When a gunman opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic here on Friday just before noon, he turned a snow-covered shopping center bustling with post-Thanksgiving traffic into a scene of chaos and fear.
Julie Turkewitz
Natural gas from Canada is being looked at as the solution to high energy costs in Southeast Alaska, with a Lower 48 utility proposing to build a new gas distribution system for Juneau.
Pat Forgey
Frank Ameduri, a veteran Democratic staffer who started as press secretary in July, urged the minority caucus to act more boldly and find a message it can stand behind, rather than spend its time “griping about the Republicans” who control the Legislature. 
Nathaniel Herz
Lead project artist Sarah Davies said Friday that participants at Point Woronzof have recovered 82 of 85 of the sculptures made of straw, cement, plaster and burlap. She said the official opening is still scheduled for Dec. 5.
Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press
A man attempting to shoplift power tools Friday threatened employees at the Lowe's store in Midtown Anchorage with a pistol, police said.
Jeannette Lee Falsey
UAA, always the underdog at the Great Alaska Shootout, took down a Division I Dragon on Friday, outdueling Drexel 71-65 in a physical battle.SportsBeth Bragg
The oldest ski team in the 50th annual Turkey Day Relay cross-country race in Fairbanks featured the youngest knees. CommentaryDermot Cole
At a lake 17 miles north of Kotzebue, a father and son welcome a seasonal ritual -- setting and checking the nets they place under the ice to catch sheefish. They'll feed the whitefish to their dogs and sell some to mushers around the state.ArcticShady Grove Oliver | The Arctic Sounder
 At high mountain altitudes where most glaciers are found, temperatures are rising faster than in the valleys below, with all signs pointing to still-higher increases in the decades ahead.EnvironmentJoby Warrick | The Washington Post

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Speedily eroding North Slope river bluff offers window into ice age past

A section of bluff along the Itkillik River in Alaska's Arctic has eroded at a sustained rate of nearly 62 feet a year for a decade and a half -- faster than any other river in the Northern Hemisphere's permafrost regions, a new study has found.Yereth Rosen


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Why would anyone want to shoot a sea otter?

Peter Williams of Sitka is a hunter-designer-entrepreneur with an unusual ethic. “My business is not separate from my activism,” he said. “It’s not separate from my spirituality, it’s not separate from my culture.” Ross Perlin