Facing continuing low oil prices, ConocoPhillips said Tuesday it will cut 10 percent of its worldwide workforce, with many of the cuts coming from the company's North American operations.   
Sean Doogan
In the first address of his historic three-day visit to Alaska, President Barack Obama urged participants in a State Department conference to take in Alaska’s “God-given majesty” as they contemplate the difficult steps to slow or stop the onslaught of climate change.
Nathaniel Herz,Erica Martinson
Indigenous residents from some of the smallest communities and most remote parts of Alaska had a message for international leaders who convened in Anchorage for a high-profile State Department-hosted Arctic conference: Climate change is an existential threat.
Yereth Rosen,Asaf Shalev
The National Weather Service has issued a weather warning for freezing temperatures early Wednesday in Anchorage and other Southcentral Alaska communities.
Megan Edge
The Alaska Supreme Court on Monday allowed Medicaid expansion to start in Alaska Tuesday, expanding health care coverage to up to 40,000 low-income Alaskans as lawyers continue to battle about the legality of expansion.
Tegan Hanlon
The Alaska Supreme Court has rejected a bid by a Lazy Mountain hay farmer to stop paying local road taxes for roads he doesn’t use.Mat-SuZaz Hollander
In 2012 and 2013, Eklutna Lake was at its highest level when strong autumn winds hit. The resulting storm waves chewed up and swallowed large chunks of trail.OutdoorsRick Sinnott
The simple fact is that siphoning billions from savings every year without a transition plan is a recipe for economic chaos. It endangers the state’s bond rating, weakens investors' confidence and limits options for Alaska’s future.CommentaryDermot Cole
Outside the security cordons, the president’s arrival drew a full array of protesters, opportunists, celebrants and the merely curious, all angling for a chance to be part of the moment. President Obama in AlaskaMichelle Theriault Boots

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