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Both of Alaska's major U.S. Senate candidates, Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan, agree that outside spending is a problem in their race. But when it comes to finding a solution, the two can’t seem to find common ground.
Nathaniel Herz
The Alaska VA Healthcare System has moved a nurse practitioner from Anchorage to Wasilla to treat patients at the Mat-Su VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic, a facility that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has flagged for investigation by the Department of Veterans Affairs.   
Tegan Hanlon
With two dull campaigns from the major party candidates and an independent trying to prove he’s relevant and electable, the talk so far about the 2014 governor’s race is less about issues than about the notion that three people are running.
Richard Mauer
The Alaska Technical Center is on the verge of opening a new dormitory that would allow high school students from across rural Alaska to attend the vocational school, making it the latest regional boarding school in the state.
Suzanna Caldwell
In McCarthy, America’s favorite pastime was still befuddling foreigners trying to embrace it, and “liquid gladness” was still lubricating an evening’s entertainment. If Team 1 and Team 2 weren’t competitive the way the two towns used to be, they still represented some of the old McCarthy can-do, make-do free spirit. We AlaskansNancy Lord
One morning in August 2013, I awoke to find an empty parking space where my car should have been. My Subaru had been stolen overnight, one day before I was set to begin a long-anticipated journey abroad. We AlaskansLaurel Andrews
Paddling 'dirtbags' press their case with bureaucrats and politicians for the chance to make their case to float rivers in our national parks. We AlaskansKris Farmen
John A. Miscovich, an unlikely giant in the Alaska placer mining industry, invented the “Intelligiant,” a water cannon that changed the development of hydraulic gold mining, as well as firefighting, riot control and countless industrial applications that rely on high-pressure streams of water.FairbanksDermot Cole


Readers write: Letters to the editor, Aug. 31, 2014

LETTERS: Readers weigh in on police shootings, suggest the best use of an armored vehicle and warn that war weakens the economy. Alaska Dispatch News


Basketball pro Griffin a hit at youth camp

Kelsey Griffin, Alaska's only professional women's basketball player, spent Saturday morning at Wasilla's AT&T Sports Center showing a group of about 60 kids, most of them girls, that hoop dreams aren't just for boys.Beth Bragg


Lumberjack act a fair favorite, year after year

Fred Scheer's Lumberjack Show is as much a part of the Alaska State Fair as giant cabbages and decadent cream puffs, a fixture for more than 20 years. That's a lot of yo-hos.Beth Bragg