Carl Leedom, 27, was sentenced Monday to more than a half-century in prison for killing acquaintance Harvey "Charlie" Albright over a stolen backpack filled with cash.
Jerzy Shedlock
Citing a “significantly underfunded” budget for the new fiscal year, the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has told Medicaid providers they won’t be seeing the usual rate increases for inflation.
Laurel Andrews
Royal Dutch Shell's second Arctic drilling ship, the Noble Discoverer, left the Everett, Washington harbor at 4 a.m. Tuesday and began sailing toward Alaska at about 7 miles per hour.
Associated Press
State officials on Monday called on Alaska construction companies to ensure they have proper equipment and systems in place for excavation work, following the death of an Anchorage man in a trench collapse this month.
Tegan Hanlon
Thirty-eight-year-old Benjamin Macmurray was arrested June 19 on a warrant for two counts of attempted murder and first-degree misconduct involving a weapon. He was accused earlier in June of shooting at another driver on a back road in Tok and pursuing when that driver fled.
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As Arctic sea ice melts, it could disrupt a powerful Atlantic Ocean current that regulates temperatures in Western Europe and the East Coast of North America.ArcticChelsea Harvey
We legalized pot in this state in February, so can you tell me how I got fired for THC on my drug test last week? I smoke in my house and on my own time and it’s none of my employer’s business. My buddies tell me I should sue my employer for violating my rights. Can I?BusinessLynne Curry
As Ethan Berkowitz prepares for his swearing-in as mayor this week, he is relying on the professional expertise of his wife, an Arctic governance researcher and immigration attorney, to help shape his administration.AnchorageDevin Kelly
The Matanuka-Susitna Borough just knocked $2 million more off the asking price for the M/V Susitna, the borough's ill-fated ferry that never made it into Cook Inlet service and now doesn't even run. Mat-SuZaz Hollander

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Alaska legislator criticizes state corporation's charity golf tournament

A state-owned corporation on Monday responded to a Wasilla legislator who criticized it for sponsoring a fundraising golf tournament during business hours as Alaska confronts a multibillion-dollar budget deficit.Nathaniel Herz

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Melting Arctic sea ice could be disrupting the oceans' circulation-with major consequences

As Arctic sea ice melts, it could disrupt a powerful Atlantic Ocean current that regulates temperatures in Western Europe and the East Coast of North America.Chelsea Harvey


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As Arctic ice continues to diminish in the summer months, shipping companies and other countries are increasingly taking advantage of available routes through the region. Can the U.S. catch up?
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