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Witnesses told responding officers that three men forced their way into the home in the 1600 block of Early View Drive in the Muldoon area, beat the woman and stole her new TV set. 
Jerzy Shedlock
Two former Anchorage residents now living Outside face a total of 43 criminal charges for allegedly receiving Permanent Fund dividends illegally over the past several years.
Jerzy Shedlock
The U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of two operating Arctic-class icebreakers will be sufficient -- if barely so -- for about another six years, the agency’s new Alaska commandant said Monday. 
Yereth Rosen
Troopers said Donald Burns Jr. of Soldotna was riding a Yamaha ATV alone on a rough and wet trail when he apparently tried to drive up a muddy hill and his four-wheeler rolled on top of him. 
Tegan Hanlon
For the second day, the Coast Guard is searching for a missing boater in the area of Coghlan Island near Auke Bay in Southeast Alaska.
Jerzy Shedlock
A 2012 lawsuit filed by gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker that challenged a settlement between the state and Exxon Mobil over development at the Point Thomson oil field is being targeted by the re-election campaign of Gov. Sean Parnell as anti-development.Governors Race 2014Alex DeMarban
A Katmai sow grizzly bear adopted a yearling after the yearling's mother abandoned it in a tree by Brooks Falls. Now the sow, the sow's cub and the yearling are fishing together and expected to hibernate this winter as a family.WildlifeMegan Edge
Oil giant BP will cut close to one-fifth of its Alaska workforce of employees and direct contractors as a result of the sale of a chunk of its Alaska assets to Hilcorp, the company announced Monday.EnergyAlex DeMarban


Gov. Parnell: Walker's gas line criticism is reckless

OPINION: Incumbent Gov. Sean Parnell argues that statements by his opponent independent Bill Walker threaten Alaska's progress toward a long-awaited natural gas project.Sean Parnell


State biologist 'lucked out' that Shuyak Island grizzly mauling wasn't worse

After peeling off his waders, the Alaska biologist discovered a puncture near his Achilles and a long chunk of flesh ripped open on his leg where the bear's tooth had caught him near the calf and then dragged through flesh toward his ankle.Craig Medred


Maggie the African elephant left Anchorage nearly seven years ago in an Air Force cargo jet. Alaska Zoo director Patrick Lampi said he's visited Maggie several times at her California home. "Seeing her healthy, with more acreage than we could have ever offered her, and the interaction with the other elephants was very gratifying and I have no doubt that moving her was the right decision," Lampi said.
Megan Edge

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Ride-sharing service Uber plans Anchorage rollout

Uber, an app that allows users to request car rides from a select group of company-approved drivers, will soon be debuting in Anchorage. But city officials and taxi operators in the city say  the company's entry into the market represents a threat to the regulated taxi and car service businesses.Sean Doogan


U.S. icebreaker fleet will need makeover by about 2020, Coast Guard says

The U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of two operating Arctic-class icebreakers will be sufficient -- if barely so -- for about another six years, the agency’s new Alaska commandant said Monday. Yereth Rosen