Along with Petr Kellner, one of Europe’s richest men, the 2021 crash near Palmer killed two well-known American guides, a French snowboarder and the Wasilla-based pilot.

Graphite is a critical ingredient in the batteries needed to power America’s electric vehicle revolution. But every ounce of it is imported. A proposed mine on the Seward Peninsula would change that. But some of the people who live nearby fear it will endanger their way of life.

With three venues and more than 25 bands and performers, the music festival in Juneau offered Native artists a platform and a place to connect.

From a blues man to a transformative rapper, the festival spotlighted Native artists representing a wide variety of music genres.


The project would inject energy into the Railbelt grid when solar and wind power sag.

The city signed onto an amicus brief that includes over a dozen jurisdictions grappling with how to implement homelessness policies within the constraints of a ruling that many say ties local governments’ hands.

Nicholas Hunnicutt was convicted Tuesday by an Anchorage jury of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

The agency has paused long-term disaster recovery aid in nearly every U.S. state and territory in case a government shutdown collides with hurricane season.

The Assembly directed the citizen naming panel for the port to hold another public hearing and to vote again on a recommendation for the Assembly to vote on in December.

The event, hosted by an Alaska community about once every decade, is now expected to cost about $7 million after original estimates came in at $4 million to $6 million, organizers say.

Joshua Wahl, 31, is also accused of making online threats against a Florida sheriff who spoke out against neo-Nazi messaging.

The closings include three stores in Portland and two in Seattle.

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