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Newly elected Gov. Bill Walker has stopped new spending on six state megaprojects, including the small gas pipeline project that supporters view as crucial competition to spur along the development of a larger pipeline.
Nathaniel Herz
Kellen Katcheak was driving a new snowmachine back home to Stebbins across frozen Norton Sound. But near the mouth of the Golsovia River, he and the machine plunged into the water.  
Tegan Hanlon
The events will be on five consecutive Saturdays starting Jan. 3 in Valdez, followed by Juneau, Nome, Fairbanks and Anchorage. The last two are Feb. 6 in Wasilla and March 7 in Ketchikan. 
Nathaniel Herz
Republican leaders in the Alaska Legislature are asking new Gov. Bill Walker to quickly cut the budget as falling oil prices lead the state to a projected $3.5 billion budget gap.
Nathaniel Herz
Citing improper jury instruction, the state's Court of Appeals has reversed a Sitka man's 2010 conviction of sexual assault.
Jerzy Shedlock
When Angelica Haakenson woke up in the hospital and learned both her legs had been amputated, a family member says the 11-year-old's first thoughts weren't for herself -- they were for her mother, also seriously hurt in the Christmas Day accident on the Sterling Highway.Alaska NewsSean Doogan
After 11 years in federal prison, Aaron Dollison found a new lease on life -- and a new sense of belonging -- through his work as a chef at Anchorage’s Bean’s Café.
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Tara Young
The National Marine Fisheries Service has decided not to list a prized 6-inch Pacific marine snail -- once commercially harvested in Alaska -- as endangered or threatened.EnvironmentAssociated Press
Will you embark on a spiritual journey next year? A special quest? Plan now for the year ahead. TravelScott McMurren

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Far-out planetary science extends 3 billion miles to Pluto

On its close pass by Pluto in about seven months, the New Horizons spacecraft will send images back to Earth with a detail equivalent to a satellite that lets you name the lakes in New York's Central Park.Ned Rozell

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The UAA Cheerleaders performed during the Seawolves' 80-58 home victory over Portland Bible at the Alaska Airlines Center on Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014.


Russian air activity near northern Norway no higher now than in other years

Despite heightened tensions and some well-publicized recent incidents, Russian incursions into airspace near Nordic countries are no more frequent now than in 2012 or 2013, Norwegian military officials say.Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer


Now's the time to reserve a dream Alaska public-use cabin for midsummer

If you’re like me, you often visit the reservations sites too late to score a good cabin. It pays to plan and, luckily, with hundreds of cabins to choose across Alaska, there are still plenty available if you book now.  Alli Harvey


We Alaskans

Denali dilemma: Can Dan Sullivan get Mount McKinley renamed?

Alaskans of any political persuasion can agree that we should get to name our own state’s highest mountain, currently misnamed Mount McKinley. And Sen.-elect Sullivan is uniquely positioned to do something about it.Rick Sinnott