Two former Anchorage mayors, Rick Mystrom and Mark Begich, will preside over a televised debate of the current crop of mayoral candidates on the eve of the municipal election next week.
Devin Kelly
The Alaska state Senate passed a marijuana crime bill without a proposed amendment that would have made marijuana concentrates illegal in 2017.
Laurel Andrews
The federal estimate of the number of beluga whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet increased slightly in 2014, but researchers conclude the population remains in danger of extinction.
Dan Joling
Anchorage Police Department Lt. Anthony Henry has been given a termination notice and is currently on paid leave from the department, according to his attorney.
Sean Doogan
Two Darfurian refugees living in Spenard say they woke Sunday to find messages like "Not Welcome" and "Leave Alaska" scrawled on their cars, and the tires deflated. 
Michelle Theriault Boots
From malls in Hawaii to a luxe office tower in Manhattan, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. has amassed a surprising collection of real estate. Its latest new market? Europe.EconomyJeannette Lee Falsey
A season of danger on the Kuskokwim ice road and its branches isn’t over yet.Rural AlaskaLisa Demer
OPINION: More wolves would be nice, but the real purpose of Denali buffer zone is to maintain packs that people can actually see and hear.CommentaryVic Van Ballenberghe
The flies, similar in appearance to common house flies, have emerged in large numbers over the past month at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. ScienceYereth Rosen

News & Politics

How a convicted rapist escaped the Anchorage jail and roamed the city for 3 hours

With a history of convictions for sexually terrorizing strangers, Kevin Tuckfield was considered so dangerous he was required to have a two-guard escort every time he left his cell at the Anchorage Correctional Complex. So how did he become the first person in the jail's history to successfully escape?   Michelle Theriault Boots

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2 Alaskans win national hockey titles; Team Alaska falls in title game

Alaskans Clair DeGeorge and Avery Dunn helped the Shattuck-St. Mary's (Minnesota) 16-and-under girls win a Tier I national hockey championship Monday, when Team Alaska lost in the title game of the Tier II 16-and-under tournament.Alaska Dispatch News


Review: Chorus trumps noisy crowd in Anchorage Symphony's glorious Beethoven's 9th

Crying babies and rude adults disrupted the audience, and maybe the musicians, at the Anchorage Symphony's performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, but a big chorus overrode the commotion and brought the work to a glorious close.Mike Dunham


Committee forms to tackle Arctic waterways safety

The Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, formed to develop the best practices for managing Arctic waterways, held its first formal meeting this month in Juneau, electing officers and meeting with the governor and Alaska's state committee on the Arctic.Carey Restino


  • U.S. officials said Monday that they were still negotiating with their Iranian counterparts on one of the main issues remaining in their efforts to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program - how to dispose of Iran’s big nuclear stockpile - and that shipping the atomic fuel out of the country was still a possibility.

  • Indiana’s legislative leaders on Monday joined Gov. Mike Pence in saying that they planned to amend a new religious freedom law to make clear that it did not allow discrimination against gays and lesbians, while still insisting that the law did not do so in its current form.

We Alaskans

On Lake Clark, batches of beer, each linked to a memory

I’ve discovered that naming batches of beer serves a similar purpose as keeping journals. And it’s more fun than asking Anne, while I’m on my way to retrieve a bottle of beer from the nearby babbling brook, “You want the old stuff or the new?”Steve Kahn