The deal, worth over $800 million, will give Armstrong majority ownership in both the Colville River development area and the exploration area where the companies have drilled 16 wells in the past four years. But a decision to put off drilling this winter means about 500 contract slope workers won't be hired. 
Yereth Rosen
Anchorage police said they apprehended an angry parent who demanded to see his sons at West High School on Tuesday morning, then left the school and pointed a gun at officers outside.
Chris Klint
 An Oregon-based commuter airline is shedding its Alaska operations to a local company better equipped to deal with the eccentricities of flying in Alaska.
Associated Press
A planned expansion and renovation of the biggest health care facility in Western Alaska is moving ahead, and changes may go far deeper than a new space and new look.
Lisa Demer
Researchers last week ended a month-long cruise through the Bering Sea, investigating how the second year of a warming pattern is affecting the ecosystem, including the nation’s largest fishery.ScienceHannah Colton | KDLG
I gave my boss 110 percent but couldn't convince him to make the necessary changes. Now that the business is failing and most of us have been let go, I'm feeling this layoff as a personal betrayal.BusinessLynne Curry
Royal Dutch Shell’s drilling rig Noble Discoverer left Alaska’s Dutch Harbor en route to the Pacific Northwest two weeks after the company announced it was ceasing exploration in Arctic waters.ArcticLaurel Andrews
OPINION: Maybe if enough of us Alaskans wish for hope and better days, something good will happen -- or maybe just something tragic won’t happen. Maybe there’s power in the collective desire to help Hooper Bay, even if we can’t be there.CommentaryBill Hutton

News & Politics

Wasilla duo arrested after 100-mph chase, K-9 track

Driver Zachary D. Butts, 26, was wanted on a $20,000 felony warrant, while Tanesha M. Hart, 25, was charged with three felonies after an early-morning Wasilla chase Tuesday.Alaska Dispatch News

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A Maverick last week, Stewart scored on his old club as an Ace on Monday

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Microplastics found in waters off Svalbard, raising more concerns about Arctic Ocean pollution

A new study from the journal Nature Scientific reports details the extensive presence of microplastics in the waters off the Norwegian Arctic archipelago Svalbard, prompting concerns about the potential impacts on the Arctic food web.Yereth Rosen


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