Several lawmakers said this week that Gov. Bill Walker may schedule a special legislative session in late October to deal with a possible natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.
Nathaniel Herz
Troopers said two Big Lake residents drove off in a patrol vehicle Wednesday afternoon after one of them was handcuffed and placed in the cruiser's backseat. 
Laurel Andrews
The legislative committee that voted to sue Alaska Gov. Bill Walker over Medicaid expansion met Wednesday but took no action and offered no indication it would back away from its lawsuit after two unfavorable court rulings.
Nathaniel Herz
The announcement this week from ConocoPhillips that it may cut 120 jobs in Alaska is bad news for the economy, but a state labor department official said Wednesday the damage could have been worse.
Sean Doogan
This year, in the interest of journalistic integrity, I vowed to try only new foods at the Alaska State Fair -- a sacrifice that should garner notice from the Pulitzer people.Food & DrinkMara Severin
Will Alaska chefs be allowed to stake a claim in whatever burgeoning cannabis and food revolution is afoot nationwide?Highly InformedScott Woodham
After days of postcard-perfect Alaska weather, President Barack Obama arrived on a rainy morning in the fishing town of Dillingham, where hundreds of cheering residents ignored the drizzle and lined the streets to catch a glimpse.President Obama in AlaskaLisa Demer
 A defiant Kentucky county clerk refused a compromise offer from a judge on gay marriage that could have kept her out of jail Thursday, saying she can't promise not to interfere as her deputy clerks follow the law.Nation-WorldAdam Beam | Associated Press

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Flush with ducks, Denali Highway a good spot for young hunters

An entire generation of really dumb ducks are swimming very close to the Denali Highway on both the Monahan Flats and the Maclaren River. John Schandelmeier


Kivalina is wedged onto a sliver of gravel not even a quarter-mile across at its widest, between the open sea to the west and the expansive Kivalina Lagoon to the east. Erosion from Chukchi Sea waves on one side and lagoon currents on the other are a continuing threat.
Scott Jensen


We Alaskans

For 1923 visit to Alaska, White House shipped tablecloths, sheets to roadhouses

Herbert Hoover, the future president, wrote later that President Warren Harding was ill at ease on the Alaska trip, and insisted on playing bridge from just after breakfast until midnight. Hoover, then the secretary of commerce, was one of four other bridge players on the ship. "For some reason I developed a distaste for bridge on this journey and never played it again," Hoover said. Dermot Cole

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A chef’s step-by-step guide to restaurant-style Alaska rockfish

SPONSORED: Jack Sprat executive chef Andrew Brown shares his recipe for crispy rockfish with roasted tomatoes atop fresh Alaska-grown salad greens. Presented by Eat Alaska