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Anchorage police are getting a fleet of new patrol sedans and SUVs with safer, modern features including all-wheel-drive. That’s a first for the city’s police department despite Alaska’s long, snowy winter.
Jerzy Shedlock
Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Begich pushed back Tuesday against Republican claims that a vote he took last week will allow President Barack Obama to make unilateral changes to national immigration policy after Election Day in November.
Nathaniel Herz
As it maps a recovery plan following a failed launch in late August from its rocket range in Kodiak, the Alaska Aerospace Corp. continues to study expansion plans to handle larger rockets capable of carrying payloads nearly three times larger than those in the past. 
Dermot Cole
Three weeks have passed since a 911 caller reported 21-year-old Michelle Lane dead in South Anchorage. Since then, people from across Alaska have joined in a demand for justice in her death, refuting claims that Lane killed herself.  
Tegan Hanlon
A neighbor of former KTVA Channel 11 reporter Charlo Greene -- who abruptly turned marijuana activist/viral internet star when she quit live on-air Sunday -- told gossip website TMZ that he filed a restraining order against her earlier this month after a conflict stemming from marijuana smoke.
Alaska Dispatch News
When Will Troyer died Sunday at the age of 89 at his home in Cooper Landing, he left behind a legacy that included cheating death three times and developing a method of capturing and researching Kodiak grizzlies.AdventureCraig Medred
OPINION: We deplore the partisan effort to deprive Alaska voters of a choice between the actions of the Parnell administration and the opportunity for a new beginning that the Walker-Mallott team offers.CommentaryBruce Botelho,Stephen McAlpine
A warming planet means less ice coverage in the Arctic, leaving polar bears with less time and less ice for hunting seals. They depend on seals for their survival. But the polar bears of Canada's Hudson Bay have discovered a new menu option.WildlifeJames Gorman | The New York Times
Scientists trying to predict the consequences of climate change say that they see few safe havens from the storms, floods and droughts that are sure to intensify over the coming decades. But some regions, they add, will fare much better than others.EnvironmentJennifer A. Kingson | The New York Times


The return of J.J. -- Aces sign veteran winger

After reaching his dream of playing in the NHL, winger Justin Johnson of Anchorage is back with the Alaska Aces, the club for which he made his pro debut.Doyle Woody


Hunting for an auto mechanic in caribou country

Outdoor recreation in Alaska often leads to remote places. Even along the state’s limited road system, the nearest garage might be a hundred miles away. Adventurers must be capable of fixing almost anything that breaks. This means packing tools and spare parts. In other words, being prepared. Or bring along an auto mechanic.Rick Sinnott

News & Politics

Settlement promises Southeast Alaska wolf decision by end of 2015

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a decision by the end of next year on whether to give Endangered Species Act protections to wolves dwelling in the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska under a legal settlement filed in federal court on Monday. Yereth Rosen


Whaling crews of Barrow have brought in at least two bowhead whales this week. Men of all ages and a few women gathered to butcher them.
Ash Adams


  • U.S.-led airstrikes in Syria are likely to last “for years,” a senior Pentagon official said Tuesday, as the United States began to assess the impact of three waves of aerial assaults launched in the early morning hours that targeted both Islamic State installations in eastern Syria and facilities housing a shadowy al-Qaida group further west.

  • President Barack Obama, emboldened by the use of his executive powers to fight climate change at home, sought to marshal more than 100 world leaders on Tuesday behind a vast international effort to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and curb global warming.