As the small fishing town of Dillingham spruces up for the visit of a lifetime, down-home hospitality, intense security and regular life are melding and sometimes clashing.
Lisa Demer
The president of Shell Oil Co. says exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operations for a few days.
Dan Joling
Tuesday marked the first day for thousands of newly eligible Alaskans to enroll in Medicaid after Gov. Bill Walker expanded the program, but it was a quiet afternoon at a state office in Anchorage that handles applications.
Tegan Hanlon
The Seward City Council approved a resolution Monday to move forward on a project that would bring renewable energy -- and major cost savings -- to four city buildings.
Suzanna Caldwell
Facing continuing low oil prices, ConocoPhillips said Tuesday it will cut 10 percent of its worldwide workforce, with many of the cuts coming from the company's North American operations.   
Sean Doogan
For the Northwest Alaska town of Kotzebue, which is preparing for its biggest visitor ever, preparations include hauling away more than 100 rotting vehicles and destroying 10 abandoned homes that have dotted the Inupiat community for decades.President Obama in AlaskaAlex DeMarban
Though rumors of a presidential visit had been swirling for days, staff at downtown Anchorage's Snow City Cafe weren't sure it would happen Tuesday morning when breakfast rush started to ebb without a sign of him. Then a bunch of Secret Service guys showed up.  President Obama in AlaskaMichelle Theriault Boots
Carrs-Safeway says its Sears Mall supermarket is "underperforming" and will close in mid-September.BusinessSean Doogan
The Alaska State Fair's colony-era Wineck Barn is a repository of history and meeting spot for Valley old-timers.CultureMike Dunham

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Search launched for boater missing in Knik Arm, second in 2 days

A search was underway Tuesday night for a 55-year-old kayaker who did not return from a trip in Knik Arm near Anchorage.  It was the second emergency response involving a Knik Arm boater in two days.Tegan Hanlon

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US, Russia united in desire to protect Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing

While the relationship between the United States and Russia has deteriorated in other parts of the world, the two nations are working together as part of an effort to keep commercial fishing out of the Arctic Ocean.Yereth Rosen


We Alaskans

For 1923 visit to Alaska, White House shipped tablecloths, sheets to roadhouses

Herbert Hoover, the future president, wrote later that President Warren Harding was ill at ease on the Alaska trip, and insisted on playing bridge from just after breakfast until midnight. Hoover, then the secretary of commerce, was one of four other bridge players on the ship. "For some reason I developed a distaste for bridge on this journey and never played it again," Hoover said. Dermot Cole

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A chef’s step-by-step guide to restaurant-style Alaska rockfish

SPONSORED: Jack Sprat executive chef Andrew Brown shares his recipe for crispy rockfish with roasted tomatoes atop fresh Alaska-grown salad greens. Presented by Eat Alaska