Encompassing nearly 600,000 square miles, the Last Frontier offers plenty to see and do. Whether you want to fish, hike or fly above jagged mountain ranges, there's endless opportunity for adventure.

Glaciers are one of the state’s most awe-inspiring and unique attractions.

Whether it’s on a boat tour, raft or kayak, here’s how to soak up some of Alaska’s best scenery.

There are gatherings devoted to fungus and forests, salmon and solstice.


What to see and do in the state's largest city, a home base for your Alaska adventures.

Grab a bite, a beer or a commemorative T-shirt -- it’s all in downtown Anchorage.

There are great trail options in and around Alaska’s biggest city, even if you have only an afternoon to venture out.

Museums and cultural centers scattered across Anchorage feature perspectives, relics, treasures and experiences that offer a little of everything for visitors.

Maybe you take it black, just black. Or you’re in the mood for a lavender mocha with salted black currant whipped cream. In Alaska’s biggest city, you have options.

From sweet king crab legs to humble halibut tacos, dining out in Anchorage means eating the way many Alaskans dine in. Which is to say, beautifully.

From hip breweries to low-key alehouses or even rustic cabins in the woods, make like an Alaskan and try some local brews.

Within town limits, Anchorage’s impressive trail system meanders along the city’s coastline, threads through thick forests and connects pretty parks and a multitude of neighborhoods.

National parks

When bigger is better: Catch a glimpse of North America’s tallest mountain, Denali, or explore the country’s largest national park, Wrangell-St. Elias.

With this season’s Denali Park Road closure in mind, here are your options for 2023.

Visit Kennecott Mines for a taste of Alaska’s mining history, or venture further into the largest national park in the U.S.


There’s more to Alaska than just Anchorage. Hit the road (or catch a plane) and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

You’ll find glaciers, wildlife and some great food — just don’t forget your raincoat.

From basking in the midnight sun to chasing the northern lights, Fairbanks is a year-round destination.

It’s easy to see why the Kenai Peninsula is often referred to as “Alaska’s playground.” Here are a few spots to get you started.

With busy fishing fleets, thriving art and food scenes, vibrant Native communities and quirky little museums, it’s hard not to fall in love with Alaska’s largest island and coastal communities.

Take your time — there’s memorable dining, spectacular scenery and worthwhile stops all along the road between Anchorage and the small town of Seward on Resurrection Bay.

From cute coffeeshops to majestic mountain peaks, there’s a lot to discover in the Valley.

Arriving in Valdez, visitors will be delighted to learn their Alaska adventure is just beginning.

Know before you go

Curious about what to do in a bear encounter, or best practices on hiking trails? Here's what you need to know.

Hikers are spoiled for options in Alaska. Here are some tips for keeping things safe and enjoyable.

Here are just a few animal sightings for your bucket list and tips on where to scope them out.

What to know about consuming cannabis in the 49th state, whether you’re an old hand or just looking to sample some unique local fare.