The regulations, if they survive the expected legal challenges, could shut down hundreds of coal-fired power plants and create a boom in the production of renewable energy.
Short-term weather systems and long-term climate warming are combining to create conditions ripe for another non-wintery Alaska winter.
Yereth Rosen
The National Weather Service on Saturday declared this July the wettest on record for Alaska's capital city, with 10.4 inches of rain measured at Juneau International Airport.
Tegan Hanlon
The Anchorage School District says a plastic slide melted and other playground equipment burned when a fire ignited Saturday morning at Alpenglow Elementary School in Eagle River.
Tegan Hanlon
Troopers closed the Seward Highway near the Portage Glacier turnoff for about 10 hours Friday when one man was killed and at least three other people were critically injured in a crash involving a tour bus and at least six other vehicles.
Alaska Dispatch News
Should salmonberries that carpet the tundra be packed into gallon Ziplocs for sale? What about salmon harvested under subsistence rules, not commercial ones? A debate is raging over the sale of traditional Alaska Native foods.Rural AlaskaLisa Demer
A 61-foot dam that helped kill off the Eklutna River salmon run will finally be removed. Will the fish return one day?We AlaskansRick Sinnott
On Saturday morning, seven recent college graduates took off from Anchorage for Tokyo, where they'll prepare to teach English in towns across Japan as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.EducationTegan Hanlon
After setting traps in trees to catch flying squirrels, Link Olson was surprised to find northern red-backed voles instead. The curator of mammals at the University of Alaska Museum knew a bit about voles, but couldn't remember a sentence about their ability to climb. ScienceNed Rozell

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Death to a deadbeat dam

A 61-foot dam that helped kill off the Eklutna River salmon run will finally be removed. Will the fish return one day?Rick Sinnott