Wages for Alaskans working year-round are about $4,000 lower than they were 25 years ago, according to a report by state labor economists. Yet Alaskans are earning more money than they were in 1989, even when inflation is taken into account. 
Jeannette Lee Falsey
Palmer residents apparently voted to ban commercial marijuana operations, according to early municipal election results, despite residents having voted in favor of legalizing pot when the issue came to a statewide vote last fall.
Zaz Hollander
In an advisory vote Tuesday, Bethel voters supported allowing alcohol sales for the first time in four decades -- and in two binding votes, backed big increases in the city sales tax if alcohol or marijuana are ever legally sold there.
Lisa Demer
Challengers defeated Juneau and Nome's incumbent mayors in municipal elections Tuesday, with several new faces also winning mayoral seats in open races across the state.
Chris Klint
A long-contentious plan to link Elmore Road and Bragaw Street in Anchorage was approved by the city's Planning and Zoning Commission late Monday night, with a few stipulations attached. 
Devin Kelly
Fast-food retailer McDonald’s is among the first businesses to re-label an item named after North America’s tallest peak, in the wake of President Obama’s renaming of Mount McKinley as Denali.Alaska News
The price of gasoline in Alaska is set by whatever the market will bear, not by the government. For the moment, the Fairbanks market is bearing about 60 cents per gallon more than Anchorage.CommentaryDermot Cole
The Alaska Marine Highway System is proposing tying up ferries and slashing service next summer, in anticipation of further big cuts in next year's state budget.Alaska NewsPat Forgey
Starting next year, Alaskans can become pharmacists without having to leave the state thanks to a new partnership between the University of Alaska Anchorage and Idaho State University.EducationTegan Hanlon

News & Politics

Giant extinct mammal identified from Unalaska fossils

Scientists have identified a new species of extinct Alaska marine mammal that had the face of a walrus, swam like a polar bear, was as big as a hippopotamus and sucked its food off the rocks and mud around the Aleutian Islands 23 million years ago. Mike Dunham

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Bartlett's Falaniko, Chugiak's Harris lead all-CIC football picks

The East T-birds, the league's top seeds in the playoffs, led the all-conference team with eight first-team picks. Their coach, Jeff Trotter, was named co-coach of the year. Alaska Dispatch News


While short on icebreakers, US surpasses Russia in Arctic subs

Russia may have far more Arctic icebreakers than the U.S., but that shouldn't be cause for a security concern, argues one writer at Reuters, because the U.S. outnumbers Russia in other categories, such as Arctic-ready submarines. Alaska Dispatch News


  • In the backwaters of Eastern Europe, authorities working with the FBI have interrupted four attempts in the past five years by gangs with suspected Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive material to Middle Eastern extremists, The Associated Press has learned. 

  • Along South Carolina's coast, residents were preparing for a second round of flooding as rivers swollen from days of devastating rains make their way toward the Atlantic.

We Alaskans

Homeless in Anchorage, caught in brutal grip of Spice

I saw the faces of people who have come here for a better life or a new chance, but now are struggling. I saw Native elders and their children, and young people. I saw people searching desperately for work, hoping for a way to sustain themselves. Craig Headley

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Fish in a flash: Bear Tooth chef shares her go-to cod tacos recipe

SPONSORED: Need a quick dinner idea? The marinade for this fish taco recipe is a simple concoction of colorado sauce and beer, and it works its magic in only 10 minutes -- incidentally, the same amount of time it takes to preheat the grill.Presented by Eat Alaska