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Oil giant BP will cut close to one-fifth of its Alaska workforce of employees and direct contractors as a result of the sale of a chunk of its Alaska assets to Hilcorp, the company announced Monday.
Alex DeMarban
Wasilla police shot and killed a 23-year-old man after responding to a possible domestic disturbance on the city’s western edge early Monday morning, an agency spokesman said.
Zaz Hollander
The Big Lake business community lost a longtime presence when wedding store Donna's Corner closed this year. Now a grand jury has indicted owner Donna Turner on fraud and theft charges linked to her time at the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce. 
Zaz Hollander
Troopers say they rescued two hunters whose boat capsized in Lake Louise after responding to a report of an activated locator beacon. A third missing hunter was later located but couldn't be revived.
Jerzy Shedlock
A Katmai sow grizzly bear adopted a yearling after the yearling's mother abandoned it in a tree by Brooks Falls. Now the sow, the sow's cub and the yearling are fishing together and expected to hibernate this winter as a family.WildlifeMegan Edge
Student-veteran population at Alaska’s two largest university campuses is increasing at rates that outpace the growth of total enrollment. EducationTegan Hanlon
When you get a reference call for a former employee who had a good record but a bad exit, it's better to offer a complete picture of his job performance than to just say "no comment."BusinessLynne Curry
The Alaska Policy Forum, which publishes pay of thousands of public employees in Alaska, is not so open when it comes to disclosing its financial supporters -- including the conservative Outside group that has funneled large grants its way. PoliticsAlex DeMarban


Medred: Anchorage brawl featuring Palins just a heapin' helpin' of Alaska hospitality

OPINION: There is a whole lot of needless embarrassed silence in the aftermath of a brawl in the quiet Anchorage neighborhood Oceanview. But that's par for the course when it comes to some celebrities, even reluctant ones.Craig Medred


Holly Brooks: Skier relishes life as a homebody

After long stretches spent traveling the World Cup circuit and living out of duffle bags, Holly Brooks is savoring life as a homebody.Holly Brooks


State biologist 'lucked out' that Shuyak Island grizzly mauling wasn't worse

After peeling off his waders, the Alaska biologist discovered a puncture near his Achilles and a long chunk of flesh ripped open on his leg where the bear's tooth had caught him near the calf and then dragged through flesh toward his ankle.Craig Medred


Documentary from Swiss filmmaker captures life in Barrow

The film, "Children of the Arctic," is set to be released in coming months and looks mostly at community life in Barrow through the eyes of Inupiaq teenagers, with a focus on whaling and subsistence living.Jillian Rogers