In two unanimous decisions, the Alaska Supreme Court on Friday came down solidly on the side of a group fighting the proposed Pebble mine that includes two Alaska icons, former First Lady Bella Hammond and state constitutional delegate Vic Fischer.
Lisa Demer
The quake, with an epicenter 35 miles below the seafloor off the coast of a remote stretch of the Alaska Peninsula, was widely felt and prompted one coastal community to temporarily evacuate to higher ground, until forecasters determined there was no threat of a tsunami.
Megan Edge
After weeks of inaction, the state House spent nearly all day Thursday in session debating the new budget proposal from the Republican-led majority caucus, but at least a dozen Democratic amendments were rejected.
Nathaniel Herz,Pat Forgey
Police are looking for a person of interest in the stabbing death of a Bethel woman. The man was seen in surveillance video wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt and walking down a Bethel AC Quick Stop hallway near Whitman's boyfriend Justine Paul, who's been charged with first-degree murder in her death.
Associated Press
The state of Alaska is instituting a hiring freeze Friday across much of state government as a result of the Legislature’s inability to approve a fully funded budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
Pat Forgey
Breakup in the Arctic is an amazing season, and I sure know what my daughter is feeling, not getting to be here at home, after spending most springs of her life at our old igloo, roaming the surrounding river and tundra.CultureSeth Kantner
In a community where land use planning has traditionally been a hard sell until after conflicts arise, marijuana legalization has increased awareness that clear zoning rules will lessen the potential for neighborhood battles.Cannabis NorthDermot Cole
The top official at the federal Energy Information Administration on Thursday said he's concerned about the viability of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline if production drops too low, suggesting that oil prices rise may not rise above $100 a barrel until 2030 or later. EnergyAlex DeMarban
It’s summertime, which means new programming on the cable channels. "Alaska's Ultimate Bush Pilots" and "The Last Alaskans" are two. Film & TVEmily Fehrenbacher

News & Politics

House rejects efforts to cap oil tax credit payments at $500 million

The state House rejected efforts Thursday to cap spending on oil company tax credits at $500 million, as majority members argued that deferring $200  million or more in cash payments for even a few months could harm small oil and gas companies that need the cash. Dermot Cole

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Halibut bycatch cap reduction should reflect what we know about the resource

OPINION: Halibut bycatch in Bering Sea groundfish fisheries is not a conservation issue, and drastic proposed cuts to the Bering Sea halibut cap appear to have little regard for jobs in Alaska communities.John Gauvin


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Arctic drilling affects more than the Arctic, say Greenpeace campaign particpants

First Nations representatives from British Columbia have joined Greenpeace's anti-drilling campaign. They say Chukchi drilling will ultimately create more environmental risks for their region. Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic


  •  Emergency workers and officials from a pipeline operator had gathered last week to train for the worst -- an oil spill -- when a 911 call came in reporting a noxious smell at a nearby beach. Santa Barbara County firefighters rushed to the shoreline, where they discovered oil flowing across a beach and into the Pacific. What was supposed to be a drill turned real.

  • Communities near Dallas worried about the possible failure of a storm-weakened dam, a new flood warning was issued for Houston, and people continued to search for victims and assess damage on Wednesday as Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana recovered from days of punishing storms and braced for more.