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    Kivalina is wedged onto a sliver of gravel, battered by Chukchi Sea storms on one side and lagoon currents on the other.  That President Obama came to the region and mentioned the village's plight gives residents hope that relocation help is on the way. 

    Scott Jensen
A deal earlier this year would have asked voters to strip the 191-acre Point Woronzof Park of parkland status so it could be traded to the airport for a snow dump and approximately 500 acres of new parkland and neighborhood buffers. 
Devin Kelly
The remains of a 55-year-old Anchorage man who went missing in his kayak this week were discovered Friday morning floating near the western shore of Cook Inlet near Tyonek, the Coast Guard reported.
Megan Edge
Two people died in house fires in communities in Southcentral and Southwest Alaska on Thursday, and authorities warned Alaskans to check home heating devices as cooler weather arrives.
Megan Edge
The ships did not violate international law, which allows countries to transit other nations' seas under what is called "innocent passage," an official said. 
Missy Ryan | The Washington Post
A Juneau woman who freed a trapped eagle and was cited for springing other traps is heading back to court. The trapper is suing her for damages. 
Lisa Phu | KTOO News
One tank on a double-tanker fuel truck caught fire near the Parks and Glenn highway interchange Friday afternoon, diverting northbound traffic to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.Alaska NewsMegan Edge,Zaz Hollander
OPINION: In a commentary exclusive to Alaska Dispatch News, President Barack Obama argues that the experiences of Alaskans should underscore the urgency that Americans lead the world on climate change and clean energy technology.CommentaryPresident Barack Obama
Alaskans love to show off their state and the growing number of T-shirt vendors at the Alaska State Fair means there's a style for everyone.BusinessSuzanna Caldwell
A Texan identified only by their initials added fuel to the fire of Alaska and Ohio's mountain name debate by starting a White House petition to rename an Ohio peak. Alaska NewsMegan Edge

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State senator convenes working group to scrutinize oil and gas tax credits

Sen. Cathy Giessel has convened a group of her colleagues to study potential changes to Alaska’s oil and gas tax credit regime, following criticism of the program’s cost during this year’s legislative session.Nathaniel Herz

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Coverage on Chinese ships failed to deal with scale, size of Alaska

COMMENTARY: No one has suggested accounts of Chinese naval vessels sailing off the Alaska coast contained errors of fact, but most of the coverage missed the boat by not providing a bit more information on the size of Alaska and the coastline of its many islands. Dermot Cole


Encouraging signs as Alaska's duck-hunting season kicks off

Favorable weather much of the year for waterfowl appears to have benefited Alaska's hatch-year birds. The wetlands of the 49th state produce, on average, 12 million ducks and more than a million geese each year.    Joseph Robertia


Jeff Lowenfels: It's time to talk about frost

I dislike writing the annual column on what to do when frost is predicted. No one likes to read it, either, I am pretty sure. Still, global warming or not, we are going to have a winter here. Jeff Lowenfels


Coast Guard identifies worst potential oil spills in Arctic

The Coast Guard will present worst-case scenarios for drilling and shipping in the Arctic to the Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response working group of the Arctic Council later this month.Kamala Kelkar


We Alaskans

For 1923 visit to Alaska, White House shipped tablecloths, sheets to roadhouses

Herbert Hoover, the future president, wrote later that President Warren Harding was ill at ease on the Alaska trip, and insisted on playing bridge from just after breakfast until midnight. Hoover, then the secretary of commerce, was one of four other bridge players on the ship. "For some reason I developed a distaste for bridge on this journey and never played it again," Hoover said. Dermot Cole

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A chef’s step-by-step guide to restaurant-style Alaska rockfish

SPONSORED: Jack Sprat executive chef Andrew Brown shares his recipe for crispy rockfish with roasted tomatoes atop fresh Alaska-grown salad greens. Presented by Eat Alaska