Some of Alaska’s social services agencies said this week they’re barely scraping by in the face of delayed grant funding by the state brought on by the late budget from the Legislature and a new state computer accounting system. 
Devin Kelly
A Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker that was the target of environmental protesters is leaving Portland, Oregon, bound for an Arctic drilling operation.
Steven DuBois and Dan Joling | Associated Press
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A commuter-plane crash that left one dead and four seriously injured this month occurred when the single-engine Cessna hit a large spruce tree at about 1,250 feet above sea level, according to a preliminary government report issued Thursday.  
Erica Martinson
Richard Hunter, 34, was re-sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter Thursday in Anchorage, two years after the Alaska Court of Appeals threw out his original murder conviction. 
Alaska Dispatch News
This summer, 16-year-old Wallace​ Ungwiluk has a decision to make — stay home and try to win Gambell its first championship in 30 years or move to Seattle and potentially be seen by college scouts.High School SportsLaura Kraegel | KNOM
A reader wonders what might happen if her town off the road system opts out of legal cannabis sales. Will she be able to buy it elsewhere and have it air-shipped home, as she can with alcohol?Highly InformedScott Woodham
For four villages affected by this spring’s poor walrus harvest, help is on its way in the form of 10,000 pounds of halibut.Rural AlaskaLaura Kraegel | KNOM
This fall’s Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage will feature a famed Southeast artist and her artist grandson as the keynote speakers, AFN announced this week.AFN CoverageLisa Demer

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Medicaid expansion and reform: Separating wheat from chaff

OPINION: Alaska should ignore the huffy-puffy political talk and create a citizens' oversight panel to monitor, verify and report on the progress of Medicaid expansion and reform.Tara Jollie


Nervy bikers can zoom downhill (and ride up) on 3 courses at Alyeska

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Iceland blasts Arctic Five for exclusion from fishing agreement

Iceland says the recent Arctic fishing moratorium, signed by the five Arctic coastal states without Iceland’s participation, is ‘unacceptable’ and a worrying precedent. Iceland has long argued as it should be included in discussions on Arctic fishing given the island nation’s location, fishing industry and scientific research into sustainable marine environments.Eilís Quinn, Eye on the Arctic


  • Revelers dancing and singing through the streets of Jerusalem during the holy city's annual gay pride parade were left shrieking in pain and panic Thursday night after an anti-gay extremist lunged into a group leading the march and stabbed six people.

  • Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, chairman of the committee, championed the bill, which passed by a party-line vote of 12-10. She said lifting the ban would turn the U.S. into an energy superpower.

We Alaskans

Office politics: The Alaska congressional delegation as seen in their D.C. work environs

What do the Washington, D.C., offices of Rep. Don Young, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan say about the occupants? Take a tour and see. Erica Martinson