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Employees of the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility have voted to end their strike after two weeks and return to work without a contract.
Sean Doogan
Homeland Security investigators reviewed videos and talked to adults with the group and the agents, and found no proof to back up the gun claims, which the Scout leader said came from "several Scouts." The Scout leader did not make the boys available for questioning. 
Dermot Cole
Alaska State Troopers say they’re investigating the death of an adult woman in the Southwest village of Chevak.
Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska makes a cameo appearance in a recording leaked Wednesday from a private strategy meeting in June hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers’ political network.
Nathaniel Herz
As unrest continues in the St. Louis area over the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, this month, attention has increasingly shifted to the heavily armed and armored police response. But when it comes to the militarization of police, where does Alaska stand?
Jerzy Shedlock
Knee boots and good rain gear are a must in this wet season. Water and ducks go hand in hand. The east end of the Denali Highway at Tangle Lakes has big local flocks of pintails and widgeons.OutdoorsJohn Schandelmeier
Gov. Sean Parnell is on the verge of vetoing or approving one of the final measures left over from the 2014 Legislature -- it would provide that thousands of court records every year would become confidential if charges are dismissed or a jury acquits.  Crime & JusticeDermot Cole
Magic was the good dog who lived in the shadow of litter mate Arlo, a phenomenal black Labrador who shone so bright that his brother sometimes got lost in the glow. But Magic had his magic moment. VoicesCraig Medred
Aaron Moses, 31, was charged Friday with assault and criminal mischief following an altercation with two Bethel police officers in which Moses was shot. Court documents said Moses later told investigators that he wanted the officers to shoot him in the head.Crime & JusticeLaurel Andrews


Futures, futures, futures! Aces move Findlay's rights to Orlando

One day after the Alaska Aces acquired future considerations from Fort Wayne after shipping C.J. Severyn's rights to the Komets, they acquired more futures by moving Brett Findlay's rights to Orlando.Doyle Woody


With a captive audience, Denali bus drivers can make visits magnificent or miserable

Dick Merrill has been driving park buses for 28 years. After decades of repetition, his voice, his mannerisms and even the way he waves his hands have been honed to the sharpness of a sideshow barker. Indeed, stepping into Merrill’s bus is a lot like going to a carnival.Rick Sinnott


From homeless teen mom to doctor: Anchorage woman overcomes obstacles

April DeLira was homeless, off and on, from the age of 11. At 15, she gave birth to a son and dropped out of high school. But two decades later, she's a resident physician at a Memphis hospital and hopes to one day give back in the way others gave to her.Megan Edge


Proposed road to Ambler mining district faces fresh opposition along route

As the state continues its outreach to Interior communities near the proposed route of an industrial road to a controversial mining district in Ambler, some have voiced opposition and now one has declared its land off limits.Zachariah Hughes | KNOM