An Alaska appeals court has affirmed the 2011 child abuse conviction of Jessica Beagley, the Anchorage "hot sauce mom" who prosecutors said used a videotape of herself punishing her adopted Russian son to try to get on the "Dr. Phil" show.
Jerzy Shedlock
Claudia Kuzakin, 39, was killed Friday morning in the Mountain View neighborhood in what appeared to be a hit-and-run incident, Anchorage police said. No suspect had been identified as of Friday evening.
Jerzy Shedlock,Tegan Hanlon
Exxon Mobil, the largest U.S. oil company, reported a 52 percent drop in profit for the second quarter. Revenue dropped by a third and the profits of its exploration and production businesses declined 74 percent, to $2 billion.
Clifford Krauss
The Transocean Polar Pioneer began drilling late Thursday afternoon at Royal Dutch Shell's Burger prospect in the Chukchi Sea, according to company officials. Shell is allowed to drill the upper, non-hydrocarbon-bearing zone without its icebreaker present.
Yereth Rosen
Attorney General Craig Richards in an opinion issued Thursday said that law enforcement officers must enforce tribal protective orders just as if they came from an Alaska court.
Lisa Demer
Treasured for its grassy expanses, the Delaney Park Strip serves as the southern border to downtown Anchorage. It’s hard to imagine playing in a place with more varied or stunning backdrops. SportsBeth Bragg
Jose Vasquez was recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday for helping save the other three passengers despite his own injuries in the Wings of Alaska crash near Juneau.Alaska NewsLisa Phu | KTOO News
OPINION: The Senate Finance Committee contracted for a written report on Medicaid that was to be completed by the end of April. That it didn’t get written is in keeping with the legislative pattern of posturing and delay on Medicaid expansion.CommentaryDermot Cole
Last week, officials announced updates to an agreement that allows Native residents of Alaska and Russia's Chukchi Peninsula to travel between the two countries without a visa for stays of up to 90 days.Nation-WorldRyan Schuessler | The Washington Post

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EPA announces $445K settlement with North Slope Borough over hazardous waste

EPA officials said Thursday the borough from 2012 to 2014 stored more than 45,000 pounds of hazardous waste in Barrow without a required storage permit. Associated Press

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Nervy bikers can zoom downhill (and ride up) on 3 courses at Alyeska

Beginners would do well to stick to easier trails around the Bear Cub Quad until they’ve mastered the basics of hurtling downhill on two wheels. Trails reached from the other two lifts -- Ted’s Express and the Glacier Bowl Express -- are more suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.  Lisa Maloney


From broomsticks to baby cobras, Wednesdays at the Park Strip offer something for everyone

Treasured for its grassy expanses, the Delaney Park Strip serves as the southern border to downtown Anchorage. It’s hard to imagine playing in a place with more varied or stunning backdrops. Beth Bragg


Jeff Lowenfels: The growing season goes fast, so take note

I have to admit over the years I have probably started half a dozen notebooks of varying sizes, with every intention of carrying one in my pocket while I worked the yard. As you might have guessed, I have not been successful. I have a lot of notes about the first couple of days and maybe weeks of the season, and then nothing.Jeff Lowenfels


New Russian spy ship to keep tabs on Norway

The Yuri Ivanov will patrol in the Arctic and keep a close eye on neighbor and NATO member Norway. It has taken Russia 11 years to complete the vessel which will become the Northern Fleet’s new key instrument in monitoring Arctic waters.Atle Staalesen, Barents Observer


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Besieged by blood-sucking bugs in Dillingham

Having endured a string of buggy summers on the Kenai Peninsula, I wondered what greater torment Bristol Bay could offer. But accounts of nasty hordes of noseeums, white socks and mosquitoes around King Salmon gave me pause. Clark Fair