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Alaska Communications Systems is “endangering the health and safety” of thousands of Fairbanks residents by failing to provide updated phone numbers for the city's 911 system, the Fairbanks North Star Borough alleges in a lawsuit.
Dermot Cole
Two leading Alaska Native tribal organizations on Wednesday petitioned the federal government to dramatically lower the cap on the number of king salmon that Bering Sea commercial fishermen can harvest as bycatch in order to protect the fish.
Lisa Demer
Thursday's referendum on independence in Scotland has brought attention to secessionist movements in the U.S. -- including those in Alaska. But it's not clear whether a yes vote in Scotland would bolster those movements.
Alaska Dispatch News
There are no commitments in the new LNG agreement between Japan and Alaska -- very similar to another document signed in 2013 -- but both parties assert that signing memos to cooperate is mutually beneficial and they need to keep talking.
Dermot Cole
An explosion and subsequent fire aboard the 30-foot fishing vessel Fireman sent one person to the hospital, the U.S. Coast Guard said. An investigation into the incident remains open.
Alaska Dispatch News
Texas troubadour and accomplished actor Lyle Lovett will perform in Anchorage Saturday, Sept. 20.MusicChris Bieri
In a new TV commercial, the wife of GOP U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan criticizes incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, saying he is attacking Sullivan for serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and as a White House fellow and an assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of State under President George W. Bush.Senate Race 2014Nathaniel Herz
Lucky Wishbone serves the best chicken in town and other simple, well-executed dishes. And, best of all, everything comes with a side order of nostalgia.Food & DrinkMara Severin
OPINION: Mark Begich's time in the Senate has been much more "Alaskan" than Dan Sullivan's would be. Begich represents Alaskans, not the Outside interests of people like the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.CommentaryKimberly Metcalfe


Patience pays off for high school runners

West, South, Eagle River and Kodiak each produced two winners at Wednesday's high school cross-country meet on the Delaney Park Strip.Beth Bragg


Trying the triathlon: How to make the blood, sweat and tears pay off

There is no-one-size-fits-all triathlon in Alaska. The outdoor course that works for the Eagle River Triathlon in June won’t suit Fairbanks in March. Races are adapted to work with outdoor conditions, and there’s one race in Fort Greely that is 100 percent indoors. Homer’s Ski to Sea Triathlon in March ditches the swim altogether in favor of skis. Alli Harvey

News & Politics

Lawsuit challenges decision leading to Walker-Mallott unity ticket

A district chairman with the Alaska Republican Party has filed a lawsuit challenging the lieutenant governor's emergency order that authorized the "unity" gubernatorial ticket of Bill Walker and Byron Mallott, arguing that the merged ticket didn't constitute an "emergency" under state law.Alex DeMarban


  • After a passionate campaign that spanned two years of mounting intensity but reached back into centuries of history, Scottish voters headed for the polling booths Thursday to choose in a referendum whether to remain part of the United Kingdom or to secede and become an independent nation.

  • President Barack Obama promised a military audience here Wednesday that he would not send troops into combat in the campaign against Islamic militants in Iraq, as the White House sought to dispel growing confusion over exactly what role U.S. soldiers are going to play on the battlefield in the unfolding operation.