A state judge said Friday that Gov. Bill Walker’s administration could expand the Medicaid health care program beginning next week, dismissing a request by the Legislature to temporarily block enrollment while attorneys argue lawmakers’ underlying legal challenge.
Nathaniel Herz
The state's Elections Division has issued petition booklets for an initiative that aims to make applications for Permanent Fund dividends double as voter registration forms, clearing the way for signature gathering to begin.
Pat Forgey
The municipalities argued it was worth about $14 billion, while the oil companies said it was worth about $1 billion. This decision means the state and municipalities will get more in property taxes.
Alex DeMarban
A fire at Motor Rage Auto Sales in Meadow Lakes, near Wasilla, brought out a massive response by emergency responders Friday afternoon, said emergency officials on the scene. No injuries were reported.
Zaz Hollander,Laurel Andrews
The bicyclist was more than 60 feet from the nearest crosswalk and did not have a green light, police said. He is in surgery with serious injuries. 
Devin Kelly
Gov. Bill Walker will fly to Washington, D.C., Sunday so that he can fly back to Anchorage on Air Force One with President Barack Obama for the president's visit to Alaska, according to Walker’s office.President Obama in AlaskaAlex DeMarban,Erica Martinson
A large, fast-moving wildfire that forced evacuations and destroyed two homes and a library in the Kodiak Island village of Chiniak appeared to have calmed down by late Friday as residents returned home and firefighters continued to tackle hot spots.Alaska NewsTegan Hanlon,Megan Edge
While the declaration ensures some government costs will be reimbursed, it may do little for property owners who suffered similar losses in last week's landslides.Alaska NewsPat Forgey
Floatplane pilots are getting a break: Wasilla Lake will serve as another security checkpoint while President Barack Obama is in Alaska.President Obama in AlaskaLisa Demer

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