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Only about 8,000 of a needed minimum of 15,000 spawning king salmon were in Alaska's famed Kenai River by Thursday.  The latest computer projection puts the expected return at just 13,000 to 14,000 fish -- even with further catches eliminated. 
Craig Medred
The man, who has not been identified, said he was walking with his unleashed dogs off of Hiland Road. The dogs wandered off and when they ran back, they were trailed by a brown bear sow. 
Tegan Hanlon
A Wasilla property purchased by the Alaska Railroad with an eye toward testing regular passenger service between the Valley and Anchorage presents too many challenges for trial rail link any time soon, railroad officials say. 
Zaz Hollander
This debate was different from previous tax-cut debates, with panelists asking the questions instead of a moderator, leading to more back-and-forth and sometimes pointed exchanges. Meantime, the audience – generally older and cheering loudest for repeal arguments -- submitted more than 50 questions, only a few of which could be addressed before time ran out.   
Alex DeMarban
Gov. Sean Parnell on Thursday named the public members of a board created to review the state’s oil and gas tax regime, and all have ties to industry, including two who used to work for Veco, the defunct oil-field contractor at the center of the 2006 corruption scandal tied to oil taxes. EnergyRichard Mauer
Nickolay Dodov’s parents say Alaska Heliskiing “sought profit above safety.” The case has already caused roiling grief and hard feelings in Haines, with local officials tasked with piecing together what, if anything, could have prevented the deaths and if tighter regulation is warranted.AdventureKyle Hopkins
The Salcha River threatens to wash away the home that longtime Fairbanksan John Sauer has spent 16 years building in a remote area 34 miles upriver from the Richardson Highway. He is open to suggestions on how to save the structure.EnvironmentDermot Cole
OPINION: Perhaps considering the effects that U.S. policies have on immigration, as it is experienced by Alaskans or an individual like Jose Antonio Vargas, might lead to a truly comprehensive immigration solution.CommentaryE.J.R. David


All the spending to keep SB 21 is an investment in Alaska's future

OPINION: Rachael Petro argues that there are tens of thousands of reasons to vote against the oil tax cut repeal -- all the Alaskans who stand to gain by a robust oil industry.Rachael Petro


Whatever its length, the Crow Pass Crossing is a wicked journey

OPINION: The actual length of the annual Crow Pass Crossing backcountry marathon has been variously reported over the years, but one thing is clear: It's a journey fraught with tough terrain and pain.Doyle Woody


Easy appetizers for summer adventures

Whether you’re staying close to home, camping/glamping or just waiting to scoop up salmon along the Kenai, here are some appetizers to take on the road or to share at the kitchen table.Kim Sunée

News & Politics

Point Woronzof Park, a favorite sunset-viewing spot for many Anchorage residents, is turning 20 years old, and park supporters gathered to celebrate this 191-acre area.
Alaska Dispatch


  • Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut, tweeted a photo of Israel and Gaza taken from the International Space Station. The photo may display rockets exploding in the dark of night in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

  • For years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been frustrated in its efforts to pursue hundreds of cases of water pollution — repeatedly tied up in legal fights about exactly what bodies of water it has the authority to monitor and protect.