In a joint session Sunday, the final day of the Alaska Legislature's regular session, lawmakers got down to the business of voting on Gov. Bill Walker's appointees to top state positions.
Nathaniel Herz
With the clock ticking toward the Alaska Legislature’s planned midnight adjournment, there appeared to be little movement as of Sunday afternoon in the three-way state budget negotiations between Republicans in the House and Senate and the Democratic minority caucus in the House.
Nathaniel Herz
Thirty-five firearms, personal documents, rare paintings and family heirlooms: Those are among the items Alaska State Troopers said they recovered from two Wasilla residents suspected of six separate burglaries and a string of mail thefts in the Mat-Su.
Ben Anderson
As Democrats and Republicans in the Alaska House try to negotiate a final budget package in time for the Legislature’s scheduled adjournment at midnight Sunday, the House Democratic leader flew to Anchorage to visit his new baby, which arrived just after 7 a.m. Sunday morning.
Nathaniel Herz
A black bear sow and her four cubs rummaging through trash in the Anchorage neighborhood of Government Hill were saved from euthanasia Saturday after a phone call from Gov. Bill Walker to the commissioner of Fish and Game.  
Jeannette Lee Falsey
About 2.68 million visitors took advantage of Alaska's 23 national parks last year, and state Park Service spokesman John Quinley said that number is expected to climb this year and next, as the Park Service prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday.OutdoorsElwood Brehmer
Latest news from the Alaska Legislature: On Saturday, lawmakers made little headway on their final budget differences over school funding and state employee pay, even as they moved an array of other bills like a sexual abuse prevention measure and another naming the state library after a Russian Orthodox priest.
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Unalaska Sgt. Jennifer Shockley writes brief, inventive and colorful retellings of the activities of fellow officers that appear in publications throughout Alaska and are followed online by readers sprinkled throughout the world.   We AlaskansClark Fair

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On session's final day, Alaska Legislature votes on Walker appointees

In a joint session Sunday, the final day of the Alaska Legislature's regular session, lawmakers got down to the business of voting on Gov. Bill Walker's appointees to top state positions.Nathaniel Herz

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