence. Mcbirney takes down over the fence, but Ruiz controls to half guard. Chessmatch on the ground surprisingly, but Ruiz has 16 pounds on his opponent. Back to the feet. Ruiz punches his way in, against the fence as round ends. 10-9 Ruiz.

Round 3 – Fighters touch gloves, and Mcbirney tags him and Ruiz smiles. Good stand-up fight, throwing the haymakers, both fighters have their mouth open. This round can go either way so far. Ruiz controls against the fence and throws knees. 40 seconds left. Mcbirney breaks free now they are swinging to close out the round. This should be close. Waiting for judges decision. Ruiz via unanimous decision.


Paul "The Pitbull" Hougard def. PK "Da Island Boi" Hocog

Rd. 1, TKO (strikes)

Round 1 – PK Hocog is a great standup fighter, so this fight should have some fireworks, Hougard is in boxing shorts, so we'll see how this goes. Hougard is out of Team Febreeze from Anchorage and Hocog is repping Team Frostbite. PK moving like lyoto Machida and landing low leg kicks over and over, but is dropped by and over-hand right. THIS IS A FIGHT. Recovers and the fight is standing, but Hougard drops him again and Hocog is hurt and covering, referee Tori Plunk is forced to stop at 1:28 second of the first round. Violent fight!!


Jarid "Grizzly" Symens def. Charles "The Man of Steel" Wells

Rd. 3, Decision (unanimous)

Round 1 – fighters to the cage – Another Febreeze vs Frostbite fight. Symens and Wells are throwing DOWN. Clinch fighting, knees, and overhand rights. The crowd is loving this fight. Symens with a nice knee and Wells is bleeding. Continuous clinch and dirty boxing by both fighters. PUNCHES to the bell!! If you're not here, you are missing a barn-burner!!! 10-9 Symens.

Round 2 – Wells with some nice clinch work, but symems is holding his own. Wells has him hurt with an overhand right, but Symens controls the clinch again. HOW are they still standing??? Both fighters are landing over and over. Wells has him in the fence throwing hooks and Symens is throwing elbows over the top. 10-9 Wells. Great round.

Round 3 – Both fighers still look fresh. Wells is bleeding from the nose. Wells goes for a guillotine, but they are too slick and he's trapped on the fence. Back to the middle and Wells is landing. Knee to the head by Symens. Time is going to run out on this one. Goes to the judges. Symens via unanimous decision.



Jarel 'View' Askew def. Zach "Zacharias" Mathieu

Rd. 2, Submission (something)

Round 1 – First professional bout of the night, meaning five minute rounds. Zacharias out of Febreeze, and Jarel Askew out of Frostbite. Jarel comes out to big cheers from the Fairbanks crowd. This should be good.

Jarel looking to kick, catches 'Zacharias'' kick and transitions to half guard. Jarel dominating the ground game and now has his back with a body triangle. 'Zacharias' using hand control to avoid the RNC, but that only works for a little bit. Three minutes in and Jarel is control the fight with his Jits. Jarel calmly transitions from back to mount to back, I think the body triangle is wearing 'Zacharias' down. 'Zachiarias' threatens with a kimura, but time is running out. 10-9, Jarel.

Round 2 – Jarel using leg kicks and a low hand position but is catching 'Zacharias' consistently with a winging jab. Jarel opens up on him and drags him down and transitions to full mount. Zacharias turns on his stomach and is flattened out now and is forced to tap at 2:50 of the second round.

Co-Main Event


Frank 'The Tank' Watts def. Billy "The Hebrew Hammer" Zimmerman

Rd. 3, Decision (split)

Round 1 – Billy Zimmerman comes out with the entire Frostbite team in tow, this should be a war!! Watts is out of Anchorage, and the Hebrew Hammer is out of Fairbanks. Billy circles and throws a leg kicks, but is caught by a left head kick by Watts. Zimmerman pulls guard as they hit the canvas. Watts trying to pass guard, but it's even steven on the ground. Back to the feet. 3 minutes in and Frank transition to back control, rear naked choke deep. But billy fights out and and Frank transitions to an armbar. Billy drops him on his head and threatens with his own rear naked choke. Watts spit his mouth piece out!! Round ends!! WTH??? That was something else.

Round 2 – Front kick by Billy, body kick by Billy, Frank shoots a takedown and falls into Billy's guard. Billy throws elbows from the guard as watts rests. Billy looks more offensive from the guard with those slicing elbows. Frank to half guard, now to front choke, to back control with body triangle looking for a rear naked choke. 1:30 remaining in the second. Frank maintaining back control. 30 seconds left. War of the hands. Billy reverses and is striking the body, arches up and drops Watts on his head as the round expires.

Round 3 – Leg kick by Watts, front kick to face by Billy, three punch combo by Zimmerman. Watts is fading. Billy with another three punch combo, now Watts clinches against the post. Foot stomps. BIG SLAM by WATTS. Watts holding Billy down, Billy looking to stand. 1 minute left. Ref stands them up. Watts shoots and Billy defends and is threatening with an rear naked choke. Time expires. Zimmerman looks fresh, Watts is holding his knees. Lets see how the judges score this one.

Frank Watts by split decision.



Collin Reuter def. Gerald Fike

Rd. 1, KO (punch)

Round 1 – 11pm and the Main Event is about to begin!!! Gerald Fike is 168 pounds, Collin Reuter is 170. Garrett Hartley is the ref.

Here we GO!!! Low kick by Colin, Gerald responds with a head kick. Gerald jumps in at Collin and WOW KO out by Colin. Reuter caught him with an overhand right! Everyone is on their feet. Fike is still out.