Layoffs for 10,000 Alaska state workers, as could happen if legislative budget negotiators remain stymied, may not provide all the cost savings hoped for if those laid-off workers keep collecting government checks.
Pat Forgey
Alaska State Troopers said a 6-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl intentionally set fire to the Grayling school. The fire was quickly extinguished, but not before damaging the building.
Megan Edge
More than 80 people have been tapped to sit on the five subcommittees, including business, nonprofit and community leaders.  
Devin Kelly
Alaska State Troopers said a Togiak teen drowned when he fell into a tidal creek after inhaling gas along its banks Tuesday morning.
Alaska Dispatch News
About 3,000 artifacts excavated during the historic Canadian Arctic Expedition are on loan to the University of Alaska Museum of the North in Fairbanks, where they are being studied and copied to create a virtual collection.ArcticYereth Rosen
Alaska's grizzly bear license plate is off to a roaring start after years of hibernation, with 75 percent of vehicle owners now picking the new design over the conventional gold.Alaska NewsNathaniel Herz
The Willow mushing community is rallying around Dianne Maythorne and Nick Kimlinger, the couple who lost their home and 13 dogs in a fire Monday.Team & TrailZaz Hollander
A defendant in a major Western Alaska pollution case has changed his mind and is withdrawing from his agreement to plead guilty, according to filings in U.S. District Court in Anchorage this week.Crime & JusticeLisa Demer

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Alaska Run for Women signups begin with Wednesday event in Wasilla

Registration is open for the annual Alaska Run for Women, which will offer in-person registration and early bib pickup Wednesday in Wasilla.Alaska Dispatch News


Sunny streak leaves vegetables ripe for the picking

An especially sunny May has Alaska produce in high-growth mode, farmers report. And a new business offers locally made "microcreamery" treats.Steve Edwards


Groups issue challenge in attempt to block Shell's Arctic drilling

Ten environmental groups are challenging a federal agency in court over its approval of drilling permits off Alaska's northwest coast, in hopes of halting or delaying Shell's plans to drill in Arctic waters.Dan Joling


  • Chinese authorities deployed scores more divers and a large crane as they escalated efforts Wednesday to recover more than 410 people believed to be trapped inside an overturned river cruise ship.

  • In a significant scaling back of national security policy formed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Senate on Tuesday approved legislation curtailing the federal government’s sweeping surveillance of U.S. phone records, and President Obama quickly signed the measure. Both of Alaska's senators backed the measure.

We Alaskans

Bella Hammond: A reclusive, no-nonsense activist

This fall will mark 10 years since the passing of former Alaska Gov. Jay Hammond at age 83, and the only part of living at Lake Clark that nags at his wife Bella is that “Jay isn’t here to enjoy it.” And she’s certain that if Jay were around today, he’d be as involved as ever in Alaska’s political landscape.Steve Kahn