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Anchorage police said they had arrested a 14-year-old suspect in the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old outside a Walgreens Sunday night, and that the shooting had apparently resulted from a "drug transaction."
Jerzy Shedlock
In a sign the honeymoon may be nearing an end for Gov. Bill Walker, an Alaska tribal government is blasting him for promoting a ConocoPhillips project that would result in the first oil production from federal lands in the nation’s largest undeveloped reserve.
Alex DeMarban
A 2-year-old toddler who suffered multiple fractures -- including a skull fracture -- during a mid-January assault in Anchorage was being released from the hospital Monday, according to the family.
Laurel Andrews
A canceled Alaska ferry dock project in the Canadian port of Prince Rupert has been a focus of a high-level dispute over U.S.-Canada trade policy, but Alaska officials say Canada's stance on the project will mostly hurt Canadian workers.
Pat Forgey
Anchorage police said they were investigating the death of an apparent shooting victim Sunday night.
Alaska Dispatch News
To help close a projected multimillion-dollar budget gap, Superintendent Ed Graff has asked that instead of cuts, the Anchorage School Board put $17 million of reserve funds toward next year’s budget. EducationTegan Hanlon
Fairbanks temperatures hovered around 30 below Monday afternoon as the University of Alaska Fairbanks attempted to locate a steam and water line breakage that left more than a dozen buildings without heat or water.FairbanksLaurel Andrews
President Barack Obama said Sunday that he planned to ask Congress to declare much of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, including the possibly oil-and-gas-rich coastal plain. Alaska politicians were quick to condemn the announcement.EnergyRichard Mauer,Alex DeMarban,Nathaniel Herz
On Dec. 26, 2013, the last time Anchorage was officially below zero, the price of Alaska North Slope crude oil was $109.52 per barrel according to the Alaska Department of Revenue. WeatherBrian Brettschneider

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Climate worry grows at Arctic Frontiers

Ambition for expanded Arctic oil and gas development clash directly with growing concerns -- voiced at the Norwegian conference -- about accelerated climate change. Irene Quaile, Deutsche Welle


Where did Whittier's silver salmon go?

Southcentral anglers used to casting a line in Prince William Sound for late-season silver salmon at the Whittier Boat Harbor, Smitty’s Cove, Salmon Run or nearby say the return has sharply declined in recent years and are seeking an explanation from biologistsMike Campbell


We Alaskans

What brought struggling artist Rockwell Kent to Alaska?

Artist Rockwell Kent's son Rocky would consider his months on Alaska's Fox Island perhaps the best time in his life. The experience was also life-changing for Kent, as the art and book he produced there finally gave him the fame and recognition he had craved.Doug Capra