After being unable to finish its business so it could go home, the Alaska Legislature sought Monday to go home anyway after passing budgets it doesn’t have the money to pay for.
Pat Forgey
The budget approved by the Alaska Legislature Money would drain a $1.3 billion account set aside to provide school districts some measure of financial stability.
Dermot Cole
The National Weather Service plans to realign its Alaska workforce, reducing jobs at remote offices in Nome, Barrow and Kodiak and shifting positions to the Anchorage and Fairbanks forecast centers.
Jenn Ruckel
Alaska State Troopers say a 46-year-old man from Tanana died Sunday after he lost control of his ATV and it crashed into a tree.
Tegan Hanlon
In recent days, residents of the tiny Interior community of Alatna have been without potable water after a fire damaged their water treatment facility. Governor Bill Walker declared a state disaster for the village Sunday.  
Michelle Theriault Boots
The Anchorage Concert Association will bring up some of the best-selling acts from previous years for the 2015-16 season, announced on April 27, including Pink Martini, Jake Shimabukuro, the Capitol Steps and the musical “Mamma Mia.” CultureMike Dunham
The Aces' 15 opponents will be more than in any of their previous 12 seasons in the ECHL, and they will twice travel as far away as the Eastern Time Zone.SportsDoyle Woody
Talkeetna fills with more than 100,000 water-drinking, toilet-flushing tourists and climbers every summer, but locals say they're the ones getting stuck with the bill now that the Matanuska-Susitna Borough is proposing major rate hikes to operate and repair the community's aging sewer-water system. Mat-SuZaz Hollander

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Heli-ski operator tapped to assist in rescue of injured Valdez snowmachiner

A seriously injured snowmachiner was rescued from mountainous terrain in Thompson Pass on Saturday by a backcountry heli-ski service helicopter and medics from the Valdez Fire Department.Alaska Dispatch News

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In-flight magazines no place for Anchorage mayor to look for addiction policy ideas

OPINION: Uprooting poor, disproportionately Alaska Native citizens from their homes and sending them out of state for “aversion therapy” is a paternalistic approach that will almost certainly will not have the intended effect.Brian Yablon, MD


Where grayling are ginormous

Whopping, bottom-feeding grayling are not the bright, pretty fish that come from Denali Highway streams. They tend toward gunmetal gray with dull, pinkish spots on the dorsal fin. However, anytime you can catch a grayling over a pound and a half, it is a beautiful fish.John Schandelmeier


Tuxes, high heels and corsages: Bethel prom a community affair

Even in Bush Alaska, high schoolers get fancy for the prom. The logistics are a little different -- tuxes have to be flown in from Anchorage, there are no limos here -- but the experience is much the same as the rest of the U.S.Lisa Demer


We Alaskans

Because fewer than 6,000 miles of certified public roads and highways probe Alaska's 570,374 square miles, rivers are especially important. Alaskans' dependence on rivers for in-state travel is critical, particularly for rural residents whose road systems are at best localized and short. 
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