The federal estimate of the number of beluga whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet increased slightly in 2014, but researchers conclude the population remains in danger of extinction.
Dan Joling
Anchorage Police Department Lt. Anthony Henry has been given a termination notice and is currently on paid leave from the department, according to his attorney.
Sean Doogan
A bill to eliminate daylight saving time in Alaska is gathering opposition as hearings are set in the state House.
Nathaniel Herz
Police say a woman was knocked unconscious and stabbed while walking on the Chester Creek Trail around noon Sunday, and was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.
Alaska Dispatch News
Echoes of the hotly-contested 2014 U.S. Senate election are reverberating in the Anchorage mayoral race, from endorsements to campaign staffers and volunteers.
Devin Kelly
After a visitor tried to bring a pet goat into Denali National Park and Preserve, the National Park Service proposed a ban on domestic sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas in Alaska's national parks. OutdoorsMegan Edge
Two Darfurian refugees living in Spenard say they woke Sunday to find messages like "Not Welcome" and "Leave Alaska" scrawled on their cars, and the tires deflated. AnchorageMichelle Theriault Boots
A senior manager made a pass at a new employee, then apparently realized his mistake and is giving her the cold shoulder instead. Should she be worried about retaliation?BusinessLynne Curry
OPINION: Our representatives in Juneau must be forced into a conversation about how to use the Permanent Fund in a better way than just for individual payouts.CommentaryRoger Burleigh

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Does Alaska want more wolves? Well, do the math.

OPINION: The reason for the low numbers of Denali Park wolves probably is not clear but one thing is for sure: It is not logical or fair to blame hunting and trapping in or near the “hard park” portions of Denali.Pete Buist


With 4-2 win, Aces finally shove their way into playoff picture

Alaska's three-game sweep at Stockton, which drove its winning streak to five games, also allowed the Aces to leapfrog Utah and move into the last playoff spot in the ECHL's Pacific Division.Doyle Woody


Alaska From Scratch: For spring, a different kind of carrot cake

This is unlike any “carrot cake” I’ve ever had, and I hesitate to even call it carrot cake because it’s so pleasantly different. For starters, there are no spices in this cake.Maya Evoy


Committee forms to tackle Arctic waterways safety

The Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, formed to develop the best practices for managing Arctic waterways, held its first formal meeting this month in Juneau, electing officers and meeting with the governor and Alaska's state committee on the Arctic.Carey Restino


We Alaskans

On Lake Clark, batches of beer, each linked to a memory

I’ve discovered that naming batches of beer serves a similar purpose as keeping journals. And it’s more fun than asking Anne, while I’m on my way to retrieve a bottle of beer from the nearby babbling brook, “You want the old stuff or the new?”Steve Kahn