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Despite low oil prices, and spending cuts elsewhere within the company, Royal Dutch Shell says it intends to drill in its Chukchi Sea leases in 2015.
Alex DeMarban,Yereth Rosen
ConocoPhillips said Thursday it will delay a decision on spending $900 million on a project in the Greater Moose's Tooth Unit 1, a project which lead to the first oil produced from the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
Alex DeMarban
A Fairbanks man is facing multiple charges after he robbed a female acquaintance at gunpoint, then kicked her out of the vehicle both were riding in, Alaska State Troopers say.
Megan Edge
In a step that promises to reshape the Fairbanks energy picture, a state agency has signed a letter of intent to purchase the small natural gas utility system there for $52.5 million, potentially fueled by natural gas supplies that would be trucked in. 
Dermot Cole
Legislators in Juneau are pondering ways to get leverage with the federal government, following White House announcements on Sunday and Tuesday about new protections from oil and gas exploration for land in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and waters in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas off Alaska.
Nathaniel Herz
The Anchorage Museum's popular Alaska Gallery will close for a year as it undergoes a $15 million major remodel and "reimagining" starting in late summer 2016.CultureMike Dunham
Anchorage Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux announced Wednesday that Judiciary Committee meetings dealing with a bill that would update Alaska's criminal marijuana statutes were nixed following controversy over provisions of the bill.Cannabis NorthSuzanna Caldwell
Something to keep in mind before dining at BurgerFi is that high-end ingredients cost more.Food & DrinkDonna Freedman
The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services announced Wednesday that a second test administered on a 1-year-old girl suspected to have measles came back negative, after an initial test returned a positive result.HealthTegan Hanlon

News & Politics

Two 'dangerous' Fairbanks escapees remain out of custody

Logan Austin and Michael Bracht escaped custody one week apart earlier this month in Fairbanks. Alaska State Troopers consider both men to be "dangerous," and they remain at large.  Megan Edge

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The urgent need for a sustainable Alaska budget

OPINION: While Alaska could use more budget restraint, Gov. Walker is moving in the right direction. But people with vested interests in maintaining higher state spending oppose the effort.Brad Keithley


When surfcasting goes gonzo

For a group of Aussies, battling waves, rocks and sizeable tuna, sharks and cobia in New South Wales makes fishing a little more extreme. Tara Young


  • Anthropologists exploring Manot Cave in Israel have uncovered a rare 55,000-year-old fossil skull that they say has a story to tell of a reverberating transition in human evolution, in the time and place when some early humans were moving out of Africa and apparently interbreeding with Neanderthals.

  • As “American Sniper” continues to spawn think pieces, internecine celebrity squabbles and diatribes from hand-wringing lefties and chest-thumping righties, it’s interesting to remember the naysaying about the film’s prospects that swirled just last month.

We Alaskans

Recalling deadly 130-foot tsunami created by 8.1 quake in the Aleutians

Altogether, the 1946 tsunami killed 159 people in Hawaii, drowned a swimmer in Santa Cruz, banged up fishing boats in Chile and wrecked a hut on Antarctica. The curve of the Aleutians protected much of Alaska, but the five at Scotch Cap had no chance.Ned Rozell