The girl, 7, was reportedly petting a tied dog when the animal and another loose dog attacked her, causing "severe injuries to her neck and face," according to troopers. 
Alaska Dispatch News
Bethel police say Eunice Whitman, 23, appeared to have sustained stab wounds. Her boyfriend, Justine Paul, 24, was arrested on murder charges late Sunday night. 
Michelle Theriault Boots
As traffic increases in the narrow strait between the Pacific and Arctic Oceans, new safety and environmental protections are needed, advocates say.
Yereth Rosen
If oil prices rebound in fiscal year 2017, per barrel tax credits for the major Alaska oil producing companies are expected to climb by about $700 million a year to $1.2 billion, while production tax revenue is expected to climb from about $300 million in 2016 to $800 million in 2017. That's if oil prices rise by about $25 a barrel from where they are today.   
Dermot Cole
Hundreds of people attending an Alaska beer festival in Haines were stranded because of a broken down ferry.
Associated Press
A group that includes the administration of Mayor Dan Sullivan, police and transit officials and the Anchorage Community Development Authority are exploring ways to make the troubled transportation hub safer and more welcoming. AnchorageDevin Kelly
The craft brewery has doubled its production capacity every year since 2011, the company says, making it the second biggest producer in the state. BusinessLaurel Andrews
The Alaska Legislature unanimously approved a bill in 2014 that eliminated the authority of the regulatory commission to require local carriers to publish phone books. The phone companies backed the bill but legislators did not ask whether they planned to keep printing directories.BusinessDermot Cole

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Yurts, tents and urban suites -- Airbnb options grow in Alaska

"You're on your own. Try not to die," reads one Airbnb listing near the off-the-beaten path Alaska community of McCarthy. When it comes to listings on the space-sharing site in the Last Frontier, you can go traditional -- or you can really get out there.Alex DeMarban

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