Senate Republicans on Tuesday tried to enlist the media in a bid to reach Alaskans unhappy with their budget cuts. Democrats say the cuts are unnecessarily deep because they won't stop the state from running out of money.
Nathaniel Herz
Sound recorders worn by two slain Alaska State Troopers recorded evidence that suspects tampered with their service handguns, investigators testified Monday.
Associated Press
A helicopter crew responded and hoisted the fishermen from their life raft in Stevenson Entrance, about 60 miles north of Kodiak, and brought them back to Kodiak safely, the Coast Guard said.
Egan Millard
Breakup appears to be imminent on the Tanana River at Nenana, perhaps the third-earliest in the history of the Nenana Ice Classic. The ice has never gone out on April 21 or 22.
Dermot Cole
An animal control unit from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will travel to Kagalaska Island in the Aleutians to kill invasive caribou that swam from nearby Adak Island.
Dan Joling
About a year has passed since a pair of Alaska state troopers were shot and killed in the Interior village of Tanana, and locals there said they've taken steps to learn from the tragedy and to put it behind them.Rural AlaskaJerzy Shedlock
Schick Shadel Hospital says its method of treating alcoholism is time-tested and startlingly effective, boasting a success rate of 70 percent. Detractors say Schick Shadel's claims of success have never been verified by independent research.HealthMichelle Theriault Boots
OPINION: A little known birth defect, congenital diaphragmatic hernia afflicts as many babies as do cystic fibrosis and spina bifida, and has a fatality rate of 50 percent. With awareness will come research for a cure.CommentaryJillee S. Brown
Sarabi, a sled dog missing since she escaped from handlers in Anchorage on March 21 after being dropped along the Iditarod Trail, was recovered Monday night in Palmer.IditarodSuzanna Caldwell

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  • A ship crew with experience plucking migrants from unseaworthy smuggler's boats had arrived soon after the distress call went out. But then the fishing trawler's navigator made a maneuver that would seal the fate of the 850 people crammed inside: Instead of easing up alongside the merchant ship, he rammed it.

  • Abandoning years of official skepticism, Oklahoma’s government Tuesday embraced a scientific consensus that earthquakes rocking the state are largely caused by the underground disposal of billions of barrels of wastewater from oil and gas wells.

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It could have been just the hobby Tlingit artist Rico Worl chose: painting formline designs -- art where lines taper and swell, creating shapes to depict human and animals -- on skateboards for friends and relatives.
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