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  • It's still too early to call it a trend, but the kind of bands that became popular in MGMT's wake are once again following the duo's lead and trekking to Alaska. Now we're  getting a visit from Foster The People, the third of the decade's buzziest synth-pop bands to visit the state in just the past few months.

    Matt Sullivan
The software is designed to improve the processing of financial data and handle tasks like accounting, budgeting and benefits administration. The budget for the project is now more than $31 million. 
Devin Kelly
Thom Walker, who unexpectedly won the Libertarian nomination for U.S. Senate in the primary election earlier this month, withdrew from the race Wednesday, citing an inability to run a proper campaign due to his job.
Pat Forgey
When the union members rejected a three-year contract agreed to by its negotiating team, it raised the threat of a strike, but Department of Administration Commissioner Curtis Thayer said they'll now be able to continue to use the expired contract while negotiating a new one. 
Pat Forgey
A federal indictment alleges that for two years one of the men, an employee of the Las Vegas airport, used his credentials to bring the drugs into the airport without going through security.
Jerzy Shedlock
Employees of the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility have voted to end their strike after two weeks and return to work without a contract.
Sean Doogan
Incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich faced his Republican challenger, Dan Sullivan, for the first time Wednesday evening in a debate in Anchorage, with the two candidates drawing sharp distinctions between their visions of the state’s future and its path over the nearly six years since Begich was elected. PoliticsNathaniel Herz
An Alaska Dispatch News analysis estimates the 2014 Permanent Fund dividend could be one of the highest ever paid out but will likely fall short of the record of $2,069 set in 2008.EconomyAlex DeMarban,Sean Doogan
OPINION: Pat Gamble is well worth the $320,000 retention bonus that university regents voted to pay.CommentaryPat Jacobson
Alaska makes a cameo appearance in a recording leaked Wednesday from a private strategy meeting in June hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers’ political network.PoliticsNathaniel Herz


Back where he started his NHL career, Gomez will try out with Devils

Scott Gomez of Anchorage, the most decorated and prolific hockey player in Alaska history, began his NHL career with the New Jersey Devils and now he will try to extend it with the club that drafted him.Doyle Woody


Eating at the fair is all about strategy. You need a plan if you intend to eat well from each of the fair’s main food groups (carbs, food on a stick, deep-fried and the extremely important powdered-sugar group).
Mara Severin

News & Politics

Federal investigation clears Alaska Highway border guard of pointing gun at Boy Scout

Homeland Security investigators reviewed videos and talked to adults with the group and the agents, and found no proof to back up the gun claims, which the Boy Scout leader said came from "several Scouts." The Boy Scout leader did not make the boys available for questioning. Dermot Cole


Proposed road to Ambler mining district faces fresh opposition along route

As the state continues its outreach to Interior communities near the proposed route of an industrial road to a controversial mining district in Ambler, some have voiced opposition and now one has declared its land off limits.Zachariah Hughes | KNOM


  • The Omaha police chief said Wednesday that the fatal shooting of a crew member filming the television show “Cops” by one of his officers was an “unfortunate incident” and that it appeared that the three officers involved had acted professionally.

  • A federal appeals court on Wednesday overturned the hate-crimes convictions of the leader of a breakaway Amish sect and his followers who sowed fear in the Amish of eastern Ohio in 2011 for a bizarre series of attacks in which they cut the hair and beards of rivals.