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The annual "Success Inside and Out" conference held at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center is intended to inspire inmates to plan ahead for their release -- and keep them from returning to prison in the future.
Devin Kelly
A new estimate prepared by the Department of Revenue says that if oil prices average $85 for this fiscal year, state oil income from production taxes under the new law would drop to $475 million -- $1.2 billion less than predicted last spring, but still better than the state would have done under ACES.
Dermot Cole
The Anchorage Police Department, Alaska State Troopers and other agencies participated in a women in law enforcement job fair Wednesday at the University of Alaska Anchorage, encouraging students to consider joining the thin blue line.
Jerzy Shedlock
A poll released by Mark Begich's Democratic allies Friday morning showed Alaska's U.S. Senate race in a dead heat -- and a second survey released by a Republican pollster in the afternoon showed Begich leading his opponent 49 percent to 39 percent.
Nathaniel Herz
Alaska's congressman unintentionally sparked a conversation about suicide and language with what a national expert called his "insulting" comments during a visit to Wasilla High School last week. Alaska NewsZaz Hollander
When Cory Williams moved to Alaska earlier this year, he brought along some friends -- thousands of YouTube subscribers who follow his adventures through online videos. AnchorageMichelle Theriault Boots
Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end — I must believe it — just like a salmon, I will know how to die, and though I die, though I lose my life, nature wins. Nature endures.We AlaskansEva Saulitis
In any economy, some people can work for their neighbors -- fixing their roads, teaching their kids, selling them gas. But to bring anything in from outside, you need to have something that outsiders need.EconomyErin McKittrick


Back for the third year running, Skinny Raven’s Frightening 4K drew over 800 runners to the streets of Anchorage, many of them dressed in elaborate and decidedly un-aerodynamic costumes.
Loren Holmes


Swearing off lead shot and its deadly legacy

Lead poisoning nearly took out the population of eagles in the Lower 48, and was a huge contributing factor of waterfowl mortality before it was outlawed for waterfowl hunting in 1991 John Schandelmeier

News & Politics

Alaska National Guard bans cellphones, then doesn't

The day Alaska Dispatch News published excerpts from a recording of Gov. Sean Parnell’s “town hall” with National Guard troops from which the public and media were barred, an official notified Army Guard members that “new guidance” from the Army bars soldiers from taking their smartphones and tablets to their military workplace.Richard Mauer,Jill Burke


IMO completes Polar Code environmental rules

Russia says the new shipping rules for the Arctic and Antarctic, expected to go into effect in 2017, are too strict; critics say they still lack some important protections.  James Thomson, Barents Observer

We Alaskans

The long, dark road to Teller

Earlier this month, we took a long, 71-mile drive to Teller, the nearest community and the only village accessible by road from Nome. We went to see the Teller Cultural Festival, full of beautiful traditional music and dance. Fog made the return trip dicey. Jenn Ruckel | KNOM