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Beverly Hills is literally a city within a city. Surrounded by Los Angeles like a rare solitaire diamond, it sparkles in the California sun, its many facets beckoning all to admire its lavish shops and restaurants that line Rodeo Drive. Home to Hollywood's elite, the city doesn't have a hospital or a cemetery to remind the residents of their mortality. It has been said that, technically, no one is born or dies in Beverly Hills.

Find out everything about the city on it's official website. Packed with information about it's history, attractions and city services, you'll get an idea about just how important the residents are to this small city. Civic minded, socially conscious and well dressed!

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, known as the "Pink Palace," was built in 1912, and began the transformation of what was once a lima bean ranch into the heart of a city known as the home to the stars. Sitting proudly on Sunset Blvd., at the end of Rodeo Drive, the modest hotel holds some of the city's oldest celebrity secrets.

Take a tour of all the best spots in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and the surrounding L.A. area. See homes of the stars, the Playboy mansion, the shops along Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With pick up and drop off from your hotel and rates ranging from $30-$70, it's an economical way to see the sites.

For pure opulence and a complete understanding of what it must be like to live the lavish life of the rich and famous, there is no other place to stay then the Montage Beverly Hills. The golden age of Hollywood meets modern comfort. Book a suite and the hotel will even provide you with a Mercedes-Benz for the duration of your stay.

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