4 teens served up slice of life behind bars

Four youths are in jail after they allegedly robbed a Sicily's Pizza delivery driver at gunpoint on Sunday night in Mountain View. The group ran off with the pizza and barricaded themselves in a nearby apartment, resulting in the SWAT team being called to the scene, Anchorage police said.

Police said one of the juveniles, a male, threatened the driver outside a home on the 400 block of North Bunn Street with a gun and a stick at about 11:30 p.m. Then, a second male and two teenage girls attacked the driver from behind. The driver resisted and after a struggle, the four juveniles grabbed the pizza and ran off. They did not take his money, police said.

The driver tracked one of the females -- who wasn't as fast as the others -- to an apartment on the 4000 block of Peterkin Street. Anchorage Police said they found the teenage girl outside the apartment and took her into custody, but the three others barricaded the door and refused to come out.

"They communicated to the officers that they knew they were going to jail and they didn't want to come out because they wanted to eat the pizza," said Lt. Dave Parker.

Anchorage Police said they called in a SWAT team that broke into the apartment through a window and arrested the three others.

Joseph Nicalaskey and Cesasr Alvarez-Jennings, both 19, were charged with first-degree robbery, third-degree assault and resisting an officer. The juvenile girls were not named. They were charged with robbery and assault, police said.

Anchorage Daily News / adn.com