One of the behind-the-scenes community leaders who helped set up events for President Barack Obama in Dillingham ended up -- to his own surprise -- riding with the president in an armored Chevy Suburban flown in for the visit to this fishing town.
Lisa Demer
A Superior Court judge sentenced Arvin Kangas of Tanana to eight years in jail Thursday for tampering with evidence after two Alaska State Troopers were shot to death last year, allegedly by his son.
Tegan Hanlon
Sen. Cathy Giessel has convened a group of her colleagues to study potential changes to Alaska’s oil and gas tax credit regime, following criticism of the program’s cost during this year’s legislative session.
Nathaniel Herz
Several lawmakers said this week that Gov. Bill Walker may schedule a special legislative session in late October to deal with a possible natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.
Nathaniel Herz
Ride-sharing service Uber has agreed to pay $77,925 to settle claims that it did not pay for workers' compensation insurance for its drivers when the company was briefly operating in Anchorage.
Sean Doogan
A year after an accident left Iditarod musher Karin Hendrickson on the sidelines, the four-time finisher hopes to return to the race in 2016.IditarodSuzanna Caldwell
The Alaska Public Offices Commission is on the hunt for Robert "Moose" Henrichs to serve him with a $1,120 fine for campaign finance violations.PoliticsPat Forgey
Prior to and throughout this week’s presidential visit to Alaska, the state's rumor mill went into overdrive. Where would Obama go? What would he do? Who else might come to Alaska?President Obama in AlaskaErica Martinson
Last week, Obama named Brown to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education, which advises Education Secretary Arne Duncan on the funding and administration of federal programs for Indian education.EducationEmma Brown | Washington Post

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Southeast Alaska guides plead guilty to fishing violations

Four Southeast Alaska sport fishing guides have all pleaded guilty to a variety of fishing violations from 2013, wrapping up an Alaska Wildlife Troopers investigation that spanned more than two years. Tegan Hanlon

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Flush with ducks, Denali Highway a good spot for young hunters

An entire generation of really dumb ducks are swimming very close to the Denali Highway on both the Monahan Flats and the Maclaren River. John Schandelmeier


Despite 47-6 loss to Palmer, Eagle River feels optimistic

The Wolves believe their move to Alaska's medium-school football classification after a decade trying to compete in the large-school division gives them reason for hope.Doyle Woody


Coast Guard identifies worst potential oil spills in Arctic

The Coast Guard will present worst-case scenarios for drilling and shipping in the Arctic to the Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response working group of the Arctic Council later this month.Kamala Kelkar


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For 1923 visit to Alaska, White House shipped tablecloths, sheets to roadhouses

Herbert Hoover, the future president, wrote later that President Warren Harding was ill at ease on the Alaska trip, and insisted on playing bridge from just after breakfast until midnight. Hoover, then the secretary of commerce, was one of four other bridge players on the ship. "For some reason I developed a distaste for bridge on this journey and never played it again," Hoover said. Dermot Cole

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A chef’s step-by-step guide to restaurant-style Alaska rockfish

SPONSORED: Jack Sprat executive chef Andrew Brown shares his recipe for crispy rockfish with roasted tomatoes atop fresh Alaska-grown salad greens. Presented by Eat Alaska