The Elders and Youth Conference kicked off in Anchorage Monday with an announcement that Columbus Day is now Indigenous Peoples Day in Alaska. Then came singing, dancing, and frank discussions on serious topics facing Alaska Natives.
Tegan Hanlon
Royal Dutch Shell’s drilling rig Noble Discoverer left Alaska’s Dutch Harbor en route for the Pacific Northwest -- with other vessels to follow -- two weeks after the company announced that it was ceasing exploration in Arctic waters.  
Laurel Andrews
A planned expansion and renovation of the biggest health care facility in Western Alaska is moving ahead, and changes may go far deeper than a new space and new look, says the health organization’s top official.
Lisa Demer
Journalists covering the Legislature's special session later this month will have their credentials automatically revoked if they try to take photographs on Capitol grounds during a medical emergency, says a new rule released last week.
Nathaniel Herz
A cloud seen rising from Mount Redoubt, an active volcano 108 miles southwest of Anchorage, prompted calls from concerned citizens Monday evening.Alaska NewsLaurel Andrews
Shoppers at an East Anchorage Target on Sunday got a surprise when they came across a black bear trying to enter the store. 
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Suzanna Caldwell,Tara Young
The Anchorage Police Department had not yet been able to interview the 23-year-old gunshot victim, who was in "critical but stable condition" Monday evening, a department spokesperson said.Crime & JusticeLaurel Andrews
Chris Tolley was sworn in as Anchorage police chief Monday during a brief ceremony, replacing Mark Mew. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz said Tolley has a challenging task ahead.AnchorageJerzy Shedlock

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Feeling for Hooper Bay as Alaska's long history with suicide gets longer

OPINION: Maybe if enough of us Alaskans wish for hope and better days, something good will happen -- or maybe just something tragic won’t happen. Maybe there’s power in the collective desire to help Hooper Bay, even if we can’t be there.Bill Hutton


Group encourages parents to explore Alaska outdoors with toddlers

In Alaska, five active branches of Hike It Baby are taking the state’s trails, pathways and sidewalks by storm. From Fairbanks to Juneau, toddlers are toddling, babies are packed along and parents get plenty of peer support.Erin Kirkland


A Maverick last week, Stewart scored on his old club as an Ace on Monday

Rookie forward Liam Stewart, traded from Missouri to Alaska last week, had only one full practice with his new hockey club before playing his old hockey club in an exhibition Monday night.Doyle Woody


Bypassing the risky sea, refugees reach Europe through the Arctic

Pelted by hailstones and buffeted by an icy wind, Yasser Arslanuk, a 55-year-old Syrian engineer, his wife and two young sons wobbled across the border from Russia into Norway astride bicycles last week, the latest migrants to complete an improbable new route to Europe.Andrew Higgins


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Fish in a flash: Bear Tooth chef shares her go-to cod tacos recipe

SPONSORED: Need a quick dinner idea? The marinade for this fish taco recipe is a simple concoction of colorado sauce and beer, and it works its magic in only 10 minutes -- incidentally, the same amount of time it takes to preheat the grill.Presented by Eat Alaska