Dustin Arthur Badillo, 20, was charged with three counts of kidnapping, two counts of sexual assault and one count each of burglary and robbery.
Jeannette Lee Falsey
The Legislature has wrapped up its efforts to address marijuana legalization laws this year. Here are the bills that passed, the ones that failed and what all of it means for Alaska.
Laurel Andrews
A powerful earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday near its capital, Kathmandu, flattening sections of the city’s historic center and trapping dozens of sightseers in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks.
Ellen Barry
In the last week of the mayoral campaign, the public can watch Amy Demboski and Ethan Berkowitz face off in five events, three of which will be broadcast. 
Devin Kelly
Archeologist Ted Goebel and his coworkers found eight fragments of spear points at or near the Serpentine site in Northwest Alaska. They carbon-dated the charcoal they found with the points. The carbon was about 12,000 years old.
Ned Rozell
The mystery of Alaska's Wade Hampton Census Area may be solved, but the controversy is just beginning over the area named for a slave-owning Civil War general who never came to Alaska.Rural AlaskaLisa Demer
Brett LeMay spent much his adult life caught up in the drug world. He’s paid for it with two felony convictions and years of unemployment. Now, marijuana legalization has turned a criminal liability into a potential resume-builder.Cannabis NorthLaurel Andrews
The horror spoof "Moose," made in Wasilla, may not be the greatest Alaska movie of all time, but it's probably the funniest.Film & TVMike Dunham
The Nerds of the North robotics team has a saying: “'Nerd' is a four-letter word with a six-figure salary." Alaska's only FIRST Robotics Competition (FTC) team, number 568, is in its 15th year and competing in the organization's world championships.
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Tara Young

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6,000 people participated in the 2015 Heart Run. Hallidie Wilt and Jake Moe won the 5-kilometer race.
Loren Holmes


Where grayling are ginormous

Whopping, bottom-feeding grayling are not the bright, pretty fish that come from Denali Highway streams. They tend toward gunmetal gray with dull, pinkish spots on the dorsal fin. However, anytime you can catch a grayling over a pound and a half, it is a beautiful fish.John Schandelmeier


Finnish mining firm gets green light for waste pipeline -- with tighter terms

The nickel mining company, beset by financial woes and legal problems over environmental violations, will be allowed to discharge waste only if amounts of sulfates and other effluents are reduced, regional officials say.YLE News


We Alaskans

Moose hunting with mom

Can a federal biologist, six months pregnant, with a 2-year-old along on a family hunting trip with her bush pilot husband, find a way to take a moose in the Middle Yukon?Christine Cunningham