A Montana State University student from Anchorage was found dead after he failed to return from a solo backcountry ski trip near Bozeman.
The Associated Press
The equivalent of 3 inches of water — including an estimated 2 to 4 feet of snow up high at colder temperatures —has fallen in less than three days on what avalanche experts consider weak snow sitting atop crust.         
Mike Campbell
Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley said Friday his department is now willing to hire law enforcement officers currently certified by the Alaska Police Standards Council. 
Alaska Dispatch News
Outgoing Alaska education commissioner Mike Hanley said Friday he had professional disagreements with the state board of education. But he said that's not a "sour grapes statement."
Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
The owners of contentious gravel pits in Meadow Lakes and Trapper Creek both failed this week to get permits for large-scale extraction. One of the pits came under scrutiny by regulators after moving gravel without a permit and illegal waste dumping. 
Zaz Hollander
Alaska Dance Theatre's "Winter's Dance" program will combine contemporary dance and the uniquely Alaskan pop vocals of Pamyua.ArtsMike Dunham
Gov. Walker’s proposal to change how the Permanent Fund dividend is paid as a way to help fix Alaska's massive budget deficit had few supporters Thursday when it faced public comment for the first time.PoliticsAlex DeMarban
A new decade-long study reveals that about a quarter of the caribou that encounter the Red Dog Mine road in Northwest Alaska balk at crossing it during their fall migration, causing them to delay their walk south.WildlifeYereth Rosen
REI's business acumen has taken it to heights rarely seen by a retail cooperative. But as a record-low turnout in the latest annual election shows, REI's original democratic fervor seems to have stayed at base camp. BusinessÁngel González | The Seattle Times

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