A plan to use Permanent Fund earnings to balance the state’s budget has caused disagreement in the ranks of the Republican-led House majority caucus.
Nathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
Under a proposal by Anchorage Assembly chair Dick Traini, marijuana smoke wouldn’t be allowed in public places, workplaces, medical facilities, child care centers, stadiums, outdoor arenas and municipal facilities, including schools.
Devin Kelly
Anchorage police said Thursday that they had arrested three men in connection with a shooting earlier this week in Fairview that left one person wounded.
Tegan Hanlon
An FBI explosive ordinance disposal unit was taken by helicopter this week to a mining camp off the Glenn Highway near the Eureka Roadhouse to detonate old dynamite discovered at the camp by the property's new owner.
Ben Anderson
The Alaska Senate ended the special session called by Gov. Bill Walker and started a new one of its own Thursday. The House was expected to quickly follow suit.
Nathaniel Herz
Edwin Gonzalez, the father of one and grandfather of two, all of whom died last week in an apparent murder-suicide, said his daughter was independent and chose to stay with her boyfriend, who had a history of violence and who police say likely pulled the trigger.Crime & JusticeJerzy Shedlock
Soaring temperatures in Barrow and across northern Alaska are linked directly to a high-pressure system above northwestern Canada and consistent with odd weather tied to warm waters in the Pacific. WeatherYereth Rosen
A popular webcam showing large male Pacific walruses lying on the beach with a Hitchcockian number of seabirds flying overhead is once again streaming to the Internet.WildlifeMark Thiessen | Associated Press
Dry conditions around the state have put wildfire responders on edge, especially as Alaskans look forward to Memorial Day weekend and the outdoor activities -- and campfires -- that accompany it.OutdoorsDan Joling

News & Politics

The Dalton Highway near the Deadhorse airport is overrun with water on Thursday, May 21, 2015. Crews from the Alaska Department of Transportation made a break in the highway the day before to release trapped water that was threatening the runway.
Loren Holmes

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Alaska, Washington senators file bill to build Arctic icebreakers

Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up to six icebreakers for use by the Coast Guard.Erica Martinson


  • A new analysis of ancient wolf DNA has shed light on the murky early history of man's best friend, suggesting that dogs split from wolves as many as 27,000 to 40,000 years ago -- not 11,000 to 16,000 years ago, as earlier genome research had propo...

  • Islamic State militants overran the famed archaeological site at Palmyra early on Thursday, just hours after seizing the central Syrian town, activists and officials said, raising concerns the extremists might destroy some of the priceless ruins as they have done in neighboring Iraq.

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