Protesters on St. Johns Bridge and kayakers on the Willamette River below have been blocking the icebreaker from heading to the Arctic for Shell's planned offshore drilling.
Steven Dubois | Associated Press
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The lead investigator in the Alano Club shooting that killed Anchorage teenager Alex Thanapong Yu asked for the public's help in providing information that may move the case forward.
Laurel Andrews
UAF officials say students will likely see more crowded classrooms and fewer duplicate offerings of required introductory courses.
Associated Press
Dr. Shubhranjan Ghosh, an Anchorage physician originally charged with more than $1 million in Medicaid fraud, received a 3 1/2-year prison sentence Wednesday.
Jerzy Shedlock
A reader wonders what might happen if her town off the road system opts out of legal cannabis sales. Will she be able to buy it elsewhere and have it air-shipped home, as she can with alcohol?Highly InformedScott Woodham
This fall’s Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage will feature a famed Southeast artist and her artist grandson as the keynote speakers, AFN announced this week.AFN CoverageLisa Demer
The entire population of whimbrels in North America is probably no more than 100,000. During the summer, they are widely scattered along the Alaska coast. OutdoorsJohn Schandelmeier
Looking further into the future, Shell is betting on offshore oil fields in Alaska, which chief executive Ben van Beurden described as having the potential to produce more energy than the biggest projects in the Gulf of Mexico.EnergyDanica Kirka | Associated Press

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Troopers: Woman charged after attempting to cause head-on collision

A 40-year-old Soldotna woman who attempted to run her vehicle head-on into another vehicle and then began an hours-long standoff with law enforcement is facing multiple charges, troopers said.Megan Edge

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At 50, Medicare and Medicaid are still helping millions of Americans

OPINION: Medicare and Medicaid have been subject to relentless debate since President Johnson signed them into law 50 years ago. But they have worked as intended, to provide millions of Americans with health care.Susan Johnson,John T. Hammarlund


Nervy bikers can zoom downhill (and ride up) on 3 courses at Alyeska

Beginners would do well to stick to easier trails around the Bear Cub Quad until they’ve mastered the basics of hurtling downhill on two wheels. Trails reached from the other two lifts -- Ted’s Express and the Glacier Bowl Express -- are more suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.  Lisa Maloney


Dining review: Charlie's Bakery, where cakes and dim sum share the menu

Charlie's Bakery is no typical (or stereotypical) Asian restaurant. If not for the menu on the wall and a few Chinese-language banners here and there, you’d take it for a regular bakery with a bunch of tables and chairs.Donna Freedman


Shell icebreaker retreats after showdown with protesters dangling from Portland bridge

Protesters on St. Johns Bridge and kayakers on the Willamette River below have been blocking the icebreaker from heading to the Arctic for Shell's planned offshore drilling.Steven Dubois | Associated Press


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Office politics: The Alaska congressional delegation as seen in their D.C. work environs

What do the Washington, D.C., offices of Rep. Don Young, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan say about the occupants? Take a tour and see. Erica Martinson