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Alaskans are embracing CrossFit workouts, with "boxes" popping up in strip malls and industrial parks around the state. The low-cost, low-tech gyms are affordable to open, and the intense workouts, popular with hard-core athletes, are increasingly attracting a broader range of fans of all ages.
Sean Doogan
Anchorage police reported Sunday they responded to nearly a half-dozen reports involving weapons in the city in the course of a few hours, as well as an impromptu 200-person dance party downtown that grew as bars closed for the night.
Michelle Theriault Boots
The more than decade-long battle over a road out of Juneau has been fought in court, in the Legislature and city assemblies and at the ballot box. Now it is being fought with dueling studies.
Pat Forgey
Republican Dan Sullivan will be Alaska’s newest U.S. senator, but outgoing Sen. Mark Begich said he’ll work in Washington until the last minute to push through legislation that will benefit Alaska.
Alex DeMarban
Lynne Curry handles questions straight out of the Regina George playbook: How to handle the coworker who insults your outfit, and why "you can't sit with us" doesn't work at work.BusinessLynne Curry
OPINION: Congress should investigate abuses happening in the structured settlement industry.CommentaryReggie Kelley
It's a whole new ballgame when the 37th annual Great Alaska Shootout tips off this week -- the college basketball tournament has a new sponsor and will be played in UAA's new arena. SportsBeth Bragg
OPINION: Alaska's men need to step up and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with women to break the tight grip that rape and sexual assault have on our communities.CommentaryBrionne Elkins

News & Politics

Conference comes up with bold recommendations as Walker readies for office

A number of committees submitted numerous ambitious goals for the incoming administration of Gov.-elect Bill Walker, including possibly suspending some of the state's numerous mega-projects pending financial review and balancing the state's budget by the end of his term.Alex DeMarban


New-look Shootout tips off Tuesday

It's a whole new ballgame when the 37th annual Great Alaska Shootout tips off this week -- the college basketball tournament has a new sponsor and will be played in UAA's new arena. Beth Bragg


Bloody literary thriller 'Hold the Dark' features an unrecognizable Alaska

Let's hope that no readers of “Hold the Dark” leave Giraldi’s parable of nature gone wild thinking that Alaskans are inbred, superstitious, booger-eating, merciless murderers. There’s little to like or relate to in the beings that populate this book.      Nancy Lord


Warmer winter weather brings hazards but can benefit caribou

Unseasonably high temperatures across Alaska have raised concerns about flooding, early river breakup and now, the Western Arctic Caribou Herd.Jillian Rogers | The Arctic Sounder


Sharpen your blades: Backcountry skating in Southcentral Alaska doesn't get much better

Ice-covered lakes are not unusual this time of year in Alaska. What is unusual is the lack of snow on top of the ice, leaving backcountry skaters such as Anchorage’s Kevin Turinsky a little gaga. “Yesterday, we went to Nancy Lake, and the conditions were just sublime," he said.   Brian Brettschneider


We Alaskans

Natural food, unnatural shortages

Successful hunting and fishing in the Bering Sea have always depended on weather and ice conditions. But climate change is now disrupting the seasonal patterns and threatening the food sources -- and cultural traditions -- that St. Lawrence Islanders and other Natives have relied on for millennia.Elizabeth Grossman | High Country News