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Writers hear good news: Theatre Conference Play Lab announces 2009 invitees

  • Author: greenroom
  • Updated: April 28, 2016
  • Published March 14, 2009

[img_assist|nid=139174|title=Scripts, scripts, scripts|desc=Some 65 plays have been chosen to receive readings in the Play Lab of the 2009 Last Frontier Theatre Conference, three months from now in Valdez. This scene is from a previous year's conference.|link=none|align=left|width=350|height=210]

Play selection for this year's Last Frontier Theatre Conference is complete and the authors of the new plays that will receive staged readings in the conference Play Lab have been invited to attend the readings. Here Dawson Moore, conference director, discusses the numbers and a bit of what it means to select and reject. The conference is scheduled for June 13-20 in Valdez.

The 65 invited plays and 8 alternates for this year's Play Lab were selected from nearly 270 submissions, equaling the record number from last year. The invited plays include writers from across the United States and internationally from the United Kingdom. There are 10 Alaska writers invited, including 5 from Anchorage, 3 from Valdez, and one apiece from Juneau and Fairbanks. An additional 6 Alaskans are on the alternate list.

The selected writers include an almost exact balance between repeat attendees and folks who will be at the Conference for the first time. This ratio is important; new people are vital to bringing new ideas and styles to the conversation, and I don't know how it could possibly work without having a lot of our long-time attendees there to make things run smoothly.

This was, sincerely, the best overall quality of submissions we've received in my seven years of running the lit department component of the Conference. There were more short plays sent in, which led to an overall higher quality. I love the process of inviting people … One young woman told me that being invited was "… the greatest honor of her life." Who wouldn't like being responsible for that? Almost equally, I hate the number of talented writers and friends who I have to say no to ... I send out a longer rejection message, emphasizing that we are not trying to comment on the quality of the play. This year, one person wrote back that it'd be better for me to just say, "Thanks, but no thanks," and be done with it." Can't please everyone all the time, I suppose.

L.F.T.C. Play Lab invitees 2009

The following list gives author's name, hometown and title of work.

Robert "Bo" Anderson-- Juneau, Alaska Sea Turtle

Joe Barnes-- Houston, Texas Remembering Rory

Claudia Barr-- San Francisco, California The Woman Who Flummoxed the Faeries

Roger Bechtel-- Brunswick, Maine private

Jeanne Beckwith-- Roxbury, Vermont Companion

Mark Bellusci-- Stamford, Connecticut Closed Door

Paul Brynner-- Anchorage, Alaska Moon Pies

Sandy Burns and Lydia Bruce-- Natick, Maryland No Free Man

Eoin Carney-- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Rendering of Conor McShea

James Christy-- Princeton, New Jersey Love and Communication

Damon Chua-- Los Angeles, California The Ghost Building

Paul Cohen-- New York, New York Untitled Genocide Comedy

T.S. Cook-- Hollywood, California Everything But

Daniel Damiano-- Astoria, New York The Old Wife's Tale

TM Derrickson-- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania American Gothic

Gino Dilorio-- New York, New York Reparation

Taylor Doherty-- Clarence Center, New York Indivisible

William Missouri Downs-- Jersey City, New Jersey Forgiving John Lennon

Lawrence Dukore-- New York, New York The Day That Brando Died

Dominic Finocchiaro-- Portland, Oregon Freeze/In Bed

Mira Gibson-- Brooklyn, New York The Red, White, and Blue Process

Cody Goulder-- Los Angeles, California No Ink in Hell

Anne Hanley-- Fairbanks, Alaska The Winter Bear

Steven Haworth-- Garrison, New York Fernando

Corey Ann Haydu-- New York, New York Abandon

Rand Higbee-- Red Wing, Minnesota The Lightning Bug

Steven R. Hunt-- Anchorage, Alaska Duplicity

Loch Imlay -- Honolulu, Hawaii Unanticipate

Arlitia Jones-- Anchorage, Alaska The Boy With Daffodils

Kim Kelly-- Eugene, Oregon Devil's Rope

Sean Kenealy-- Brooklyn, New York Exploding Hearts

Kaizaad Kotwal-- Columbus, Ohio American Gothic

Allan Lefcowitz-- Washington, D.C. Unintended Consequences

Greg LeGault-- Emporia, Kansas In the Wake

Michael Speller (co-author)-- Crest Hill, Illinois In the Wake

Barry Levine-- Los Angeles, California I Love Dexter

John Levine-- Berkeley, California Work in Progress

Cassandra Lewis -- San Francisco, California Two Women on the Shore

Jayme McGhan-- Marshall, Minnesota Mother Bear

Jon Minton-- Anchorage, Alaska The Life and Times of Vivaca Desmond

Anna Moench-- New York, New York The Pillow Book

Anson Mount-- New York, New York Atomic City: A Play in Three Acts by Jesus of Nazareth

Henry Murray-- Venice, California Treefall

Bruce Nelson-- Mesa, Arizona How Anansi Brought Down the Stories

Rebecca Nesvet-- Cheltenham, U.K. Apocalypse Eve

Laura Neubauer-- Las Vegas, Nevada The Chasm

Daniel Penner-- Chico, California Love Mosquitos

Laura S. Pfizenmayer-- York, South Carolina Alert and Vertical

Howard Polskin-- New York, New York The Appointment

Mollie Ramos-- Valdez, Alaska Bushwacked

Kathy Rucker-- Hillsborough, California Sultan's Battery

Mattie Rydalch-- Moscow, Idaho Strange Attractors

Schatzie Schaefers-- Anchorage, Alaska Sweet

Ann Marie Shea-- Worcester, Massachusetts Last Word

Judd Lear Silverman-- Brooklyn, New York Heart

Judah Skoff-- Hoboken, New Jersey Blackie Greyhound's Rhythm and Blues

Lisa Sparrell-- Valdez, Alaska We Thought It Was Time

Jay Stevens-- Valdez, Alaska Politics

Burton E. Swartz-- New York, New York The Loan

Amy Tofte-- Los Angeles, California The Pesky Middle

Dave Tucker-- Kent, Washington Duty, Honor, Profit

Jessica Turner-- Los Angeles, California Charlie Moose Makes His Move

Jaclyn Vilano-- Austin,Texas The First Time

Elizabeth Weinbloom-- Valley Stream, New York Perpetual Motion

Antoinette F. Winstead-- Universal City, Texas The Interrogation

Judith Zivanovic-- Olathe, Kansas Epilogue

The following plays were selected as alternates and will be included if space becomes available.

Judy Almy-- Valdez, Alaska Spell of the Salon

Christine Drew Benjamin-- Fullerton, California Bare Bones

Gail High-- Anchorage, Alaska Reluctant Messengers

Tom Moran-- Fairbanks, Alaska Friar with a Crowbar

Mark Muro-- Anchorage, Alaska Bird in Hand

Jean Paal-- Anchorage, Alaska The Celebration of Life for Henry Jones

Lance Petersen-- Homer, Alaska Buy You a Drink at the Spaceport Bar?

George Sapio-- Spencer, New York Headstrong

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