The Anchorage Fire Department says wind likely whipped up a smoldering illegal campfire near a popular urban trail Friday, sending an ember into nearby black spruce and igniting the trees downhill from homes in the Rogers Park neighborhood.
Tegan Hanlon
The sightseeing plane that crashed in late June near Ketchikan, killing the pilot and eight passengers, was flying in "marginal" visual conditions, according to a preliminary report released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board.
Zaz Hollander,Nathaniel Herz
The Fennica, a 380-foot vessel that's a key part of Shell's plans to drill in Alaska's Arctic waters, has returned to Dutch Harbor after a gash was discovered in its hull.
Alex DeMarban
 Alaska veterans have faced delayed and diminished access to health care at an outpatient clinic in Wasilla, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs independent inspector general.
Erica Martinson
Andrew Halcro, an unsuccessful mayoral candidate and former president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, takes over an agency that in recent weeks has confronted questions about its mission and finances.
Devin Kelly
Floods left the Caines Head Trail, which was never closed due to the damage, washed out and littered with loose, uneven rocks. OutdoorsMike Campbell
The winds early Tuesday channeled heavy smoke from several forest fires toward Fairbanks, where the pollution at 1 p.m. downtown gave the entire town the smell of a smoke-filled bar.CommentaryDermot Cole
The FBI seized the dresses, cake toppers and even children’s cummerbunds from a woman in Juneau who was convicted of smuggling heroin and methamphetamines into the state.Crime & JusticeJada F. Smith | The New York Times
Alaska oil and gas regulators continue to pressure operators it says are violating permit requirements, including recently issuing a $20,000 fine to Linc Energy, a company exploring a coal gasification prospect in the Cook Inlet area.EnergyAlex DeMarban

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An Arctic thank you for UN action against toxins that accumulate in traditional food

OPINION: Igamsiqayugvikamsi, thank you, to the international community for taking another step against bio-accumulative toxins in the world, including the environment that Arctic people depend on. The United States should follow suit.Vi Waghiyi


Federal polar bear conservation plan focuses on near-term goals

The Fish and Wildlife Service acknowledges that Arctic climate change is the top threat to polar bears, but it says its ability to take action is limited to tasks that fall short of greenhouse gas restrictions. Yereth Rosen


  • Greece’s newly installed finance minister arrived here at a crucial meeting of his eurozone peers Tuesday without the new bailout proposal the group had expected to receive.

  • Thieves were able to penetrate a French military base in the south of France and escape with quantities of bomb-making matériel, despite heightened security in the wake of a terrorist attack at a gas and chemical factory last month.