A bill to eliminate daylight saving time in Alaska is gathering opposition as hearings are set in the state House.
Nathaniel Herz
Police say a woman was knocked unconscious and stabbed while walking on the Chester Creek Trail around noon Sunday, and was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.
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Echoes of the hotly-contested 2014 U.S. Senate election are reverberating in the Anchorage mayoral race, from endorsements to campaign staffers and volunteers.
Devin Kelly
If the recent past is any guide, the most common surnames among Permanent Fund dividend applicants will be Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown and Jones. About 20,000 applicants gave one of those five last names a year ago.
Dermot Cole
Police said at least one member of a group denied entry to an East Anchorage house party early Sunday pulled out a handgun and started shooting, striking an 18-year-old in the shoulder. 
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When you live in Alaska, where does your food come from? Where does your kid's school lunch come from? Ninety-five percent of the time, the answer is a barge. And some are hoping to change that.EducationMelissa Griffiths
I’ve discovered that naming batches of beer serves a similar purpose as keeping journals. And it’s more fun than asking Anne, while I’m on my way to retrieve a bottle of beer from the nearby babbling brook, “You want the old stuff or the new?”We AlaskansSteve Kahn
With Southcentral Alaska’s snow-sparse winter coming to a close, volunteers and skiers at Arctic Valley made the most of what little snow they had to celebrate the 11th annual Merry Marmot Festival.
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Tara Young
At the time of his death in 1978, Fred Meyer had five successful “one-stop shopping centers” in Alaska, part of a retail empire that included 59 other stores in three other western states. We AlaskansScott McMurren

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With 4-2 win, Aces finally shove their way into playoff picture

Alaska's three-game sweep at Stockton, which drove its winning streak to five games, also allowed the Aces to leapfrog Utah and move into the last playoff spot in the ECHL's Pacific Division.Doyle Woody


Chris Thompson: Five things pastors dread hearing -- and how some respond

A recent article in Relevant Magazine caught my eye and brought me up short, as I’d been guilty of the same things over the years. Titled “5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Pastor ... and what you should say instead,” the article contained wonderful advice about the things we innocently say to pastors and what it reveals about us.Chris Thompson


Committee forms to tackle Arctic waterways safety

The Arctic Waterways Safety Committee, formed to develop the best practices for managing Arctic waterways, held its first formal meeting this month in Juneau, electing officers and meeting with the governor and Alaska's state committee on the Arctic.Carey Restino


We Alaskans

Too cold? Too snowy? Too much?

Deep snow and bitter cold forced famous Iditarod Trail hiker Tim Hewitt to reluctantly accept a snowmachine rescue. His ninth Iditarod Trail Invitational ended with both him and his wife, Loreen, heading home to mend their frostbite.Craig Medred