The far northern section of the Dalton Highway, ravaged by ice and floodwaters this spring, is expected to open to 24-hour traffic Friday morning. 
Dermot Cole
Blaze Highlander, 47, of Olympia, Washington, had taken a company Cessna 207 on a post-maintenance check flight from the company's Bethel base Saturday but never returned.
Megan Edge
Ten environmental groups are challenging a federal agency in court over its approval of drilling permits off Alaska's northwest coast, in hopes of halting or delaying Shell's plans to drill in Arctic waters.
Dan Joling
The U.S. Senate passed a bill late Monday to establish a commission to find out how federal programs can better serve the nation's struggling Native youth.
Erica Martinson
For the second year in a row, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska said it needs rate increases of more than 35 percent in the individual health insurance market, in large part because it had 37 customers in the first quarter this year who had $4.1 million in claims among them.
Dermot Cole
The Willow mushing community is rallying around Dianne Maythorne and Nick Kimlinger, the couple who lost their home and 13 dogs in a fire Monday.Team & TrailZaz Hollander
A defendant in a major Western Alaska pollution case has changed his mind and is withdrawing from his agreement to plead guilty, according to filings in U.S. District Court in Anchorage this week.Crime & JusticeLisa Demer
The state Department of Fish and Game has budgeted $40,000 for a test fishery on the Kuskokwim River near Aniak to provide information on when -- and if -- various species of salmon reach upriver waters, a state management biologist said.Rural AlaskaLisa Demer
The Aleutians Pribilof Islands Community Development Association plans to use its new plant to process fish at higher levels of the value chain and expand market share in North America.FishingJeannette Lee Falsey

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  • Sepp Blatter, who led world soccer’s governing body for 17 years and had just won re-election for a fifth four-year term, resigned his position at a hastily called news conference in Zurich on Tuesday evening in the wake of an international corruption inquiry.

  • In a remarkable reversal of national security policy formed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Senate voted Tuesday to curtail the federal government’s sweeping surveillance of American phone records, sending the legislation to President Barack Obama’s desk for his signature.

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